source: icGREP/icgrep-devel/llvm-3.8.0.src/test/Analysis/CFLAliasAnalysis/opaque-call-alias.ll @ 5027

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1; We previously had a case where we would put results from a no-args call in
2; its own stratified set. This would make cases like the one in @test say that
3; nothing (except %Escapes and %Arg) can alias
5; RUN: opt < %s -disable-basicaa -cfl-aa -aa-eval -print-may-aliases -disable-output 2>&1 | FileCheck %s
7; CHECK:     Function: test
8; CHECK:     MayAlias: i8* %Arg, i8* %Escapes
9; CHECK:     MayAlias: i8* %Arg, i8* %Retrieved
10; CHECK:     MayAlias: i8* %Escapes, i8* %Retrieved
11define void @test(i8* %Arg) {
12  %Noalias = alloca i8
13  %Escapes = alloca i8
14  call void @set_thepointer(i8* %Escapes)
15  %Retrieved = call i8* @get_thepointer()
16  ret void
19declare void @set_thepointer(i8* %P)
20declare i8* @get_thepointer()
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