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(edit) @4029   5 years ksherdy Removed demo parameters.
(edit) @4028   5 years ksherdy Minor fix.
(edit) @4027   5 years ksherdy Updated launcher.
(edit) @4026   5 years cameron Sparce -> Sparse
(edit) @4025   5 years ksherdy Reverted grep template.
(edit) @4024   5 years ksherdy Restructured top-level.
(edit) @4023   5 years ksherdy Restructured b2k package.
(edit) @4022   5 years ksherdy Restructure b2k package.
(edit) @4021   5 years ksherdy Restructure s2k package.
(edit) @4020   5 years ksherdy Updated s2k transformer visitor imports.
(edit) @4019   5 years ksherdy Fix grep header test.
(edit) @4018   5 years ksherdy Output grep test fails to stdout.
(edit) @4017   5 years cameron . metacharacter should match any Unicode character
(edit) @4016   5 years ksherdy Updated parallel IDISA/C++ strtoll.
(edit) @4015   5 years ksherdy Updated strtoll demos.
(edit) @4014   5 years ksherdy Edit design notes.
(edit) @4013   5 years ksherdy Updated strtoll demo files.
(edit) @4012   5 years ksherdy Added cast support to demo lib.
(edit) @4011   5 years ksherdy Update transpose demo.
(edit) @4010   5 years ksherdy Minor edit.
(edit) @4009   5 years ksherdy Added description. Initial binding strategy.
(edit) @4008   5 years ksherdy Minor edits.
(edit) @4007   5 years ksherdy Minor edits.
(edit) @4006   5 years ksherdy Add test.
(edit) @4005   5 years linmengl add tests for v128i1, ready now
(edit) @4004   5 years linmengl shiftings for v32i4 ready
(edit) @4003   5 years cameron Fix carry increment bug; tag Seq byte ranges
(edit) @4002   5 years cameron Sel: remove duplicate if calc; minor notes
(edit) @4001   5 years linmengl do exhaust test on insert/extract vector elt on both i2/i4
(edit) @4000   5 years cameron Fix unicode match with Scanthru; negated unicode class fix
(edit) @3999   5 years cameron Modularize implementation of MatchStar? and ScanThru?
(edit) @3998   5 years cameron Preserve negated attribute
(edit) @3997   5 years linmengl some refactoring, mult for i4/i8 ready now
(edit) @3996   5 years linmengl extend template system for i4 and i8.
(edit) @3995   5 years cameron Restructuring - not quite ready
(edit) @3994   5 years cameron Delete old pablos_printer files, use printer_pablos instead
(edit) @3993   5 years cameron Parse negated classes \P{}
(edit) @3992   5 years cameron Add Negated attribute for Names
(edit) @3991   5 years daled Minor changes.
(edit) @3990   5 years cameron Generated unicode_categories.h file and alternatives
(edit) @3989   5 years cameron Use name unicode_categories.h
(edit) @3988   5 years cameron Update template to generate unicode-categories.h
(edit) @3987   5 years cameron Filter newlines for catgrep
(edit) @3986   5 years cameron MatchStar? correction
(edit) @3985   5 years linmengl add testcases for insert_vector_element and extract_
(edit) @3984   5 years cameron Eliminate INT2STRING in favor of std::to_string
(edit) @3983   5 years daled Minor updates.
(edit) @3982   5 years daled icGREP now support Unicode categories.
(edit) @3981   5 years linmengl more testings done, on v64i2 add/sub/mul/eq/lt/gt/ult/ugt/vsll/vsrl/vsra
(edit) @3980   5 years cameron Fixes for catgrep
(edit) @3979   5 years cameron Small fix
(edit) @3978   5 years cameron Bug fix for Advance chains; if-hierarchy options; grep option
(edit) @3977   5 years linmengl Create a template system to generate lowering logic for v64i2 and the …
(edit) @3976   5 years daled Turned off debug instrumentation.
(edit) @3975   5 years daled Minor update.
(edit) @3974   5 years daled Removing old artifacts.
(edit) @3973   5 years cameron working script
(edit) @3972   5 years cameron All codepoints test file, one per line
(edit) @3971   5 years cameron Revert Digit and Hex
(edit) @3970   5 years linmengl auto gen test files for i2 ops
(edit) @3969   5 years daled A change to the way unicode categories are handled. This version …
(edit) @3968   5 years cameron Bug fixes
(edit) @3967   5 years cameron Add metacategory '.' to select all categories
(edit) @3966   5 years daled New header.
(edit) @3965   5 years daled The Unicode category 'Nd' is in place and it is working.
(edit) @3964   5 years cameron Shorten if-range tests
(edit) @3963   5 years daled Eliminated all of the extra marker bit stream variables that were …
(edit) @3962   5 years cameron Unicode_category_compiler fixes; ategory header template; makefile
(edit) @3961   5 years daled Multibyte character code classes parsed from hex notation are now …
(edit) @3960   5 years cameron Eliminating some common subexpressions
(edit) @3959   5 years cameron Divide up subclass processing by UTF-8 length
(edit) @3958   5 years daled Minor update.
(edit) @3957   5 years daled Minor update.
(edit) @3956   5 years daled Matchstar for utf-8 character classes works. Needs refactoring.
(edit) @3955   5 years daled icGREP now uses scanthru for multibyte unicode character classes.
(edit) @3954   5 years cameron Unicode category compiler main program:
(edit) @3953   5 years cameron data file for
(edit) @3952   5 years cameron Compiler for Unicode general categories
(edit) @3951   5 years cameron basis_pattern must be a list
(edit) @3950   5 years cameron Initialize predeclared bit variables in constructor
(edit) @3949   5 years cameron Add CanonicalCharSetDef? constructor, default UTF-8 basis pattern
(edit) @3948   5 years cameron Advance operation in expr2py
(edit) @3947   5 years cameron Rename bitwise-expr to pablo-expr;add advance expression, pablo-stmt
(edit) @3946   5 years linmengl add perf results. 4 inserts version saves 100+ lines of asm, but hurt …
(edit) @3945   5 years linmengl seperate s2p_ideal from s2p.ll, since it won't compile on SSE2 machine.
(edit) @3944   5 years cameron Convert character set definitions to use canonical list of range data …
(edit) @3943   5 years cameron Refactor to create CC_compiler object
(edit) @3942   5 years cameron Refactor pulling out bitwise_expr module; prepare toAst method
(edit) @3941   5 years daled Adding the new classes for the unicode categories.
(edit) @3940   5 years daled The framework for the unicode categories is in place. The static c++ …
(edit) @3939   5 years linmengl test out PEXT with s2p_ideal, put down results
(edit) @3938   5 years linmengl add back packh_8,4,2 / packl_8, 4, 2
(edit) @3937   5 years linmengl some perf result. Compile s2p on avx2 and the rest with sse2
(edit) @3936   5 years linmengl add avx2 support in cmake
(edit) @3935   5 years daled The parser is now able to parse unicode categories.
(edit) @3934   5 years daled icGREP now accepts utf8 encoded characters in a regular expression.
(edit) @3933   5 years linmengl IR inline s2p_bytepack, get the same perf result of SSE2 now.
(edit) @3932   5 years cameron DerivedGeneralCategory? Unicode file
(edit) @3931   5 years cameron Prettier output
(edit) @3930   5 years cameron Initial generation of if-nest hierarchy for Unicode character class defs
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