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1AC 3000ME
2AC/Shelby Cobra
3AC Frua
4Alfa Romeo 75
5Alfa Romeo 33
6Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
7Alfa Romeo 155
8Alfa Romeo Alfasud
9Audi A4
10Audi A3
11Avanti II
12BMW 3 series
13BMW X5
14Bugatti Type 55
15Bugatti Type 101
16Bugatti EB110
17Bugatti Veyron
18Buick Centurion
19Buick LeSabre
20Cadillac Cimarron
21Checker Marathon
22Chevrolet Caprice
23Chevrolet Camaro
24Chevrolet Citation
25Chevrolet Corvette
26Ferrari 308 GTB and GTS
27Ferrari 360
28Ferrari BB
29Ferrari F355
30Ferrari F40
31Ford Falcon
32Ford GT
33Ford Mustang
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