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    r3397 r3398  
    404404            scanning, validation and content processing modes. </para>
    405405         <para> In other words, Xerces belongs to an equivalence class of applications termed FSM
    406            applications<xref linkend="FSM"/>.<footnote xml:id="FSM"><para>Herein FSM applications are considered software systems whose
     406           applications.<footnote xml:id="FSM">
     407             <para>Herein FSM applications are considered software systems whose
    407408            behaviour is defined by the inputs, current state and the events associated with
    408409              transitions of states.</para></footnote> Each state transition indicates the processing context of
    413414            operations that can be grouped into logical layers, e.g., transposition, character
    414415            classification, and lexical analysis. Each layer is pipeline parallel and require
    415             neither speculation nor pre-parsing stages<citation linkend="HPCA2012"/>. To meet the API requirements
     416            neither speculation nor pre-parsing stages <citation linkend="HPCA2012"/>. To meet the API requirements
    416417            of the document-ordered Xerces output, the results of the Parabix processing layers must
    417418            be interleaved to produce the equivalent behaviour. </para>
    572573            input bytes is the bit sequence <code>110110</code>. Using this approach, transcoding
    573574            may then be completed by applying parallel deletion and inverse transposition of the
    574             UTF-16 bitstreams<citation linkend="Cameron2008"/>. </para>
     575            UTF-16 bitstreams <citation linkend="Cameron2008"/>. </para>
    575576         <para> Rather than immediately paying the costs of deletion and transposition just for
    576577            transcoding, however, icXML defers these steps so that the deletion masks for several
    11081109         could well be generalized for applications in other contexts and automated through the
    11091110         creation of compiler technology specifically supporting parallel bitstream programming.
     1111      </para> Given the success of the icXML development, there is a strong case for continued
     1112            development of the Parabix framework as well as for the application of Parabix
     1113            to other important XML technology stacks.   In particular, an important area for further
     1114            work is to extend the benefits of SIMD and multicore parallelism to the acceleration
     1115            of Java-based XML processors.
     1116      <para>
    11101117      </para>
    11111118   </section>
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