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1icXML (TM) is a highly-accelerated version of the widely-reknowned
2Xerces-C XML Parser.  Developed by International Characters, Inc., icXML
3systematically incorporates the parallel bit stream (Parabix) technology
4of SFU CS professor Dr. Rob Cameron.
6This is release 0.80 of icXML.   This is a development release as we
7progress towards version 1.0.
9icXML 0.8 is intended for recent 64-bit Intel/AMD architecture processors
10incorporating SSE2 instruction set extensions.   Based on the IDISA
11framework for portable SIMD programming, our development roadmap includes
12further-accelerated versions to take advantage of Intel's new AVX2
13SIMD extensions (256-bit), as well as ARM processors with Neon SIMD extensions
14and others.   Some support for legacy platforms is also planned, including
15support for run-time processor detection.
17icXML 0.8 is being actively developed for Linux 64-bit platforms, with
18full support for Win-64 to be achieved by release 1.0.
20icXML is being designed to produce plug-compatible binary library files
21that may be swapped in for Xerces .dll or .so files based on Xerces 3.1.1.
23icXML 0.8 supports all Xerces features based on the IGXML scanner.  Support
24for the subset scanners (WFXML, SGXML, DGXML) is planned for version 1.0.
26icXML 0.8 has been assessed in comparison with Xerces 3.1.1 using Xerces
27sample applications and others, using the XML Conformance Test Suite, the
28XML Schema Test Suite and the Xalan Test Suite.   See BUGS.txt for
29a summary of known issues.
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