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(edit) @5433   2 years cameron MaxReferenceItemsCalculation? initial check-in
(edit) @5432   2 years cameron createBlockAlignedCopy as a general utility
(edit) @5431   2 years nmedfort partial refactoring check in with change for Linda.
(edit) @5430   2 years cameron RE print representation of captures must included the capture …
(edit) @5429   2 years nmedfort Refactored source kernels. icgrep from stdin should now be able to …
(edit) @5428   2 years cameron Turn UnicodePropertyExpressionErrors? into LLVM fatal errors
(edit) @5427   2 years cameron Add bit manipulation instructions to CBuilder
(edit) @5426   2 years nmedfort Bug fix for 32-bit
(edit) @5425   2 years nmedfort Changes towards separate compilation
(edit) @5424   2 years cameron ShowKernelCycles? option
(edit) @5423   2 years cameron lz4d cmake entry and test case
(edit) @5422   2 years cameron lz4d - LZ4 decompressor - initial check-in
(edit) @5421   2 years nmedfort Bug fix for mmap-ing 0-length files
(edit) @5420   2 years nmedfort Bug fix for 32-bit VM on 64-bit host
(edit) @5419   2 years nmedfort Bug fixes for 32-bit systems
(edit) @5418   2 years nmedfort Removed non-functional CUDA code from icgrep and consolidated grep and …
(edit) @5417   2 years cameron Pair malloc and free
(edit) @5416   2 years cameron icgrep: transfer ownership of kernel builders to Parabix Driver
(edit) @5415   2 years cameron Speed-up file output using new temporary files; unlinking old files
(edit) @5414   2 years cameron Parabix driver can take ownership of kernelbuilder instances; uniquify …
(edit) @5413   2 years cameron Factor out CountOnly? and InvertMatches? as separate kernels
(edit) @5412   2 years nmedfort Fix for compiling in Darwin
(edit) @5411   2 years nmedfort Potential bug fix for 32-bit. Modified MRemap to check for Linux OS …
(edit) @5410   2 years cameron icgrep refactoring progress; icgrep kernel signatures currently must …
(edit) @5409   2 years cameron Parabix driver can take ownership and allocate buffers
(edit) @5408   2 years nmedfort First attempt to allow Kernels to wait for consumers to finish …
(edit) @5407   2 years cameron Some preparations to ease transition to unique_ptr
(edit) @5406   2 years cameron Progress towards adapting GPU code to ParabixDriver? framework, but …
(edit) @5405   2 years nmedfort Force object cache to be recompiled each time.
(edit) @5404   2 years cameron Grep kernels with signatures and object caching
(edit) @5403   2 years nmedfort Work on the pipeline algorithms.
(edit) @5402   2 years nmedfort Moved toolchain and object_cache to kernels directory. Continued work …
(edit) @5401   2 years nmedfort Updated all projects to use ParabixDriver?. Deprecated original …
(edit) @5400   2 years cameron Eliminate struct/class and unused variable warnings
(edit) @5399   2 years nmedfort Bug fixes for object cache. Minor optimization of FunctionTypeBuilder?.
(edit) @5398   2 years nmedfort Continued work on processing stdin input. Partial integration of …
(edit) @5397   2 years cameron Avoiding MRemap for Mac OS X
(edit) @5396   2 years cameron Update base64 and radix64 kernels for Parabix Driver and object cache …
(edit) @5395   2 years cameron Uniquify kernel names with buffer types/sizes; update u8u16 to use …
(edit) @5394   2 years cameron Object cache system with signature checking complete
(edit) @5393   2 years lindanl Bug fix
(edit) @5392   2 years cameron Kernel signatures for object cache
(edit) @5391   2 years cameron ParabixDriver/ObjectCache? separate compilation and linking: initial …
(edit) @5390   2 years nmedfort Minor changes in preparation of incorporating a consumed stream set …
(edit) @5389   2 years nmedfort Investigating jenkins issue.
(edit) @5388   2 years nmedfort Fix for 32-bit
(edit) @5387   2 years nmedfort Fix for 32-bit
(edit) @5386   2 years nmedfort Replaced stdin input stream with mmap'ed buffer and aligned each read …
(edit) @5385   2 years cameron Disable lookahead CRLF - further work needed
(edit) @5384   2 years cameron Fix assertion error: allow lookahed on Extract as well as Var
(edit) @5383   2 years cameron Lookahead support
(edit) @5382   2 years nmedfort Updated QA tests. run_abc now tests stdin. Both RunSystemTests? and …
(edit) @5381   2 years nmedfort Bug fix for 32 bit.
(edit) @5380   2 years nmedfort Removed debug line
(edit) @5379   2 years nmedfort Bug fixes for last check in
(edit) @5378   2 years nmedfort Bug fix for last checkin: canLosslesslyBitCastTo does not think i128 …
(edit) @5377   2 years nmedfort Support for stdin. Needs more testing.
(edit) @5376   2 years cameron Bug fix for SwizzledBitstreamCompressByCount? final block
(edit) @5375   2 years cameron Processing rates can be defined with respect to named stream sets.
(edit) @5374   2 years cameron Unique names for IDISA builders
(edit) @5373   2 years cameron Parabix version info, unique names for IDISA builders
(edit) @5372   2 years nmedfort Updated tests for long advance
(edit) @5371   2 years nmedfort Bug fix for long advance
(edit) @5370   3 years xuedongx Add1 processing rate; pablo Count only up to EOFbit
(edit) @5369   3 years cameron CC multiplexing
(edit) @5368   3 years nmedfort Work on non carry collapsing mode. Beginning work on pablo-level phi nodes.
(edit) @5367   3 years nmedfort Bug fix
(edit) @5366   3 years nmedfort Continued work on non-carry-collapsing mode support.
(edit) @5365   3 years cameron Multiplexed character classes note
(edit) @5364   3 years cameron Consolidate pipeline compiler options in toolchain
(edit) @5363   3 years lindanl pipeline parallel for icgrep.
(edit) @5362   3 years cameron Adam's changes to add swizzling option to DeleteByPEXT kernel
(edit) @5361   3 years nmedfort Work on non-carry collapsing mode.
(edit) @5360   3 years xuedongx small fix for GPU
(edit) @5359   3 years cameron Bounded Repetition Notes
(edit) @5358   3 years xuedongx delete the linebreak computation in icgrep
(edit) @5357   3 years xuedongx delete the linebreak computation in icgrep
(edit) @5356   3 years cameron Eliminate obsolete DoBlockUpdatesProducedItemCounts? attribute
(edit) @5355   3 years cameron Swizzled bitstream deletion and -enable-AVX-deletion in u8u16
(edit) @5354   3 years nmedfort Bug fix for last check in
(edit) @5353   3 years nmedfort Progress on parenthesis matching example
(edit) @5352   3 years lindanl Add some error messages.
(edit) @5351   3 years nmedfort Update to BlockOrientedKernel? to move the indirect branch out of the …
(edit) @5350   3 years nmedfort First attempt at inlining all DoBlock? and FinalBlock? functions by …
(edit) @5349   3 years hongpum Minor fix on docs for Swizzle.
(edit) @5348   3 years xuedongx tiny fix
(edit) @5347   3 years nmedfort Added enable asserts (-ea) command line flag + restructured …
(edit) @5346   3 years cameron setName method for kernels; so that two instances may be created.
(edit) @5345   3 years lindanl Remove initialization of GPU memory.
(edit) @5344   3 years lindanl Group multiple regular expressions for separate compilation.
(edit) @5343   3 years lindanl Add count only option for separate compilation of multiple kernels.
(edit) @5342   3 years cameron fix for inFile
(edit) @5341   3 years xuedongx LineBreak? Kernel for GPU.
(edit) @5340   3 years nmedfort Added a simple CreateAssert? function in CBuilder and ReadOnly? flag for …
(edit) @5339   3 years lindanl A tiny fix.
(edit) @5338   3 years lindanl Provide option to build separated kernels for each regular expression.
(edit) @5337   3 years nmedfort Work on parenthesis matching and expandable buffers. Changed CBuilder …
(edit) @5336   3 years xuedongx add UnicodeLineBreak? kernel for icGrep
(edit) @5335   3 years cameron Recast to bitBlockType if a fieldwidth other than 64 is chosen
(edit) @5334   3 years nmedfort Fix for assertion errors.
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