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1XML, a widely used format, plays an important role in today's web services and databases.
2But the performance and energy efficiency of XML parsing is often considered a problem.
3As multicore architectures become the mainstream, parallelizing the XML parser offers an attractive way to achieve better performance and reduce energy consumption.
4However, XML parsing, well known as a sequential process, poses tough problems for parallel programming.
5Although data parallelism has been applied to XML parsers in some previous works, the overhead is fairly high.
6This paper presents a pipeline parallelizing method for Parabix, a high performance XML parser based on parallel bitstream technique.
7Its unique structure allows us to take advantage of the inherent efficiency of pipeline parallelism.
8Experimental results show more than a 2X speedup compared with the sequential version.
9It is also argued that this method of pipeline parallelism could be easily applied to other applications based on parallel bitstream techniques.
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