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Updates for Unicode 11.0 plus Emoji properties

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9 */
11#include "PropertyAliases.h"
12#include "PropertyObjects.h"
13#include "PropertyValueAliases.h"
14#include "unicode_set.h"
16namespace UCD {
17  namespace HST_ns {
18    const unsigned independent_prop_values = 6;
19    /** Code Point Ranges for NA
20    [0000, 10ff], [1200, a95f], [a97d, abff], [d7a4, d7af], [d7c7, d7ca],
21    [d7fc, 10ffff]**/
24    namespace {
25    const static UnicodeSet::run_t __na_Set_runs[] = {
26    {Full, 136}, {Empty, 8}, {Full, 1211}, {Mixed, 1}, {Full, 20},
27    {Empty, 349}, {Mixed, 3}, {Full, 33088}};
28    const static UnicodeSet::bitquad_t  __na_Set_quads[] = {
29    0xe0000000, 0x0000fff0, 0x00000780, 0xf0000000};
30    }
32    const static UnicodeSet na_Set{const_cast<UnicodeSet::run_t *>(__na_Set_runs), 8, 0, const_cast<UnicodeSet::bitquad_t *>(__na_Set_quads), 4, 0};
34    /** Code Point Ranges for L
35    [1100, 115f], [a960, a97c]**/
38    namespace {
39    const static UnicodeSet::run_t __l_Set_runs[] = {
40    {Empty, 136}, {Full, 3}, {Empty, 1216}, {Mixed, 1}, {Empty, 33460}};
41    const static UnicodeSet::bitquad_t  __l_Set_quads[] = {
42    0x1fffffff};
43    }
45    const static UnicodeSet l_Set{const_cast<UnicodeSet::run_t *>(__l_Set_runs), 5, 0, const_cast<UnicodeSet::bitquad_t *>(__l_Set_quads), 1, 0};
47    /** Code Point Ranges for V
48    [1160, 11a7], [d7b0, d7c6]**/
51    namespace {
52    const static UnicodeSet::run_t __v_Set_runs[] = {
53    {Empty, 139}, {Full, 2}, {Mixed, 1}, {Empty, 1583}, {Mixed, 2},
54    {Empty, 33089}};
55    const static UnicodeSet::bitquad_t  __v_Set_quads[] = {
56    0x000000ff, 0xffff0000, 0x0000007f};
57    }
59    const static UnicodeSet v_Set{const_cast<UnicodeSet::run_t *>(__v_Set_runs), 6, 0, const_cast<UnicodeSet::bitquad_t *>(__v_Set_quads), 3, 0};
61    /** Code Point Ranges for T
62    [11a8, 11ff], [d7cb, d7fb]**/
65    namespace {
66    const static UnicodeSet::run_t __t_Set_runs[] = {
67    {Empty, 141}, {Mixed, 1}, {Full, 2}, {Empty, 1582}, {Mixed, 2},
68    {Empty, 33088}};
69    const static UnicodeSet::bitquad_t  __t_Set_quads[] = {
70    0xffffff00, 0xfffff800, 0x0fffffff};
71    }
73    const static UnicodeSet t_Set{const_cast<UnicodeSet::run_t *>(__t_Set_runs), 6, 0, const_cast<UnicodeSet::bitquad_t *>(__t_Set_quads), 3, 0};
75    /** Code Point Ranges for LV
76    [ac00, ac00], [ac1c, ac1c], [ac38, ac38], [ac54, ac54], [ac70, ac70],
77    [ac8c, ac8c], [aca8, aca8], [acc4, acc4], [ace0, ace0], [acfc, acfc],
78    [ad18, ad18], [ad34, ad34], [ad50, ad50], [ad6c, ad6c], [ad88, ad88],
79    [ada4, ada4], [adc0, adc0], [addc, addc], [adf8, adf8], [ae14, ae14],
80    [ae30, ae30], [ae4c, ae4c], [ae68, ae68], [ae84, ae84], [aea0, aea0],
81    [aebc, aebc], [aed8, aed8], [aef4, aef4], [af10, af10], [af2c, af2c],
82    [af48, af48], [af64, af64], [af80, af80], [af9c, af9c], [afb8, afb8],
83    [afd4, afd4], [aff0, aff0], [b00c, b00c], [b028, b028], [b044, b044],
84    [b060, b060], [b07c, b07c], [b098, b098], [b0b4, b0b4], [b0d0, b0d0],
85    [b0ec, b0ec], [b108, b108], [b124, b124], [b140, b140], [b15c, b15c],
86    [b178, b178], [b194, b194], [b1b0, b1b0], [b1cc, b1cc], [b1e8, b1e8],
87    [b204, b204], [b220, b220], [b23c, b23c], [b258, b258], [b274, b274],
88    [b290, b290], [b2ac, b2ac], [b2c8, b2c8], [b2e4, b2e4], [b300, b300],
89    [b31c, b31c], [b338, b338], [b354, b354], [b370, b370], [b38c, b38c],
90    [b3a8, b3a8], [b3c4, b3c4], [b3e0, b3e0], [b3fc, b3fc], [b418, b418],
91    [b434, b434], [b450, b450], [b46c, b46c], [b488, b488], [b4a4, b4a4],
92    [b4c0, b4c0], [b4dc, b4dc], [b4f8, b4f8], [b514, b514], [b530, b530],
93    [b54c, b54c], [b568, b568], [b584, b584], [b5a0, b5a0], [b5bc, b5bc],
94    [b5d8, b5d8], [b5f4, b5f4], [b610, b610], [b62c, b62c], [b648, b648],
95    [b664, b664], [b680, b680], [b69c, b69c], [b6b8, b6b8], [b6d4, b6d4],
96    [b6f0, b6f0], [b70c, b70c], [b728, b728], [b744, b744], [b760, b760],
97    [b77c, b77c], [b798, b798], [b7b4, b7b4], [b7d0, b7d0], [b7ec, b7ec],
98    [b808, b808], [b824, b824], [b840, b840], [b85c, b85c], [b878, b878],
99    [b894, b894], [b8b0, b8b0], [b8cc, b8cc], [b8e8, b8e8], [b904, b904],
100    [b920, b920], [b93c, b93c], [b958, b958], [b974, b974], [b990, b990],
101    [b9ac, b9ac], [b9c8, b9c8], [b9e4, b9e4], [ba00, ba00], [ba1c, ba1c],
102    [ba38, ba38], [ba54, ba54], [ba70, ba70], [ba8c, ba8c], [baa8, baa8],
103    [bac4, bac4], [bae0, bae0], [bafc, bafc], [bb18, bb18], [bb34, bb34],
104    [bb50, bb50], [bb6c, bb6c], [bb88, bb88], [bba4, bba4], [bbc0, bbc0],
105    [bbdc, bbdc], [bbf8, bbf8], [bc14, bc14], [bc30, bc30], [bc4c, bc4c],
106    [bc68, bc68], [bc84, bc84], [bca0, bca0], [bcbc, bcbc], [bcd8, bcd8],
107    [bcf4, bcf4], [bd10, bd10], [bd2c, bd2c], [bd48, bd48], [bd64, bd64],
108    [bd80, bd80], [bd9c, bd9c], [bdb8, bdb8], [bdd4, bdd4], [bdf0, bdf0],
109    [be0c, be0c], [be28, be28], [be44, be44], [be60, be60], [be7c, be7c],
110    [be98, be98], [beb4, beb4], [bed0, bed0], [beec, beec], [bf08, bf08],
111    [bf24, bf24], [bf40, bf40], [bf5c, bf5c], [bf78, bf78], [bf94, bf94],
112    [bfb0, bfb0], [bfcc, bfcc], [bfe8, bfe8], [c004, c004], [c020, c020],
113    [c03c, c03c], [c058, c058], [c074, c074], [c090, c090], [c0ac, c0ac],
114    [c0c8, c0c8], [c0e4, c0e4], [c100, c100], [c11c, c11c], [c138, c138],
115    [c154, c154], [c170, c170], [c18c, c18c], [c1a8, c1a8], [c1c4, c1c4],
116    [c1e0, c1e0], [c1fc, c1fc], [c218, c218], [c234, c234], [c250, c250],
117    [c26c, c26c], [c288, c288], [c2a4, c2a4], [c2c0, c2c0], [c2dc, c2dc],
118    [c2f8, c2f8], [c314, c314], [c330, c330], [c34c, c34c], [c368, c368],
119    [c384, c384], [c3a0, c3a0], [c3bc, c3bc], [c3d8, c3d8], [c3f4, c3f4],
120    [c410, c410], [c42c, c42c], [c448, c448], [c464, c464], [c480, c480],
121    [c49c, c49c], [c4b8, c4b8], [c4d4, c4d4], [c4f0, c4f0], [c50c, c50c],
122    [c528, c528], [c544, c544], [c560, c560], [c57c, c57c], [c598, c598],
123    [c5b4, c5b4], [c5d0, c5d0], [c5ec, c5ec], [c608, c608], [c624, c624],
124    [c640, c640], [c65c, c65c], [c678, c678], [c694, c694], [c6b0, c6b0],
125    [c6cc, c6cc], [c6e8, c6e8], [c704, c704], [c720, c720], [c73c, c73c],
126    [c758, c758], [c774, c774], [c790, c790], [c7ac, c7ac], [c7c8, c7c8],
127    [c7e4, c7e4], [c800, c800], [c81c, c81c], [c838, c838], [c854, c854],
128    [c870, c870], [c88c, c88c], [c8a8, c8a8], [c8c4, c8c4], [c8e0, c8e0],
129    [c8fc, c8fc], [c918, c918], [c934, c934], [c950, c950], [c96c, c96c],
130    [c988, c988], [c9a4, c9a4], [c9c0, c9c0], [c9dc, c9dc], [c9f8, c9f8],
131    [ca14, ca14], [ca30, ca30], [ca4c, ca4c], [ca68, ca68], [ca84, ca84],
132    [caa0, caa0], [cabc, cabc], [cad8, cad8], [caf4, caf4], [cb10, cb10],
133    [cb2c, cb2c], [cb48, cb48], [cb64, cb64], [cb80, cb80], [cb9c, cb9c],
134    [cbb8, cbb8], [cbd4, cbd4], [cbf0, cbf0], [cc0c, cc0c], [cc28, cc28],
135    [cc44, cc44], [cc60, cc60], [cc7c, cc7c], [cc98, cc98], [ccb4, ccb4],
136    [ccd0, ccd0], [ccec, ccec], [cd08, cd08], [cd24, cd24], [cd40, cd40],
137    [cd5c, cd5c], [cd78, cd78], [cd94, cd94], [cdb0, cdb0], [cdcc, cdcc],
138    [cde8, cde8], [ce04, ce04], [ce20, ce20], [ce3c, ce3c], [ce58, ce58],
139    [ce74, ce74], [ce90, ce90], [ceac, ceac], [cec8, cec8], [cee4, cee4],
140    [cf00, cf00], [cf1c, cf1c], [cf38, cf38], [cf54, cf54], [cf70, cf70],
141    [cf8c, cf8c], [cfa8, cfa8], [cfc4, cfc4], [cfe0, cfe0], [cffc, cffc],
142    [d018, d018], [d034, d034], [d050, d050], [d06c, d06c], [d088, d088],
143    [d0a4, d0a4], [d0c0, d0c0], [d0dc, d0dc], [d0f8, d0f8], [d114, d114],
144    [d130, d130], [d14c, d14c], [d168, d168], [d184, d184], [d1a0, d1a0],
145    [d1bc, d1bc], [d1d8, d1d8], [d1f4, d1f4], [d210, d210], [d22c, d22c],
146    [d248, d248], [d264, d264], [d280, d280], [d29c, d29c], [d2b8, d2b8],
147    [d2d4, d2d4], [d2f0, d2f0], [d30c, d30c], [d328, d328], [d344, d344],
148    [d360, d360], [d37c, d37c], [d398, d398], [d3b4, d3b4], [d3d0, d3d0],
149    [d3ec, d3ec], [d408, d408], [d424, d424], [d440, d440], [d45c, d45c],
150    [d478, d478], [d494, d494], [d4b0, d4b0], [d4cc, d4cc], [d4e8, d4e8],
151    [d504, d504], [d520, d520], [d53c, d53c], [d558, d558], [d574, d574],
152    [d590, d590], [d5ac, d5ac], [d5c8, d5c8], [d5e4, d5e4], [d600, d600],
153    [d61c, d61c], [d638, d638], [d654, d654], [d670, d670], [d68c, d68c],
154    [d6a8, d6a8], [d6c4, d6c4], [d6e0, d6e0], [d6fc, d6fc], [d718, d718],
155    [d734, d734], [d750, d750], [d76c, d76c], [d788, d788]**/
158    namespace {
159    const static UnicodeSet::run_t __lv_Set_runs[] = {
160    {Empty, 1376}, {Mixed, 349}, {Empty, 33091}};
161    const static UnicodeSet::bitquad_t  __lv_Set_quads[] = {
162    0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100,
163    0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000,
164    0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000,
165    0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000,
166    0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000,
167    0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001,
168    0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010,
169    0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100,
170    0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000,
171    0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000,
172    0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000,
173    0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000,
174    0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001,
175    0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010,
176    0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100,
177    0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000,
178    0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000,
179    0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000,
180    0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000,
181    0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001,
182    0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010,
183    0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100,
184    0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000,
185    0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000,
186    0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000,
187    0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000,
188    0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001,
189    0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010,
190    0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100,
191    0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000,
192    0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000,
193    0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000,
194    0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000,
195    0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001,
196    0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010,
197    0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100,
198    0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000,
199    0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000,
200    0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000,
201    0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000,
202    0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001,
203    0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010,
204    0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100,
205    0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000,
206    0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000,
207    0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000,
208    0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000,
209    0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001,
210    0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010,
211    0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100,
212    0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000,
213    0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000,
214    0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000,
215    0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000,
216    0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010, 0x10000001,
217    0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100, 0x00000010,
218    0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000, 0x00000100,
219    0x00000010, 0x10000001, 0x01000000, 0x00100000, 0x00010000, 0x00001000,
220    0x00000100};
221    }
223    const static UnicodeSet lv_Set{const_cast<UnicodeSet::run_t *>(__lv_Set_runs), 3, 0, const_cast<UnicodeSet::bitquad_t *>(__lv_Set_quads), 349, 0};
225    /** Code Point Ranges for LVT
226    [ac01, ac1b], [ac1d, ac37], [ac39, ac53], [ac55, ac6f], [ac71, ac8b],
227    [ac8d, aca7], [aca9, acc3], [acc5, acdf], [ace1, acfb], [acfd, ad17],
228    [ad19, ad33], [ad35, ad4f], [ad51, ad6b], [ad6d, ad87], [ad89, ada3],
229    [ada5, adbf], [adc1, addb], [addd, adf7], [adf9, ae13], [ae15, ae2f],
230    [ae31, ae4b], [ae4d, ae67], [ae69, ae83], [ae85, ae9f], [aea1, aebb],
231    [aebd, aed7], [aed9, aef3], [aef5, af0f], [af11, af2b], [af2d, af47],
232    [af49, af63], [af65, af7f], [af81, af9b], [af9d, afb7], [afb9, afd3],
233    [afd5, afef], [aff1, b00b], [b00d, b027], [b029, b043], [b045, b05f],
234    [b061, b07b], [b07d, b097], [b099, b0b3], [b0b5, b0cf], [b0d1, b0eb],
235    [b0ed, b107], [b109, b123], [b125, b13f], [b141, b15b], [b15d, b177],
236    [b179, b193], [b195, b1af], [b1b1, b1cb], [b1cd, b1e7], [b1e9, b203],
237    [b205, b21f], [b221, b23b], [b23d, b257], [b259, b273], [b275, b28f],
238    [b291, b2ab], [b2ad, b2c7], [b2c9, b2e3], [b2e5, b2ff], [b301, b31b],
239    [b31d, b337], [b339, b353], [b355, b36f], [b371, b38b], [b38d, b3a7],
240    [b3a9, b3c3], [b3c5, b3df], [b3e1, b3fb], [b3fd, b417], [b419, b433],
241    [b435, b44f], [b451, b46b], [b46d, b487], [b489, b4a3], [b4a5, b4bf],
242    [b4c1, b4db], [b4dd, b4f7], [b4f9, b513], [b515, b52f], [b531, b54b],
243    [b54d, b567], [b569, b583], [b585, b59f], [b5a1, b5bb], [b5bd, b5d7],
244    [b5d9, b5f3], [b5f5, b60f], [b611, b62b], [b62d, b647], [b649, b663],
245    [b665, b67f], [b681, b69b], [b69d, b6b7], [b6b9, b6d3], [b6d5, b6ef],
246    [b6f1, b70b], [b70d, b727], [b729, b743], [b745, b75f], [b761, b77b],
247    [b77d, b797], [b799, b7b3], [b7b5, b7cf], [b7d1, b7eb], [b7ed, b807],
248    [b809, b823], [b825, b83f], [b841, b85b], [b85d, b877], [b879, b893],
249    [b895, b8af], [b8b1, b8cb], [b8cd, b8e7], [b8e9, b903], [b905, b91f],
250    [b921, b93b], [b93d, b957], [b959, b973], [b975, b98f], [b991, b9ab],
251    [b9ad, b9c7], [b9c9, b9e3], [b9e5, b9ff], [ba01, ba1b], [ba1d, ba37],
252    [ba39, ba53], [ba55, ba6f], [ba71, ba8b], [ba8d, baa7], [baa9, bac3],
253    [bac5, badf], [bae1, bafb], [bafd, bb17], [bb19, bb33], [bb35, bb4f],
254    [bb51, bb6b], [bb6d, bb87], [bb89, bba3], [bba5, bbbf], [bbc1, bbdb],
255    [bbdd, bbf7], [bbf9, bc13], [bc15, bc2f], [bc31, bc4b], [bc4d, bc67],
256    [bc69, bc83], [bc85, bc9f], [bca1, bcbb], [bcbd, bcd7], [bcd9, bcf3],
257    [bcf5, bd0f], [bd11, bd2b], [bd2d, bd47], [bd49, bd63], [bd65, bd7f],
258    [bd81, bd9b], [bd9d, bdb7], [bdb9, bdd3], [bdd5, bdef], [bdf1, be0b],
259    [be0d, be27], [be29, be43], [be45, be5f], [be61, be7b], [be7d, be97],
260    [be99, beb3], [beb5, becf], [bed1, beeb], [beed, bf07], [bf09, bf23],
261    [bf25, bf3f], [bf41, bf5b], [bf5d, bf77], [bf79, bf93], [bf95, bfaf],
262    [bfb1, bfcb], [bfcd, bfe7], [bfe9, c003], [c005, c01f], [c021, c03b],
263    [c03d, c057], [c059, c073], [c075, c08f], [c091, c0ab], [c0ad, c0c7],
264    [c0c9, c0e3], [c0e5, c0ff], [c101, c11b], [c11d, c137], [c139, c153],
265    [c155, c16f], [c171, c18b], [c18d, c1a7], [c1a9, c1c3], [c1c5, c1df],
266    [c1e1, c1fb], [c1fd, c217], [c219, c233], [c235, c24f], [c251, c26b],
267    [c26d, c287], [c289, c2a3], [c2a5, c2bf], [c2c1, c2db], [c2dd, c2f7],
268    [c2f9, c313], [c315, c32f], [c331, c34b], [c34d, c367], [c369, c383],
269    [c385, c39f], [c3a1, c3bb], [c3bd, c3d7], [c3d9, c3f3], [c3f5, c40f],
270    [c411, c42b], [c42d, c447], [c449, c463], [c465, c47f], [c481, c49b],
271    [c49d, c4b7], [c4b9, c4d3], [c4d5, c4ef], [c4f1, c50b], [c50d, c527],
272    [c529, c543], [c545, c55f], [c561, c57b], [c57d, c597], [c599, c5b3],
273    [c5b5, c5cf], [c5d1, c5eb], [c5ed, c607], [c609, c623], [c625, c63f],
274    [c641, c65b], [c65d, c677], [c679, c693], [c695, c6af], [c6b1, c6cb],
275    [c6cd, c6e7], [c6e9, c703], [c705, c71f], [c721, c73b], [c73d, c757],
276    [c759, c773], [c775, c78f], [c791, c7ab], [c7ad, c7c7], [c7c9, c7e3],
277    [c7e5, c7ff], [c801, c81b], [c81d, c837], [c839, c853], [c855, c86f],
278    [c871, c88b], [c88d, c8a7], [c8a9, c8c3], [c8c5, c8df], [c8e1, c8fb],
279    [c8fd, c917], [c919, c933], [c935, c94f], [c951, c96b], [c96d, c987],
280    [c989, c9a3], [c9a5, c9bf], [c9c1, c9db], [c9dd, c9f7], [c9f9, ca13],
281    [ca15, ca2f], [ca31, ca4b], [ca4d, ca67], [ca69, ca83], [ca85, ca9f],
282    [caa1, cabb], [cabd, cad7], [cad9, caf3], [caf5, cb0f], [cb11, cb2b],
283    [cb2d, cb47], [cb49, cb63], [cb65, cb7f], [cb81, cb9b], [cb9d, cbb7],
284    [cbb9, cbd3], [cbd5, cbef], [cbf1, cc0b], [cc0d, cc27], [cc29, cc43],
285    [cc45, cc5f], [cc61, cc7b], [cc7d, cc97], [cc99, ccb3], [ccb5, cccf],
286    [ccd1, cceb], [cced, cd07], [cd09, cd23], [cd25, cd3f], [cd41, cd5b],
287    [cd5d, cd77], [cd79, cd93], [cd95, cdaf], [cdb1, cdcb], [cdcd, cde7],
288    [cde9, ce03], [ce05, ce1f], [ce21, ce3b], [ce3d, ce57], [ce59, ce73],
289    [ce75, ce8f], [ce91, ceab], [cead, cec7], [cec9, cee3], [cee5, ceff],
290    [cf01, cf1b], [cf1d, cf37], [cf39, cf53], [cf55, cf6f], [cf71, cf8b],
291    [cf8d, cfa7], [cfa9, cfc3], [cfc5, cfdf], [cfe1, cffb], [cffd, d017],
292    [d019, d033], [d035, d04f], [d051, d06b], [d06d, d087], [d089, d0a3],
293    [d0a5, d0bf], [d0c1, d0db], [d0dd, d0f7], [d0f9, d113], [d115, d12f],
294    [d131, d14b], [d14d, d167], [d169, d183], [d185, d19f], [d1a1, d1bb],
295    [d1bd, d1d7], [d1d9, d1f3], [d1f5, d20f], [d211, d22b], [d22d, d247],
296    [d249, d263], [d265, d27f], [d281, d29b], [d29d, d2b7], [d2b9, d2d3],
297    [d2d5, d2ef], [d2f1, d30b], [d30d, d327], [d329, d343], [d345, d35f],
298    [d361, d37b], [d37d, d397], [d399, d3b3], [d3b5, d3cf], [d3d1, d3eb],
299    [d3ed, d407], [d409, d423], [d425, d43f], [d441, d45b], [d45d, d477],
300    [d479, d493], [d495, d4af], [d4b1, d4cb], [d4cd, d4e7], [d4e9, d503],
301    [d505, d51f], [d521, d53b], [d53d, d557], [d559, d573], [d575, d58f],
302    [d591, d5ab], [d5ad, d5c7], [d5c9, d5e3], [d5e5, d5ff], [d601, d61b],
303    [d61d, d637], [d639, d653], [d655, d66f], [d671, d68b], [d68d, d6a7],
304    [d6a9, d6c3], [d6c5, d6df], [d6e1, d6fb], [d6fd, d717], [d719, d733],
305    [d735, d74f], [d751, d76b], [d76d, d787], [d789, d7a3]**/
308    namespace {
309    const static UnicodeSet::run_t __lvt_Set_runs[] = {
310    {Empty, 1376}, {Mixed, 350}, {Empty, 33090}};
311    const static UnicodeSet::bitquad_t  __lvt_Set_quads[] = {
312    0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff,
313    0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff,
314    0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff,
315    0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff,
316    0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff,
317    0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe,
318    0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef,
319    0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff,
320    0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff,
321    0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff,
322    0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff,
323    0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff,
324    0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe,
325    0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef,
326    0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff,
327    0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff,
328    0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff,
329    0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff,
330    0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff,
331    0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe,
332    0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef,
333    0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff,
334    0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff,
335    0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff,
336    0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff,
337    0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff,
338    0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe,
339    0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef,
340    0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff,
341    0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff,
342    0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff,
343    0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff,
344    0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff,
345    0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe,
346    0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef,
347    0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff,
348    0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff,
349    0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff,
350    0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff,
351    0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff,
352    0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe,
353    0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef,
354    0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff,
355    0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff,
356    0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff,
357    0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff,
358    0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff,
359    0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe,
360    0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef,
361    0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff,
362    0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff,
363    0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff,
364    0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff,
365    0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff,
366    0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe,
367    0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff, 0xffffffef,
368    0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff, 0xfffffeff,
369    0xffffffef, 0xeffffffe, 0xfeffffff, 0xffefffff, 0xfffeffff, 0xffffefff,
370    0xfffffeff, 0x0000000f};
371    }
373    const static UnicodeSet lvt_Set{const_cast<UnicodeSet::run_t *>(__lvt_Set_runs), 3, 0, const_cast<UnicodeSet::bitquad_t *>(__lvt_Set_quads), 350, 0};
375    static EnumeratedPropertyObject property_object
376        {hst,
377        HST_ns::independent_prop_values,
378        std::move(HST_ns::enum_names),
379        std::move(HST_ns::value_names),
380        std::move(HST_ns::aliases_only_map),{
381        &na_Set, &l_Set, &v_Set, &t_Set, &lv_Set, &lvt_Set
382        }};
383    }
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