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     1XML is a data format designed for documents as well as the representation of data structures.
     2The simplicity and generality of the rules make it widely used in web services and database systems.
     3Traditional byte-at-a time XML parsers have reach their bottleneck for further improvement to satisfy the growing demand on high performance and energy efficient XML parsing.
     4We propose a new XML parser, Parabix, based on parallel bit stream technology, which enables parallel processing using SIMD registers.
     5We evaluate and analyze the characteristic of our first and second version parsers, which is later referred as Parabix1 and Parabix2,
     6as well as two other popular XML parsers, Expat and Xerces on three generations of x86 machines, Dual Core, Core i3 and Sandy Bridge.
     7The results show that Parabix2 runs 2X to 8X faster than Expat and Xerces and performs much better in terms of data cache misses and branch misperditions.
     8Moreover, Parabix2 scales better on the three different architectures and achieves more performance improvement on newer ones.
     9With the same level of power consumption of all parsers we studied, Parabix2 consumes much less energy.
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