source: icGREP/icgrep-devel/llvm-3.6.1.src/test/MC/Disassembler/Mips/mips32/valid-xfail-mips32.txt @ 4664

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1# RUN: llvm-mc %s -triple=mips-unknown-linux -disassemble | FileCheck %s
2# XFAIL: *
30x46 0x2f 0x79 0x32 # CHECK: c.eq.d $fcc1, $f15, $f15
40x46 0x11 0xc5 0x32 # CHECK: c.eq.s $fcc5, $f24, $f17
50x46 0x35 0x5c 0x30 # CHECK: c.f.d $fcc4, $f11, $f21
60x46 0x07 0xf4 0x30 # CHECK: c.f.s $fcc4, $f30, $f7
70x46 0x21 0x94 0x3e # CHECK: c.le.d $fcc4, $f18, $f1
80x46 0x04 0xc6 0x3e # CHECK: c.le.s $fcc6, $f24, $f4
90x46 0x23 0x4b 0x3c # CHECK: $fcc3, $f9, $f3
100x46 0x0e 0x8a 0x3c # CHECK: $fcc2, $f17, $f14
110x46 0x30 0xad 0x3d # CHECK: c.nge.d $fcc5, $f21, $f16
120x46 0x08 0x5b 0x3d # CHECK: c.nge.s $fcc3, $f11, $f8
130x46 0x17 0xfa 0x3b # CHECK: c.ngl.s $fcc2, $f31, $f23
140x46 0x17 0x92 0x39 # CHECK: c.ngle.s $fcc2, $f18, $f23
150x46 0x27 0xc4 0x3f # CHECK: c.ngt.d $fcc4, $f24, $f7
160x46 0x0d 0x45 0x3f # CHECK: c.ngt.s $fcc5, $f8, $f13
170x46 0x3f 0x82 0x36 # CHECK: c.ole.d $fcc2, $f16, $f31
180x46 0x14 0x3b 0x36 # CHECK: c.ole.s $fcc3, $f7, $f20
190x46 0x3c 0x9c 0x34 # CHECK: c.olt.d $fcc4, $f19, $f28
200x46 0x07 0xa6 0x34 # CHECK: c.olt.s $fcc6, $f20, $f7
210x46 0x27 0xfc 0x3a # CHECK: c.seq.d $fcc4, $f31, $f7
220x46 0x19 0x0f 0x3a # CHECK: c.seq.s $fcc7, $f1, $f25
230x46 0x39 0x6c 0x33 # CHECK: c.ueq.d $fcc4, $f13, $f25
240x46 0x1e 0x1e 0x33 # CHECK: c.ueq.s $fcc6, $f3, $f30
250x46 0x32 0xcf 0x37 # CHECK: c.ule.d $fcc7, $f25, $f18
260x46 0x1e 0xaf 0x37 # CHECK: c.ule.s $fcc7, $f21, $f30
270x46 0x31 0x36 0x35 # CHECK: c.ult.d $fcc6, $f6, $f17
280x46 0x0a 0xc7 0x35 # CHECK: c.ult.s $fcc7, $f24, $f10
290x46 0x38 0xbe 0x31 # CHECK: c.un.d $fcc6, $f23, $f24
300x46 0x04 0xf1 0x31 # CHECK: c.un.s $fcc1, $f30, $f4
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