Oct 11, 2017, 6:48:36 PM (2 years ago)

Update to UCD 10.0.0

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  • icGREP/icgrep-devel/icgrep/UCD/PropertyAliases.h

    r5656 r5686  
    2222        JSN, na, na1, Name_Alias, scx, age, blk, sc, bc, bpt, ccc, dt, ea,
    2323        gc, GCB, hst, InPC, InSC, jg, jt, lb, NFC_QC, NFD_QC, NFKC_QC,
    24         NFKD_QC, nt, SB, WB, AHex, Alpha, Bidi_C, Bidi_M, Cased, CE, CI,
     24        NFKD_QC, nt, SB, vo, WB, AHex, Alpha, Bidi_C, Bidi_M, Cased, CE, CI,
    2525        Comp_Ex, CWCF, CWCM, CWKCF, CWL, CWT, CWU, Dash, Dep, DI, Dia, Ext,
    2626        Gr_Base, Gr_Ext, Gr_Link, Hex, Hyphen, IDC, Ideo, IDS, IDSB, IDST,
    2727        Join_C, LOE, Lower, Math, NChar, OAlpha, ODI, OGr_Ext, OIDC, OIDS,
    28         OLower, OMath, OUpper, Pat_Syn, Pat_WS, PCM, QMark, Radical, SD,
     28        OLower, OMath, OUpper, Pat_Syn, Pat_WS, PCM, QMark, Radical, RI, SD,
    2929        STerm, Term, UIdeo, Upper, VS, WSpace, XIDC, XIDS, XO_NFC, XO_NFD,
    3030        XO_NFKC, XO_NFKD};
    3939        "age", "blk", "sc", "bc", "bpt", "ccc", "dt", "ea", "gc", "GCB",
    4040        "hst", "InPC", "InSC", "jg", "jt", "lb", "NFC_QC", "NFD_QC",
    41         "NFKC_QC", "NFKD_QC", "nt", "SB", "WB", "AHex", "Alpha", "Bidi_C",
    42         "Bidi_M", "Cased", "CE", "CI", "Comp_Ex", "CWCF", "CWCM", "CWKCF",
    43         "CWL", "CWT", "CWU", "Dash", "Dep", "DI", "Dia", "Ext", "Gr_Base",
    44         "Gr_Ext", "Gr_Link", "Hex", "Hyphen", "IDC", "Ideo", "IDS", "IDSB",
    45         "IDST", "Join_C", "LOE", "Lower", "Math", "NChar", "OAlpha", "ODI",
    46         "OGr_Ext", "OIDC", "OIDS", "OLower", "OMath", "OUpper", "Pat_Syn",
    47         "Pat_WS", "PCM", "QMark", "Radical", "SD", "STerm", "Term", "UIdeo",
    48         "Upper", "VS", "WSpace", "XIDC", "XIDS", "XO_NFC", "XO_NFD",
    49         "XO_NFKC", "XO_NFKD"};
     41        "NFKC_QC", "NFKD_QC", "nt", "SB", "vo", "WB", "AHex", "Alpha",
     42        "Bidi_C", "Bidi_M", "Cased", "CE", "CI", "Comp_Ex", "CWCF", "CWCM",
     43        "CWKCF", "CWL", "CWT", "CWU", "Dash", "Dep", "DI", "Dia", "Ext",
     44        "Gr_Base", "Gr_Ext", "Gr_Link", "Hex", "Hyphen", "IDC", "Ideo",
     45        "IDS", "IDSB", "IDST", "Join_C", "LOE", "Lower", "Math", "NChar",
     46        "OAlpha", "ODI", "OGr_Ext", "OIDC", "OIDS", "OLower", "OMath",
     47        "OUpper", "Pat_Syn", "Pat_WS", "PCM", "QMark", "Radical", "RI",
     48        "SD", "STerm", "Term", "UIdeo", "Upper", "VS", "WSpace", "XIDC",
     49        "XIDS", "XO_NFC", "XO_NFD", "XO_NFKC", "XO_NFKD"};
    5050    const static std::vector<std::string> property_full_name = {
    5151        "kAccountingNumeric", "kOtherNumeric", "kPrimaryNumeric",
    6767        "Line_Break", "NFC_Quick_Check", "NFD_Quick_Check",
    6868        "NFKC_Quick_Check", "NFKD_Quick_Check", "Numeric_Type",
    69         "Sentence_Break", "Word_Break", "ASCII_Hex_Digit", "Alphabetic",
    70         "Bidi_Control", "Bidi_Mirrored", "Cased", "Composition_Exclusion",
    71         "Case_Ignorable", "Full_Composition_Exclusion",
    72         "Changes_When_Casefolded", "Changes_When_Casemapped",
    73         "Changes_When_NFKC_Casefolded", "Changes_When_Lowercased",
    74         "Changes_When_Titlecased", "Changes_When_Uppercased", "Dash",
    75         "Deprecated", "Default_Ignorable_Code_Point", "Diacritic",
    76         "Extender", "Grapheme_Base", "Grapheme_Extend", "Grapheme_Link",
    77         "Hex_Digit", "Hyphen", "ID_Continue", "Ideographic", "ID_Start",
     69        "Sentence_Break", "Vertical_Orientation", "Word_Break",
     70        "ASCII_Hex_Digit", "Alphabetic", "Bidi_Control", "Bidi_Mirrored",
     71        "Cased", "Composition_Exclusion", "Case_Ignorable",
     72        "Full_Composition_Exclusion", "Changes_When_Casefolded",
     73        "Changes_When_Casemapped", "Changes_When_NFKC_Casefolded",
     74        "Changes_When_Lowercased", "Changes_When_Titlecased",
     75        "Changes_When_Uppercased", "Dash", "Deprecated",
     76        "Default_Ignorable_Code_Point", "Diacritic", "Extender",
     77        "Grapheme_Base", "Grapheme_Extend", "Grapheme_Link", "Hex_Digit",
     78        "Hyphen", "ID_Continue", "Ideographic", "ID_Start",
    7879        "IDS_Binary_Operator", "IDS_Trinary_Operator", "Join_Control",
    7980        "Logical_Order_Exception", "Lowercase", "Math",
    8384        "Other_Math", "Other_Uppercase", "Pattern_Syntax",
    8485        "Pattern_White_Space", "Prepended_Concatenation_Mark",
    85         "Quotation_Mark", "Radical", "Soft_Dotted", "Sentence_Terminal",
    86         "Terminal_Punctuation", "Unified_Ideograph", "Uppercase",
    87         "Variation_Selector", "White_Space", "XID_Continue", "XID_Start",
    88         "Expands_On_NFC", "Expands_On_NFD", "Expands_On_NFKC",
     86        "Quotation_Mark", "Radical", "Regional_Indicator", "Soft_Dotted",
     87        "Sentence_Terminal", "Terminal_Punctuation", "Unified_Ideograph",
     88        "Uppercase", "Variation_Selector", "White_Space", "XID_Continue",
     89        "XID_Start", "Expands_On_NFC", "Expands_On_NFD", "Expands_On_NFKC",
    8990        "Expands_On_NFKD"};
    9091    static std::unordered_map<std::string, int> alias_map {{
    170171        {"patternwhitespace", Pat_WS}, {"patws", Pat_WS}, {"pcm", PCM},
    171172        {"prependedconcatenationmark", PCM}, {"qmark", QMark},
    172         {"quotationmark", QMark}, {"radical", Radical}, {"sb", SB},
    173         {"sc", sc}, {"scf", scf}, {"script", sc}, {"scriptextensions", scx},
     173        {"quotationmark", QMark}, {"radical", Radical},
     174        {"regionalindicator", RI}, {"ri", RI}, {"sb", SB}, {"sc", sc},
     175        {"scf", scf}, {"script", sc}, {"scriptextensions", scx},
    174176        {"scx", scx}, {"sd", SD}, {"sentencebreak", SB},
    175177        {"sentenceterminal", STerm}, {"sfc", scf},
    182184        {"unicoderadicalstroke", cjkRSUnicode}, {"unifiedideograph", UIdeo},
    183185        {"upper", Upper}, {"uppercase", Upper}, {"uppercasemapping", uc},
    184         {"urs", cjkRSUnicode}, {"variationselector", VS}, {"vs", VS},
    185         {"wb", WB}, {"whitespace", WSpace}, {"wordbreak", WB},
    186         {"wspace", WSpace}, {"xidc", XIDC}, {"xidcontinue", XIDC},
    187         {"xids", XIDS}, {"xidstart", XIDS}, {"xonfc", XO_NFC},
    188         {"xonfd", XO_NFD}, {"xonfkc", XO_NFKC}, {"xonfkd", XO_NFKD}}};
     186        {"urs", cjkRSUnicode}, {"variationselector", VS},
     187        {"verticalorientation", vo}, {"vo", vo}, {"vs", VS}, {"wb", WB},
     188        {"whitespace", WSpace}, {"wordbreak", WB}, {"wspace", WSpace},
     189        {"xidc", XIDC}, {"xidcontinue", XIDC}, {"xids", XIDS},
     190        {"xidstart", XIDS}, {"xonfc", XO_NFC}, {"xonfd", XO_NFD},
     191        {"xonfkc", XO_NFKC}, {"xonfkd", XO_NFKD}}};
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