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(edit) @4373   4 years cameron bug fix
(edit) @4372   4 years cameron UCD set to run list function
(edit) @4371   4 years nmedfort Potential but barely tested fix for nested Ifs.
(edit) @4370   4 years cameron Factor out if-hierarchy support
(edit) @4369   4 years cameron Fix default Zzzz map for ScriptExtensions?
(edit) @4368   4 years cameron Factor out parsing of ScriptExtensions?.txt into UCD_parser
(edit) @4367   4 years cameron Refactoring to separate UCD parsing from header file generation.
(edit) @4366   4 years cameron Updated files generated from revised
(edit) @4365   4 years cameron Clean up default value processing for enumerated properties; …
(edit) @4364   4 years cameron Parsing enumerated properties now adds default data from @missing specs
(edit) @4363   4 years cameron Generate ScriptExtensions?.h
(edit) @4362   4 years cameron Remove do_final_block function
(edit) @4361   4 years cameron Omit do_final_block in general unicode_categories.h
(edit) @4360   4 years cameron Omit do_final_block option
(edit) @4359   4 years cameron Sel -> Xor optimization; implement Pablo Xor in printer, compiler
(edit) @4358   4 years cameron Clean up various minor issues that generate compiler warnings.
(edit) @4357   4 years cameron Move non-ASCII byte class computation inside if-structure.
(edit) @4356   4 years cameron Improved unicode_categories.h implementation; eliminates uninitialized …
(edit) @4355   4 years cameron Improve if-test generation, eliminate some redundancies
(edit) @4354   4 years cameron Update to remove redundant defs
(edit) @4353   4 years cameron Group options; hide LLVM options
(edit) @4352   4 years cameron Embed predefined streams in if-structures
(edit) @4351   4 years cameron Insertion point should not be within if-stmt
(edit) @4350   4 years cameron Regenerated Unicode categories with bug fix for
(edit) @4349   4 years cameron Bug fix for odd/even ranges
(edit) @4348   4 years cameron -print-REs, -print-pablo, -dump-generated-IR command-line options
(edit) @4347   4 years cameron Wrap code initializating some multibyte streams in ifs - not enabled yet.
(edit) @4346   4 years cameron Pablo printer uses ostream, python Pablo syntax
(edit) @4345   4 years cameron Correct missing import
(edit) @4344   4 years cameron If statement support
(edit) @4343   4 years cameron Eliminate superfluous return values for compileStatement(s)
(edit) @4342   4 years cameron Unicode line breaks; $ matches at final byte position
(edit) @4341   4 years cameron Testcase to kill r4337
(edit) @4340   4 years cameron Compiler can produce either FinalByte? or PostPosition? markers; allows …
(edit) @4339   4 years cameron Use hex in canonical names
(edit) @4338   4 years cameron Test cases that demonstrate bug fixes with r4337
(edit) @4337   4 years cameron Compile only byteclasses with cc_compiler; resolve CC/BC ambiguity
(edit) @4336   4 years cameron Although the REs associated with some Names may be CCs, other …
(edit) @4335   4 years cameron Ensure Name::Type::ASCII is used only for CCs with max cp 7F
(edit) @4334   4 years cameron Confine predefined stream creation to …
(edit) @4333   4 years cameron Clean up UTF-8 parser
(edit) @4332   4 years cameron Fix UTF-8 parsing
(edit) @4331   4 years cameron print namemaps
(edit) @4330   4 years cameron Restructuring so compile is independent of initialization/finalization
(edit) @4329   4 years cameron Improved names
(edit) @4328   4 years cameron -e -f options for multiple regular expressions
(edit) @4327   4 years cameron Line numbering option
(edit) @4326   4 years linmengl cont. beginner's task
(edit) @4325   4 years cameron New icgrep option parser based on LLVM CommandLine? system.
(edit) @4324   4 years cameron Factor out grep execution engine to do_grep.h, do_grep.cpp
(edit) @4323   4 years cameron Clean out non-mmap code.
(edit) @4322   4 years cameron Build with RTTI enabled - required by some Boost utilities
(edit) @4321   4 years cameron Added files for diff/intersect optimization
(edit) @4320   4 years cameron Defer case-insensitization until character class is complete.
(edit) @4319   4 years cameron Optimize makeDiff, makeIntersect if both args are CCs
(edit) @4318   4 years cameron Don't make impossible ranges
(edit) @4317   4 years cameron Case-insensitive matching: generator program
(edit) @4316   4 years cameron Case insensitive matching - initial check in.
(edit) @4315   4 years linmengl initial checkin of the beginner's task.
(edit) @4314   4 years linmengl Add setup instruction for building and testing Parabix-LLVM
(edit) @4313   4 years linmengl remove redundant cmake file for AgnerFog?. Micro benchmark system uses …
(edit) @4312   4 years cameron Add fModeFlags into parsing object, set/save/restore with groups.
(edit) @4311   4 years cameron Parsing support for lookahead/behind assertions, mode flags
(edit) @4310   4 years cameron Clean indentation
(edit) @4309   4 years cameron New character class parser, supporting intersection, set difference, …
(edit) @4308   4 years cameron Intersect and Diff support
(edit) @4307   5 years cameron Parsing escaped set vs. escaped codepoints
(edit) @4306   5 years cameron Modify repetition parsing for non-greedy and possessive qualifiers
(edit) @4305   5 years cameron Support for ICU, Perl backslash escape codepoint sequences; …
(edit) @4304   5 years cameron NothingToRepeat? exception/error message.
(edit) @4303   5 years linmengl Full support of 256-bit long stream shift: simd<256>::dslli<n>
(edit) @4302   5 years linmengl use template for 256-bit library test. Tested 256-bit long integer shift.
(edit) @4301   5 years linmengl check-in the code with USE_TWO_UADD_OVERFLOW flag. The corectness …
(edit) @4300   5 years cameron Another fix
(edit) @4299   5 years cameron CMakeLists.txt bug fix
(edit) @4298   5 years cameron Set Intersection back-end support
(edit) @4297   5 years cameron Defer Advance in all cases
(edit) @4296   5 years linmengl add tests for long shift right and dslli
(edit) @4295   5 years linmengl sync with git repo: long integer shifting.
(edit) @4294   5 years linmengl tiny clean up of advance with carry
(edit) @4293   5 years cameron Postpone shift of the advanceQ
(edit) @4292   5 years ksherdy Document inversion demo.
(edit) @4291   5 years ksherdy Character class input for document inversion.
(edit) @4290   5 years linmengl add static_assert for 256 block size
(edit) @4289   5 years linmengl add USE_LONG_INTEGER_SHIFT macro for i128 shifting
(edit) @4288   5 years cameron Separate Advance Queue from Carry Queue
(edit) @4287   5 years nmedfort More work on multiplexing.
(edit) @4286   5 years nmedfort Temporary check-in for CC constraint metadata.
(edit) @4285   5 years nmedfort Start of multiplexing work; does not affect program yet.
(edit) @4284   5 years nmedfort Initial stage of pablo metadata inclusion.
(edit) @4283   5 years cameron MatchStar? for negated character classes.
(edit) @4282   5 years nmedfort Made boost optional but base compilation cost is worse without it.
(edit) @4281   5 years nmedfort Using Less optimization for any expression with a loop.
(edit) @4280   5 years nmedfort More Pablo IR manipulation functionality; finished use analysis …
(edit) @4279   5 years cameron Upgrade to LLVM 3.5
(edit) @4278   5 years linmengl add tests for i128 shift left
(edit) @4277   5 years linmengl add a file to check IR compiled from the IDISA function
(edit) @4276   5 years nmedfort Created an "insertion friendly" Pablo AST structure similar to LLVM; …
(edit) @4275   5 years linmengl USE_UADD_OVERFLOW flag is now working
(edit) @4274   5 years nmedfort Potential fix for AVX2 support in LLVM 3.5
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