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1-- Module re_proto is a research compiler for prototyping
2-- algorithms and ideas in regular expression processing using
3-- parallel bit streams and MatchStar.
5module RE_Proto (RE, minMatchLen) where
7-- RE is the ADT type for practical regular expressions equivalent
8-- to the POSIX ERE forms, except for substring capture. 
10data RE = CC String | CCnot String | Lit String | Start | End | Any |
11          Join [RE] | Alt [RE] | Opt RE | Kstar RE | Kplus RE | OrMore Int RE | Bounded Int Int RE
12   deriving Show
13-- CC "abcd" represents the character class with the 4 characters a, b, c and d, i.e., [a-d].
14-- CCnot "abcd" represents the class of all characters except a, b, c and d, i.e., [^a-d]
15-- Lit "abcd" represents the regular expression for the 4-character string "abcd".
16-- Start represents the ^ metacharacter for start of line or string matching
17-- End represents the $ metacharacter for end of line or string matching
18-- Any represents the . metacharacter that matches any character (except end of line)
19-- Join [CC "abcd", Lit "efgh", CC "ijkl"] represents the regexp [a-d]efgh[i-l]
20-- Alt [Lit "red", Lit "green", Lit "|", Lit "blue"] represents red|green|\||blue
21-- Opt (Lit "a") represents a?
22-- Kstar (Lit "abc") represents (abc)*, (except that there is no substring capture)
23-- Kplus (CC "abcedefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz") represents [a-z]+
24-- OrMore 5 (CC "ab") represents [ab]{5,}
25-- Bounded 5 10 (CC "ha") represents [ha]{5,10}
26-- Note: none of the characters of a CC, CCnot or Lit is every considered a metachar.
27-- Thus Lit "a|b.$" means the regexp "a\|b\.\$", for the regexp "a|b.$" use Alt[Lit "a",  Join ["b", Any, End]]
29-- Write a minimal match length function that determines the minimum length
30-- string that can be matched by an RE, considering that Start and End match
31-- single \n characters.
33minMatchLen :: RE -> Int
34minMatchLen (CC s) = 1
35minMatchLen (CCnot s) = 1
36minMatchLen (Lit s) = length s
37minMatchLen Start = 1
38minMatchLen End = 1
39minMatchLen Any = 1
40minMatchLen (Join []) = 0
41minMatchLen (Join (r:rs)) = minMatchLen r + (minMatchLen (Join rs))
42minMatchLen (Alt [r]) = minMatchLen r
43minMatchLen (Alt (r:rs)) = min (minMatchLen r) (minMatchLen (Alt rs))
44minMatchLen (Opt r) = 0
45minMatchLen (Kstar r) = 0
46minMatchLen (Kplus r) = minMatchLen r
47minMatchLen (OrMore i r) = i * (minMatchLen r)
48minMatchLen (Bounded i j r) = i * (minMatchLen r)
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