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(edit) @5801   14 months cameron Additional Alphabet analysis and transformation
(edit) @5793   14 months nmedfort Bug fix for pipeline: it was terminating too early when there was …
(edit) @5778   15 months cameron exclude_CC: initial check-in
(edit) @5772   15 months cameron resolveGraphemeMode
(edit) @5770   15 months cameron Restructure to eliminate unnecessary dependencies on RegExpCompiler?
(edit) @5765   15 months cameron Regular expression group nodes; case-insensitive logic
(edit) @5763   15 months cameron Range RE objects
(edit) @5756   15 months cameron idisa_target bug fix, eliminate braces around scalar initializer …
(edit) @5755   15 months nmedfort Bug fixes and simplified MultiBlockKernel? logic
(edit) @5753   15 months cameron Parser for fixed strings (-F) mode
(edit) @5734   16 months cameron Some changes for LLVM 6.0.0
(edit) @5733   16 months cameron Changes for compatibility with LLVM 5.0.0
(edit) @5731   16 months cameron LLVM_VERSION_INTEGER allows ordered comparisons, initial preparation …
(edit) @5725   16 months cameron Utility functions for regular expression transformations
(edit) @5722   16 months cameron Removing lz4d from make check
(edit) @5706   16 months nmedfort First stage of MultiBlockKernel? and pipeline restructuring
(edit) @5702   16 months cameron Increase TIMEOUT on abc_test
(edit) @5701   16 months cameron Increase TIMEOUT on abc_test
(edit) @5680   17 months cameron lz4d compile issue fix
(edit) @5679   17 months cameron Refactoring progress: \N uses name property; delay resolution of …
(edit) @5673   17 months cameron Case folding property objects
(edit) @5646   17 months nmedfort Minor clean up. Bug fix for object cache when the same cached kernel …
(edit) @5630   18 months nmedfort Partial check-in for avoidance of compiling Pablo/LLVM code to …
(edit) @5599   19 months cameron Bug fixes for multiblock kernel/radix64
(edit) @5598   19 months nmedfort Test for Jenkins.
(edit) @5591   19 months lindanl Editd: Bug fixed for buffer size (add assert). Some restructuring.
(edit) @5579   19 months lindanl multiple editd kernels in one pipeline
(edit) @5568   20 months xuedongx add analysis for local language
(edit) @5565   20 months xuedongx Separate name resolve and gather for future use. Add …
(edit) @5564   20 months xuedongx add some of the kernels multiplex CCs need
(edit) @5549   20 months xuedongx add u8u32 kernel
(edit) @5518   20 months faldebey cleanup
(edit) @5517   20 months faldebey config fix
(edit) @5516   20 months faldebey added combinatorial testing tool
(edit) @5510   21 months nmedfort Back up check-in. Should have no effect on current programs.
(edit) @5496   21 months cameron Increasing timeouts for tests
(edit) @5495   21 months cameron Use cmake test timeout property
(edit) @5494   21 months cameron make check depends on abc_gen target
(edit) @5493   21 months cameron Restore check-ins from the last several days
(edit) @5492   21 months cameron Removing matchcount kernel
(edit) @5489   21 months nmedfort Bug fix for memory check and issues found parsing internal 'files'. …
(edit) @5486   21 months nmedfort Initial attempt to improve debugging capabilities with compilation …
(edit) @5476   21 months cameron Command line interface - systematic support for legacy flags
(edit) @5474   21 months nmedfort Eliminated ExecutionEngine? memory leak. Intentionally broke …
(edit) @5472   21 months nmedfort Jenkins u8u16 test check in.
(edit) @5470   21 months cameron Temporarily remove -enable-segment-pipeline-parallel from u8u16_test
(edit) @5469   21 months cameron clear_cache target
(edit) @5465   21 months nmedfort Jenkins investigation check-in
(edit) @5464   21 months nmedfort Restructuring work for the Driver classes. Start of work to eliminate …
(edit) @5459   21 months cameron Small fixes
(edit) @5458   21 months lindanl Add NVPTX driver.
(edit) @5457   21 months cameron Deprecating SingleBlockBuffer?
(edit) @5450   22 months cameron Until_N kernel and icgrep -max-count option: initial check-in
(edit) @5449   22 months cameron FileSink? uses MultiBlockKernel?
(edit) @5448   22 months cameron Hack for source/external buffers with mBufferBlocks=1; u8u16 test with …
(edit) @5435   22 months nmedfort Continued refactoring work.
(edit) @5429   22 months nmedfort Refactored source kernels. icgrep from stdin should now be able to …
(edit) @5425   22 months nmedfort Changes towards separate compilation
(edit) @5423   22 months cameron lz4d cmake entry and test case
(edit) @5405   23 months nmedfort Force object cache to be recompiled each time.
(edit) @5404   23 months cameron Grep kernels with signatures and object caching
(edit) @5402   23 months nmedfort Moved toolchain and object_cache to kernels directory. Continued work …
(edit) @5377   2 years nmedfort Support for stdin. Needs more testing.
(edit) @5373   2 years cameron Parabix version info, unique names for IDISA builders
(edit) @5371   2 years nmedfort Bug fix for long advance
(edit) @5369   2 years cameron CC multiplexing
(edit) @5357   2 years xuedongx delete the linebreak computation in icgrep
(edit) @5343   2 years lindanl Add count only option for separate compilation of multiple kernels.
(edit) @5338   2 years lindanl Provide option to build separated kernels for each regular expression.
(edit) @5336   2 years xuedongx add UnicodeLineBreak? kernel for icGrep
(edit) @5332   2 years cameron Swizzle Generator kernel - iniitial check-in
(edit) @5329   2 years nmedfort Continued work on parenthesis matching; addition of Pablo ScanTo? and …
(edit) @5314   2 years lindanl Extend icgrep to use multiple groups of thread on GPU.
(edit) @5298   2 years nmedfort Removed StreamType? in favour of 0-length VectorType?.
(edit) @5289   2 years xwa163 add custom target for base64_test
(edit) @5288   2 years xwa163 fix bug of base64 related kernels, add test script for base64
(edit) @5278   2 years cameron Alphabet class: initial check-in
(edit) @5267   2 years nmedfort Code clean-up. Removed Pablo Call, SetIthBit? and Prototype.
(edit) @5263   2 years cameron New doSegment partial progress
(edit) @5260   2 years nmedfort Changes working towards simplifying accessing stream elements + some …
(edit) @5252   2 years cameron Separate doSegment/final segment processing in pipeline loop; check …
(edit) @5248   2 years cameron MMapKernel initial check-in
(edit) @5245   2 years nmedfort Work on bracket matching problem
(edit) @5241   2 years nmedfort Potential fix for '\p{script=/.*hir.*/}'
(edit) @5240   2 years nmedfort Cleaned up memory leaks + some warning messages.
(edit) @5239   2 years cameron CBuilder initial check-in
(edit) @5238   2 years cameron IR_Gen subdirectory for all IR generation utility functions
(edit) @5237   2 years nmedfort Removed unintended CMAKE change.
(edit) @5236   2 years nmedfort Reverted last change to support gcc 4.9 prior to changing UCD property …
(edit) @5235   2 years nmedfort Fix to support older BOOST version.
(edit) @5234   2 years nmedfort Modified memory alignment mechanism for GetPropertyValueGrepString? + …
(edit) @5232   2 years xwa163 Add based64 related kernels
(edit) @5227   2 years nmedfort Rewrite of the CarryManager? to support non-carry-collapsing loops.
(edit) @5226   2 years lindanl Add editd test to make check.
(edit) @5223   2 years lindanl Some fixes.
(edit) @5218   2 years xuedongx Add parser for PROSITE protein patterns
(edit) @5217   2 years nmedfort Merged PabloFunction? and PabloKernel? classes. Updated projects where …
(edit) @5212   2 years lindanl editd for GPU.
(edit) @5211   2 years cameron u8u16_test as a makefile target
(edit) @5208   2 years cameron Add u8u16 test for make check
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