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1# Nanotrav Version #0.12, Release date 2003/12/31
2# ./nanotrav -p 1 -ordering dfs -autodyn -automethod sifting -reordering sifting -drop C880.blif
3# CUDD Version 2.5.1
4BDD reordering with sifting: from 3974 to ... 2432 nodes in 0.017 sec
5BDD reordering with sifting: from 4893 to ... 3549 nodes in 0.019 sec
6BDD reordering with sifting: from 7133 to ... 6246 nodes in 0.034 sec
7BDD reordering with sifting: from 12522 to ... 6465 nodes in 0.049 sec
8Order before final reordering
986GAT(18) 85GAT(17) 90GAT(22) 89GAT(21) 88GAT(20) 87GAT(19) 1GAT(0) 51GAT(8)
1075GAT(15) 26GAT(4) 268GAT(59) 36GAT(6) 29GAT(5) 80GAT(16) 59GAT(10) 42GAT(7)
11156GAT(39) 17GAT(3) 74GAT(14) 55GAT(9) 8GAT(1) 219GAT(50) 210GAT(49) 91GAT(23)
12101GAT(25) 138GAT(33) 96GAT(24) 171GAT(42) 152GAT(37) 146GAT(35) 116GAT(28) 189GAT(45)
13149GAT(36) 121GAT(29) 195GAT(46) 153GAT(38) 126GAT(30) 261GAT(57) 201GAT(47) 143GAT(34)
14111GAT(27) 183GAT(44) 130GAT(31) 135GAT(32) 106GAT(26) 177GAT(43) 165GAT(41) 207GAT(48)
15159GAT(40) 228GAT(51) 237GAT(52) 246GAT(53) 73GAT(13) 72GAT(12) 68GAT(11) 13GAT(2)
16260GAT(56) 267GAT(58) 259GAT(55) 255GAT(54)
17Number of inputs = 60
18BDD reordering with sifting: from 6204 to ... 4623 nodes in 0.03 sec
19New order
20135GAT(32) 207GAT(48) 130GAT(31) 86GAT(18) 85GAT(17) 89GAT(21) 90GAT(22) 88GAT(20)
2187GAT(19) 1GAT(0) 51GAT(8) 26GAT(4) 268GAT(59) 29GAT(5) 80GAT(16) 59GAT(10)
2242GAT(7) 75GAT(15) 156GAT(39) 36GAT(6) 17GAT(3) 74GAT(14) 55GAT(9) 8GAT(1)
23210GAT(49) 91GAT(23) 138GAT(33) 165GAT(41) 96GAT(24) 159GAT(40) 101GAT(25) 171GAT(42)
24152GAT(37) 149GAT(36) 146GAT(35) 116GAT(28) 189GAT(45) 121GAT(29) 195GAT(46) 153GAT(38)
25143GAT(34) 126GAT(30) 201GAT(47) 261GAT(57) 111GAT(27) 106GAT(26) 183GAT(44) 177GAT(43)
26219GAT(50) 246GAT(53) 237GAT(52) 228GAT(51) 73GAT(13) 72GAT(12) 68GAT(11) 13GAT(2)
27260GAT(56) 267GAT(58) 259GAT(55) 255GAT(54)
28**** CUDD modifiable parameters ****
29Hard limit for cache size: 21845333
30Cache hit threshold for resizing: 30%
31Garbage collection enabled: yes
32Limit for fast unique table growth: 13107200
33Maximum number of variables sifted per reordering: 1000000
34Maximum number of variable swaps per reordering: 1000000000
35Maximum growth while sifting a variable: 1.2
36Dynamic reordering of BDDs enabled: yes
37Default BDD reordering method: 4
38Dynamic reordering of ZDDs enabled: no
39Default ZDD reordering method: 4
40Realignment of ZDDs to BDDs enabled: no
41Realignment of BDDs to ZDDs enabled: no
42Dead nodes counted in triggering reordering: no
43Group checking criterion: 7
44Recombination threshold: 0
45Symmetry violation threshold: 10
46Arc violation threshold: 10
47GA population size: 0
48Number of crossovers for GA: 0
49Next reordering threshold: 9340
50**** CUDD non-modifiable parameters ****
51Memory in use: 19607088
52Peak number of nodes: 19418
53Peak number of live nodes: 12568
54Number of BDD variables: 60
55Number of ZDD variables: 0
56Number of cache entries: 65536
57Number of cache look-ups: 59160
58Number of cache hits: 28638
59Number of cache insertions: 30603
60Number of cache collisions: 2475
61Number of cache deletions: 28128
62Cache used slots = 18.19% (expected 0.00%)
63Soft limit for cache size: 62464
64Number of buckets in unique table: 15616
65Used buckets in unique table: 20.98% (expected 20.96%)
66Unique lookups: 36120
67Unique links: 13130 (0.363511 per lookup)
68Number of BDD and ADD nodes: 4671
69Number of ZDD nodes: 0
70Number of dead BDD and ADD nodes: 0
71Number of dead ZDD nodes: 0
72Total number of nodes allocated: 32671
73Total number of nodes reclaimed: 1974
74Number of recursive calls: 73307
75Garbage collections so far: 5
76Time for garbage collection: 0.00 sec
77Reorderings so far: 5
78Time for reordering: 0.15 sec
79Node swaps in reordering: 963237
80Final size: 4623
81total time = 0.15 sec
82Runtime Statistics
84Machine name:
85User time      0.2 seconds
86System time    0.0 seconds
88Average resident text size       =     0K
89Average resident data+stack size =     0K
90Maximum resident size            =  9134K
92Virtual text size                =  4621K
93Virtual data size                =  7902K
94    data size initialized        =  2135K
95    data size uninitialized      =   137K
96    data size sbrk               =  5630K
97Virtual memory limit             = 2048000K (18014398509481984K)
99Major page faults = 0
100Minor page faults = 2335
101Swaps = 0
102Input blocks = 40
103Output blocks = 2008
104Context switch (voluntary) = 1
105Context switch (involuntary) = 2
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