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(edit) @6134   11 months cameron GetStringValue? method for string properties
(edit) @5770   18 months cameron Restructure to eliminate unnecessary dependencies on RegExpCompiler?
(edit) @5751   19 months cameron LLVM_ALIGNAS placement, eliminate std::move of temp objects to allow …
(edit) @5749   19 months nmedfort updated UCD python scripts
(edit) @5686   20 months cameron Update to UCD 10.0.0
(edit) @5685   20 months cameron Completion of regexp support for numeric properties: allow matches to NaN
(edit) @5674   21 months cameron Fix upper vs title case confusion
(edit) @5673   21 months cameron Case folding property objects
(edit) @5672   21 months cameron StringOverride? properties (simple case conversion vs full case conversion)
(edit) @5671   21 months cameron Name_Alias property
(edit) @5670   21 months cameron Numeric Property Support and missing SpecialCasing?.h file
(edit) @5669   21 months cameron Full casing properties
(edit) @5668   21 months cameron PropertyObject? restructuring - remove Miscellaneous and Codepoint …
(edit) @5666   21 months cameron Jamo Short Name support
(edit) @5664   21 months cameron BidiMirroringGlyph? support
(edit) @5662   21 months cameron UCD parsing improvements; initial support for generating …
(edit) @5661   21 months cameron Multicolumn parsing support for UCD files - adding bpt property
(edit) @5659   21 months cameron UCD generator restructuring and improvements
(edit) @5658   21 months cameron UCD generator restructuring and improvements
(edit) @5655   21 months cameron UCD_Config.h, add Indic and CompositionExclusion? properties
(edit) @5653   21 months cameron Updates for Python 3; some refactoring
(edit) @5652   21 months cameron Parse Unicode version; parse decomposition mapping fields
(copy) @5644   21 months cameron Rename UCD-scripts directory
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(copy) @5643   21 months cameron Moving UCD scripts
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