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1icXML software is licensed to you under the Open Software License 3.0. 
2The license file is notices/OSL3.0.txt.   Much of icXML is based on the
3Apache Xerces software, which is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.
4You are free to use the Xerces files, including ones modified for icXML,
5under the terms of that license.   However, the OSL3.0 applies to the
6entire set of files as a collective work as well as to the icXML original
7files contributed by International Characters, Inc.
9Both OSL 3.0 and Apache License 2.0 allow you to use and modify open-source
10software and to distribute open-source software under the respective license.
11However, OSL 3.0 does not allow you to distribute closed-source software.
12If you want to distribute customized versions of icXML, you must do it under
13OSL 3.0 or obtain a commercial license from International Characters, Inc.
15As of the version 0.8 release, International Characters is actively exploring
16the possibility of releasing icXML as an Apache project, at which point an
17Apache 2.0 license would apply.   However, Apache projects require a strong
18community of developers from at least 3 independent organizations and must
19be accepted through the Apache process.  It's a long road.
21International Characters, Inc. holds several patents related to icXML.
22Necessary claims are licensed to you under the terms of the OSL 3.0
23and Apache License 2.0.   International Characters, Inc. has also
24issued a covenant not to assert any of its patents against the development
25and distribution of any open source software.   It is the best covenant
26in the business.   However, distribution of closed-source software and/or
27combinations of hardware and software require a commercial license from
28International Characters, Inc.  See the file notices/COVENANT.txt.
33Apache Xerces NOTICEs (see section 4(c) of the Apache License, version 2.0):
35   This product includes software developed by
36   The Apache Software Foundation (
38   Portions of this software were originally based on the following:
39     - software copyright (c) 1999, IBM Corporation.,
41See notices/ApacheLicense2.0.txt
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