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    22Modern applications ranging from web search to analytics are mainly
    3 data centric operating over large swaths of data. Information expansion
     3data centric operating over large swaths of information. Information expansion
    44and diversification of data has resulted in multiple textual storage
    55formats.  Of these, XML is one of the most widely used standards, providing
    77 In this paper, we generalize parallel bitstreams and develop the
     77In this paper, we generalize parallel bit streams and develop the
    7878Parabix programming framework to help programmers build text
    79 processing appliations. The programmers specify the operations on
    80 unbounded character lists using bitstreams in a python environment,
    81 while our code generation and runtime translate them into low-level
     79processing applications. Programmers specify operations on
     80unbounded character lists using bit streams in a python environment.
     81Our code generation and runtime system translates them into low-level
    8282C++ routines.  The Parabix routines exploit the SIMD extensions on
    8383commodity processors (SSE/AVX on x86, Neon on ARM) to process hundreds
    84 of character positions in an input stream simultaneously dramatically
     84of character positions in an input stream simultaneously, and dramatically
    8585improving the execution efficiency. We describe the overall Parabix
    86 tool chain, a novel execution framework and a software build environment
     86tool chain, a novel execution framework and software build environment
    8787that enables text processing applications to effectively exploit
    8888commodity multicores.
    9393Figure~\ref{perf-energy} showcases the overall efficiency of our
    94 framework, dramatically improving both performance and
     94framework and dramatic improvements in both performance and
    9595energy efficiency. The Parabix-XML parser exploits
    96 the bitstream technology to dramatically reduce branches in the
    97 parsing routines resulting in a more efficient pipeline. It also
     96the bit stream technology to dramatically reduce branches in
     97parsing routines and realize a more efficient pipeline execution. It also
    9898substantially improves register utilization which minimizes energy
    9999wasted on cache misses and data transfers.\footnote{The actual energy consumption of the XML
    1051051) We outline the Parabix architecture, code-generation tool chain and
    106 runtime environment and describe how it may be used to produce
     106runtime environment; and describe how it may be used to produce
    107107efficient XML parser implementations on a variety of commodity
    108108processors.  While studied in the context of XML parsing, the Parabix
    134134architecture, tool chain and runtime environment.
    135135Section~\ref{section:parser} describes the design of an XML parser
    136 based on the Parabix framework.  Section~\ref{section:baseline}
     136based on the Parabix framework. Section \ref{section:methodology} details
     137our evaluation framework. Section~\ref{section:baseline}
    137138presents a detailed performance analysis of Parabix on a
    138139\CITHREE\ system using hardware performance counters.
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