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(edit) @5686   2 years cameron Update to UCD 10.0.0
(edit) @5648   2 years cameron Regular expressions for property values: allow aliases, do not …
(edit) @5587   2 years lindanl editd make check fixes.
(edit) @5563   2 years cameron Fix for longstanding bug plus test case
(edit) @5538   2 years cameron Test case that hangs r5534
(edit) @5509   2 years cameron Bounded repetition optimizations and bug fix; test case
(edit) @5423   2 years cameron lz4d cmake entry and test case
(edit) @5382   3 years nmedfort Updated QA tests. run_abc now tests stdin. Both RunSystemTests? and …
(edit) @5372   3 years nmedfort Updated tests for long advance
(edit) @5306   3 years cameron Modify u8u16 to use FileSink? for output
(edit) @5288   3 years xwa163 fix bug of base64 related kernels, add test script for base64
(edit) @5262   3 years hongpum Minor changes to make the test scripts compatible with py3
(edit) @5225   3 years lindanl Fix directory issue for editd test.
(edit) @5222   3 years lindanl Test case for editd.
(edit) @5210   3 years cameron Exclude .svn files from diff
(edit) @5209   3 years cameron Set non-zero return code if either files or messages differ
(edit) @5206   3 years xwa163 1. Extend Regex Syntax, include: (a) RL2.6 of UTS#18, support regex …
(edit) @5205   3 years cameron u8u16 testing
(edit) @5164   3 years cameron Failure case for icgrep
(edit) @5148   3 years cameron Test for empty regexp
(edit) @5146   3 years cameron Disable some grapheme boundary tests until they are updated for UCD 9.0
(edit) @5144   3 years cameron Updates for Unicode 9.0
(edit) @5130   3 years cameron Fixes for name pattern expressions
(edit) @5094   3 years cameron Fix some rule extractions
(edit) @5093   3 years cameron SpamAssassin? rules/regular expressions
(edit) @5090   3 years cameron Comment out some questionable grapheme cluster mode testsnan
(edit) @5089   3 years cameron Comment out some questionable grapheme cluster mode tests
(edit) @5045   3 years xuedongx Support over UTF-16 representation of Unicode
(edit) @5041   3 years aambarts Adding the files needed for Jenkins CI jobs as well as some QA scripts.
(edit) @5013   3 years cameron Avoid /tmp as default testfiles directory
(edit) @4882   4 years cameron Empty file test case
(edit) @4849   4 years cameron Test cases failing from r4819
(edit) @4847   4 years nmedfort Few more test cases
(edit) @4842   4 years cameron Bug fix for test case
(edit) @4840   4 years cameron Grapheme Boundary tests
(edit) @4836   4 years nmedfort Few more test cases for grapheme boundaries.
(edit) @4834   4 years nmedfort Couple more test cases for grapheme clusters.
(edit) @4832   4 years nmedfort Couple test cases for grapheme clusters.
(edit) @4791   4 years cameron Test cases for 4KiB file with unterminated final line
(edit) @4636   4 years cameron Update to Unicode 8.0
(edit) @4618   4 years nmedfort More modifications to UnicodeSet? class.
(edit) @4591   4 years cameron Make /tmp files overwritable by others.
(edit) @4483   5 years cameron Line break tests
(edit) @4463   5 years cameron Nonzero grepcount cases passed by icgrep, pcre2grep, ugrep541
(edit) @4456   5 years cameron Property tests
(edit) @4422   5 years cameron Fix for very long shift
(edit) @4421   5 years cameron Support for multiblock shift; wrapped_print_register
(edit) @4402   5 years cameron Parsing support for word boundary assertions \b, \B
(edit) @4341   5 years cameron Testcase to kill r4337
(edit) @4340   5 years cameron Compiler can produce either FinalByte? or PostPosition? markers; allows …
(edit) @4338   5 years cameron Test cases that demonstrate bug fixes with r4337
(edit) @4306   5 years cameron Modify repetition parsing for non-greedy and possessive qualifiers
(edit) @4305   5 years cameron Support for ICU, Perl backslash escape codepoint sequences; …
(edit) @4269   5 years nmedfort Couple new test cases. Potential bug: icgrep reports 97 for emails; …
(edit) @4228   5 years cameron Test cases to break icgrep
(edit) @4205   5 years nmedfort Nullable sanity checks
(edit) @4187   5 years nmedfort Some refactoring of the RE CC class and CC Compiler; Moved RE into re …
(edit) @4137   5 years linmengl move USE_UADD_OVERFLOW to llvm_gen.h: it doesn't work in icgrep.cpp; …
(edit) @4132   5 years cameron Restructure - collapse cc_codegenobject into cc_compiler
(edit) @4126   5 years linmengl initial checkin of performance script; based on Ben's script, will do …
(edit) @4120   5 years cameron Check in IP tests for fixed bound repetition
(edit) @4119   5 years cameron Update to generate UTF-8 test files; add some CRLF and …
(edit) @4096   5 years linmengl generate llvm.uadd.with.overflow. add 'make check' target to run …
(edit) @4094   5 years cameron ab*c test generation and execution.
(edit) @4087   5 years cameron Simple test script
(add) @3972   5 years cameron All codepoints test file, one per line
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