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1\section{Related Work}
4Parallel bit stream technology using Intel SSE extensions was first introduced for
5XML parsing by Cameron, Herdy and Lin \cite{CameronHerdyLin2008},
6and recently extended to incorporate the concept of parallel
7scanning using bitstream addition \cite{cameron-EuroPar2011}.
8This work extends that prior work with the development of
9a broader architecture, tool chain and run-time environment
10for supporting parallel bit stream applications more widely,
11a detailed performance and energy assessment on three generations
12of Intel processors supporting 128-bit SSE extensions, scaling and assessment
13of the technology to take advantage the new 256-bit AVX technology,
14further porting and assessment of the technology using the Neon SIMD extensions on the
15ARM processor, as well as development of the first multithreaded
16Parabix implementation.
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