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  • docs/HPCA2012/01-intro.tex

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    130130\CITHREE\ system using hardware performance counters.
    131131Section~\ref{section:scalability} compares the performance and energy
    132 efficiency of 128 bit SIMD extensions across three generations of
     132efficiency of 128-bit SIMD extensions across three generations of
    133133Intel processors and includes a comparison with the ARM Cortex-A8
    134134processor.  Section~\ref{section:avx} examines the Intel's new 256-bit
  • docs/HPCA2012/10-related.tex

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    4444processors.  We are also the first to perform a detailed analysis of
    4545SIMD instruction extensions across three generations of Intel
    46 processors including the new 256 bit AVX extensions. Finally, we have
     46processors including the new 256-bit AVX extensions. Finally, we have
    4747shown the benefits of using multithreading in conjunction with data
    4848parallel phases of the application.
  • docs/HPCA2012/11-conclusions.tex

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    1515parallelism in their application assuming an infinite resource
    1616abstract SIMD machine without worrying about or having to change code
    17 to handle processor specifics (e.g., 128 bit SIMD SSE vs 256 bit SIMD
     17to handle processor specifics (e.g., 128-bit SIMD SSE vs 256-bit SIMD
    1818on AVX). We applied Parabix technology to a widely deployed
    1919application; XML parsing and demonstrate the efficiency gains that can
    29293-operand instructions deliver significant benefit the wider
    3030operations in some cases have higher overheads compared to the
    31 existing 128 bit SSE operations. We also compare Intel's SIMD
     31existing 128-bit SSE operations. We also compare Intel's SIMD
    3232extensions against the ARM \NEON{}. Note that Parabix allowed us to
    3333perform these studies without having to change the application source.
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