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    5757to support high-performance streaming text processing based on a bit-parallel
    5858transform represenation of text.  In this representation, a text $T$ is represented as a set of parallel
    59 bit streams $B_i$, such that bit $j$ of stream $B_i$ is the $i^{\text{th}}$ bit of
     59bit streams $B_i$, such that bit $j$ of stream $B_i$ is the $i^{\mbox{th}}$ bit of
    6060character code unit $j$ of $T$.  The Parabix methods have been used to
    6161accelerate Unicode transcoding \cite{cameron2008case}, protein search \cite{green2009modeling},
    6262XML parsing \cite{cameron2011parallel}, and, most recently, regular expression search \cite{cameron2014bitwise}.
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    23The venerable Unix {\tt grep} program is an everyday tool widely used
    34to search for lines in text files matching a given regular expression
    910parallelization have generally concentrated on the use of SIMD, multicore
    1011or GPU technologies to accelerate multiple instances of independent
    11 matching problems.   Brief review ...
     12matching problems. 
     13Scarpazza \cite{scarpazza2011top} used SIMD and multicore parallelism
     14to accelerate small ruleset tokenization applications on the Cell
     15Broadband Engine while Valaspura \cite{salapura2012accelerating}
     16built on these techniques to accelerate business analytics applications
     17using SSE instructions on commodity processors.   
     18Zu et al \cite{zu2012gpu} use GPU technology to implement NFA-based regular
     19expression matching with parallelism devoted both to processing
     20a compressed active state array as well as to handling matching of
     21multiple packet instances.
    1222These works have not generally tackled Unicode matching problems.
    1424Using parallel methods to accelerate matching of a single pattern on a
    15 single input stream is more difficult.  Indeed, the finite state machines (FSMs)
    16 underlying are considered the hardest to parallelize (embarassingly sequential)
    17 of the 13 dwarves identified in the Berkeley landscape of parallel computing research \cite{asanovic2006landscape}.
     25single input stream is more difficult.  Indeed, of the 13 dwarves identified in the Berkeley overview of parallel computing research,
     26finite state machines (FSMs) are considered the hardest to parallelize (embarassingly sequential) \cite{asanovic2006landscape}.
    1827However, some success has been reported recently along two independent lines of
    19 research.   Mytkowicz...   Cameron/Parabix....
    20 These works do not address Unicode issues.
     28research.   Mytkowicz et al \cite{mytkowicz2014data} use SIMD shuffle operations
     29to implement composable DFA transitions using dynamic convergence to
     30reduce the number of states in play at any one time and range coalescing
     31to compact the transition tables.   Unfortunately, the method seems unlikely
     32to apply well to Unicode regular expression matching problems, which routinely
     33require thousands of DFA states for named Unicode properties.
     34Building on the Parabix framework, Cameron at al \cite{cameron2014bitwise} introduce
     35regular expression matching using the bitwise
     36data parallel approach together with the MatchStar primitive
     37for efficient implementation of
     38Kleene-* character-class repetitions.
    2240In this paper, we report on the use of the implementation of a full
    2947to classical grep implementations, ICgrep offers dramatic performance
    3048acceleration in ASCII-based and Unicode matching performance alike.
    3450The remainder of this paper is organized as follows.   Section \ref{sec:background}
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