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(edit) @5206   3 years xwa163 1. Extend Regex Syntax, include: (a) RL2.6 of UTS#18, support regex …
(edit) @5205   3 years cameron u8u16 testing
(edit) @5204   3 years nmedfort More 32-bit fixes.
(edit) @5203   3 years nmedfort Fix for 32-bit architectures.
(edit) @5202   3 years nmedfort Initial work on adding types to PabloAST and mutable Var objects.
(edit) @5201   3 years cameron IUC 40 presentation
(edit) @5200   3 years lindanl Force BlockSize? to be 64 for NVPTX.
(edit) @5199   3 years faldebey make_unique not supported in LLVM3.7
(edit) @5198   3 years cameron Add re_utility.cpp
(edit) @5197   3 years cameron Support for -x, -w, -l, -L flags (in progress)
(edit) @5196   3 years faldebey Improved syntax for LLVM-3.6 and LLVM-3.7 macros
(edit) @5195   3 years cameron doSegment with termination signal processing for stdout kernel
(edit) @5194   3 years cameron Restructuring pipeline control to use termination signals
(edit) @5193   3 years cameron Fixes for NVPTX (but strideBlocks needs further investigation), u8u16
(edit) @5192   3 years cameron CreateAtomicLoadAcquire?, CreateAtomicStoreRelease? with NVPTX overrides
(edit) @5191   3 years cameron mmap and posix_memalign buffering options for u8u16
(edit) @5190   3 years cameron Empty external file buffer for output; use memmove vs memcpy for copyback
(edit) @5189   3 years xuedongx delete the InitialPostPositionUnit? MarkerType?
(edit) @5188   3 years cameron Do segment method now handles partial/final segment
(edit) @5187   3 years faldebey LLVM-3.6 Support
(edit) @5186   3 years faldebey LLVM-3.6 Support
(edit) @5185   3 years cameron Linear buffers; stdout_kernel; cache-aligned alloca, restructured …
(edit) @5184   3 years cameron Streamset refactoring
(edit) @5183   3 years cameron Kernels compute and check produced item counts
(edit) @5182   3 years cameron Remove inline declarations for subclassing
(edit) @5181   3 years xwa163 fix undefined vtable caused by llvm O3 optimization for inline function
(edit) @5180   3 years xwa163 Support BRE and ERE for regex syntax.
(edit) @5179   3 years cameron Try cmake 2.8
(edit) @5178   3 years cameron Simplify build to allow easier determination/selection of LLVM library
(edit) @5177   3 years cameron Editd fixes for LLVM 3.9
(edit) @5176   3 years cameron Engine deletion causes segfaults with LLVM 3.9 changes
(edit) @5175   3 years cameron Some tidy ups and changes to prepare for LLVM 3.9
(edit) @5174   3 years cameron Kernel/pipeline progress: sychronize with logicalSegmentNo
(edit) @5173   3 years lindanl Edit Distance: second level filter.
(edit) @5172   3 years lindanl Add Edit Distance App
(edit) @5171   3 years lindanl Tiny fix of error message.
(edit) @5170   3 years cameron Fix for Pablo bounded while statements
(edit) @5169   3 years cameron Preparing for Pablo bounded while statements
(edit) @5168   3 years cameron If insertion for bounded repetitions
(edit) @5167   3 years cameron Flags for future syntax options
(edit) @5166   3 years cameron Fix so that matches are contained within line boundaries
(edit) @5165   3 years lindanl Add segment pipeline parallel strategy. Move ballot function to IDISA …
(edit) @5164   3 years cameron Failure case for icgrep
(edit) @5163   3 years cameron Initial support for -r/-R recursive file processing
(edit) @5162   3 years cameron Eliminate unnecessary and broken include
(edit) @5161   3 years cameron Override LLVM error_handler for return code 2; convert ParseFailure? to …
(edit) @5160   3 years nmedfort Initial work for incorporating Types into Pablo AST.
(edit) @5159   3 years cameron Support for enumeration basis sets
(edit) @5158   3 years cameron Support for enumeration basis sets
(edit) @5157   3 years nmedfort Bug fix for reassociation pass.
(edit) @5156   3 years nmedfort Work on multiplexing and distribution passes + a few AST modification …
(edit) @5155   3 years cameron Enumeration parsing now returns only values explicitly found, add …
(edit) @5154   3 years cameron Fix for -gs mode from Xiangyu
(edit) @5153   3 years cameron Generate property value enumerations with default value first (enum …
(edit) @5152   3 years nmedfort Work on a Z3 based reassociation pass.
(edit) @5151   3 years lindanl Add NVPTX Arch to the framework. Fix directory bug in make check.
(edit) @5150   3 years xuedongx bug fix
(edit) @5149   3 years xuedongx bug fix
(edit) @5148   3 years cameron Test for empty regexp
(edit) @5147   3 years xuedongx remove nullable assertion
(edit) @5146   3 years cameron Disable some grapheme boundary tests until they are updated for UCD 9.0
(edit) @5145   3 years cameron Updates for Unicode 9.0
(edit) @5144   3 years cameron Updates for Unicode 9.0
(edit) @5143   3 years cameron Updates for Unicode 9.0; clean-ups
(edit) @5142   3 years cameron ExternalFileBuffer?, SingleBlockBuffer? fixes
(edit) @5141   3 years cameron pablo.Lookahead support updated for stream set access/kernel system
(edit) @5140   3 years cameron Bitstream and byte space character class kernels - initial check-in
(edit) @5139   3 years lindanl change getInt64Ty to getSizeTy.
(edit) @5138   3 years aambarts Fixed -gs flag not working when backreferencing is used.
(edit) @5137   3 years cameron Some clean ups of encoding info for ccc restructuring.
(edit) @5136   3 years lindanl Remove unused code.
(edit) @5135   3 years lindanl Add pipeline parallel strategy to the framework.
(edit) @5134   3 years cameron refine PabloKernel? signature based on CountOnly? parameter
(edit) @5133   3 years cameron Defer binding of buffers to stream sets until kernel generation
(edit) @5132   3 years cameron Word Begin/End? changes from Fahad.
(edit) @5131   3 years cameron generator for UnicodeNameData?.py - use 32 byte alignment for AVX2
(edit) @5130   3 years cameron Fixes for name pattern expressions
(edit) @5129   3 years lindanl Bug fix.
(edit) @5128   3 years lindanl Add NVPTX to IDISA.
(edit) @5127   3 years lindanl Block number increased by Stride Blocks
(edit) @5126   3 years cameron Add getStride to IDISA builders; allows Stride > BlockSize? on GPU
(edit) @5125   3 years cameron Remove debug message
(edit) @5124   3 years cameron popcnt using 32-bit fields on 32-bit machines
(edit) @5123   3 years cameron Including addrSpace as part of basePtr type
(edit) @5122   3 years cameron AddrSpace? parameter for external buffers
(edit) @5121   3 years cameron New IDISA bitblock functions: bitblock_set_bit, bitblock_mask_from
(edit) @5120   3 years xuedongx Bugfix: resolve names
(edit) @5119   3 years nmedfort Work on multiplexing using a fixed window.
(edit) @5118   3 years cameron AVX builders should inherit from SSE2 not just SSE
(edit) @5117   3 years cameron bitblock_advance
(edit) @5116   3 years cameron bitblock_advance performance improvement
(edit) @5115   3 years cameron Use bitblock_add_with_carry in carry_manager; add AVX2 implementation
(edit) @5114   3 years cameron bitblock_add, bitblock_advance
(edit) @5113   3 years nmedfort Implemented topological sort using Z3.
(edit) @5112   3 years nmedfort Initial work on multiplexing using Z3.
(edit) @5111   3 years cameron DoBlock/FinalBlock/DoSegment? Kernel functions always return void; clean-up
(edit) @5110   3 years cameron -asm-verbose mode
(edit) @5109   3 years cameron u8u16 pipeline
(edit) @5108   3 years cameron AVX2 checking via getHostCPUFeatures
(edit) @5107   3 years cameron More size_t changes
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