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README and BUGS files for icXML 0.9

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1icXML-0.9 Known Issues
3(1) The DGXML and SGXML scanners are not supported.
4    Workaround: use the more general IGXML scanner.
6(2) Serialization is not yet supported.
8(3) icXML reports some errors differently than Xerces.
10    (3a) icXML currently does not provide the element name or
11         reference name when a well-formedness error occurs.
12         (It does however report the error)
14    (3b) icXML currently does not give the line/column number of a
15         non-wellformedness error or one that's the result of an
16         invalid element or reference name.
18(4) References and element names longer than 16Kb are not supported.
20(5) PSVI and Identity Constraints are handled currently (but will be in 0.91)
22(6) startEntityReference and endEntityReference callbacks are currently
23    not being produced by icXML (but will be in 0.91)
25(7) Character references will not produce an error if the character
26    it referred to is legal in that context (i.e., icXML will
27    accept "&x20;<root/>&x20;" as a legal document)
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