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(edit) @3949   5 years cameron Add CanonicalCharSetDef? constructor, default UTF-8 basis pattern
(edit) @3948   5 years cameron Advance operation in expr2py
(edit) @3947   5 years cameron Rename bitwise-expr to pablo-expr;add advance expression, pablo-stmt
(edit) @3946   5 years linmengl add perf results. 4 inserts version saves 100+ lines of asm, but hurt …
(edit) @3945   5 years linmengl seperate s2p_ideal from s2p.ll, since it won't compile on SSE2 machine.
(edit) @3944   5 years cameron Convert character set definitions to use canonical list of range data …
(edit) @3943   5 years cameron Refactor to create CC_compiler object
(edit) @3942   5 years cameron Refactor pulling out bitwise_expr module; prepare toAst method
(edit) @3941   5 years daled Adding the new classes for the unicode categories.
(edit) @3940   5 years daled The framework for the unicode categories is in place. The static c++ …
(edit) @3939   5 years linmengl test out PEXT with s2p_ideal, put down results
(edit) @3938   5 years linmengl add back packh_8,4,2 / packl_8, 4, 2
(edit) @3937   5 years linmengl some perf result. Compile s2p on avx2 and the rest with sse2
(edit) @3936   5 years linmengl add avx2 support in cmake
(edit) @3935   5 years daled The parser is now able to parse unicode categories.
(edit) @3934   5 years daled icGREP now accepts utf8 encoded characters in a regular expression.
(edit) @3933   5 years linmengl IR inline s2p_bytepack, get the same perf result of SSE2 now.
(edit) @3932   5 years cameron DerivedGeneralCategory? Unicode file
(edit) @3931   5 years cameron Prettier output
(edit) @3930   5 years cameron Initial generation of if-nest hierarchy for Unicode character class defs
(edit) @3929   5 years linmengl generate PACKUS with llc, updated perf
(edit) @3928   5 years daled Implements the new algorithm to reduce the number of character class …
(edit) @3927   5 years linmengl use a better ifh_1
(edit) @3926   5 years daled Added an optimization to the character clas compiler to combine the …
(edit) @3925   5 years linmengl document a little bit, seperate xmlwf and xmlwf_perf, since they use …
(edit) @3924   5 years linmengl copy perf_script in and add 'perf_xmlwf' target. 'make perf_xmlwf' …
(edit) @3923   5 years linmengl remove s2p.hpp to make sure ir lib is used.
(edit) @3922   5 years linmengl copy xmlwf in and compile it with ir lib
(edit) @3921   5 years cameron Turn OFF various unneeded build options.
(edit) @3920   5 years linmengl s2p_bytepack pure ir library works for sse2 now.
(edit) @3919   5 years linmengl adding more unittests
(edit) @3918   5 years linmengl have pack_16 work
(edit) @3917   5 years cameron New files for re simplification
(edit) @3916   5 years cameron Updates for icgrep-0.9
(edit) @3915   5 years cameron New README for 0.9
(edit) @3914   5 years cameron Updates for icgrep-0.9: re simplifications, re names, replimit mods, …
(edit) @3913   5 years cameron Distribute llvm as source rather than compiled libraries
(edit) @3912   5 years cameron Tag devel version as 0.8
(edit) @3911   5 years cameron icgrep-devel created
(edit) @3910   5 years cameron Remove MacOSX binary
(edit) @3909   5 years linmengl initial commit of lib_ir
(edit) @3908   5 years nmedfort Removed SSE2 test.
(edit) @3907   5 years cameron LLVM binary components
(edit) @3906   5 years linmengl add a table of LLVM builtin vector types
(edit) @3905   5 years linmengl add float vector support for getTypeForEVT, fix wide integer
(edit) @3904   5 years linmengl add ValueTypes?.cpp, enable getTypesForEVT
(edit) @3903   5 years cameron Revert inadvertent check-in
(edit) @3902   5 years cameron Avoid duplicating the repeated expression, if it can't be simplified
(edit) @3901   5 years cameron Avoid duplicating the repeated expression, if it can't be simplified
(edit) @3900   5 years cameron Empty repetitions => Seq []
(edit) @3899   5 years cameron Mac OS compiled version
(edit) @3898   5 years cameron Clean out old style files; check in .bbl file with vfill/eject
(edit) @3897   5 years cameron Little clean-ups
(edit) @3896   5 years cameron Clean-ups
(edit) @3895   5 years cameron abbrv bib style
(edit) @3894   5 years cameron Authors full names, acknowledgments, sloppy, abbrv bib style
(edit) @3893   5 years linmengl bar charts black-and-white printer friendly
(edit) @3892   5 years cameron Trim to 12 pages: eliminate Unicode section, avx2 addition figure.
(edit) @3891   5 years cameron compiler category; ashriram
(edit) @3890   5 years cameron Classification; IPC discussion
(edit) @3889   5 years cameron Various cleanups, drop instructions/byte, branch miss figures
(edit) @3888   5 years cameron removeNullablePrefix, removeNullableSuffix optimizations
(edit) @3887   5 years cameron Simplify demo program; additional rep rule
(edit) @3886   5 years cameron simplifier for regexps
(edit) @3885   5 years cameron Eliminate extra authors section
(edit) @3884   5 years ksherdy Drop package specifiers demos.
(edit) @3883   5 years cameron Reference cleanups; use GPU instead of GPGPU
(edit) @3882   5 years cameron Ken's changes; i >> f
(edit) @3881   5 years ksherdy Editted introduction.
(edit) @3880   5 years cameron Various formatting items
(edit) @3879   5 years shermer Corrected detail about the cost of transposition. Retitled section …
(edit) @3878   5 years lindanl minor fixed for new data
(edit) @3877   5 years ksherdy Typo.
(edit) @3876   5 years cameron Delete extra period for paragraph{} items
(edit) @3875   5 years cameron GNU grep version 2.16
(edit) @3874   5 years cameron Speedups vs. GNU grep
(edit) @3873   5 years linmengl add a column in Table 3: Speedups Obtained
(edit) @3872   5 years linmengl add grep result into data as amoeba-06-14.csv, add a script to …
(edit) @3871   5 years cameron New GPU data from Linda
(edit) @3870   5 years cameron Formatting, PACT publication template
(edit) @3869   5 years cameron Regenerated document
(edit) @3868   5 years cameron Data updates, more analysis
(edit) @3867   5 years cameron Max Unicode (hence UTF-32) value is 0x10FFFF
(edit) @3866   5 years cameron Paragraph on future work re MatchStar?; raw csv file
(edit) @3865   5 years cameron Update conclusion with related work discussion, etc
(edit) @3864   5 years cameron StarHeight? test expression
(edit) @3863   5 years cameron URIorEmail modification
(edit) @3862   5 years cameron Updates - mostly addressing transposition overhead and analysis of …
(edit) @3861   5 years cameron New xHexBytes expressiono
(edit) @3860   5 years cameron Clean Unix/ASCII version of howto
(edit) @3859   5 years linmengl needs to set maxwidth=1024 in order to compile
(edit) @3858   5 years linmengl add a script to move generated files
(edit) @3857   5 years cameron Bounded repetition vs Unbounded repetition clarity
(edit) @3856   5 years cameron Simplify to use -1 as upperbound
(edit) @3855   5 years cameron Generalize Advance(x) to Advance(x, n)
(edit) @3854   5 years cameron Use CodeGenOpt::Default + createPromoteMemoryToRegisterPass
(edit) @3853   5 years cameron Also generate CodeGenTarget?.cpp for TableGen?
(edit) @3852   5 years linmengl minor fix on pytemplate,
(edit) @3851   5 years cameron Open Source License notices
(edit) @3850   5 years cameron icgrep-0.8 distribution
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