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(edit) @4959   3 years nmedfort Initial modifications to Pablo Compiler and Kernel Builder to support …
(edit) @4958   3 years lindanl optimize pack for block size of 64.
(edit) @4957   3 years cameron Alternative transposition strategies with AVX2
(edit) @4956   3 years cameron Merge in 512-bit hsimd_signmask
(edit) @4955   3 years cameron Improved implementation of simd_pack on AVX2
(edit) @4954   3 years cameron Support for -BlockSize?=512 on AVX2
(edit) @4944   3 years lindanl 64 bit version.
(edit) @4943   3 years lindanl format register printing.
(edit) @4942   3 years lindanl Remove simd-lib. Print register implemented in LLVM IR.
(edit) @4937   3 years nmedfort Check in of misc changes prior to symbol table work.
(edit) @4922   3 years nmedfort Incorporated a few common case boolean optimizations in the Simplifier.
(edit) @4907   3 years cameron Kernels in icgrep: initial check-in
(edit) @4903   3 years cameron movmsk_pd_256 is available with AVX as well as AVX2
(edit) @4902   3 years cameron SSE specialized IDISA functions
(edit) @4901   3 years cameron SSE specialized IDISA functions
(edit) @4900   3 years cameron Dynamic generation of s2p code
(edit) @4898   3 years cameron Add IRBuilder functionality to IDISA_Builder; eliminate separate mBuilder
(edit) @4895   3 years cameron hi_mask in s2p, lo_mask
(edit) @4894   3 years cameron simd_himask
(edit) @4893   3 years cameron Fix
(edit) @4892   3 years cameron Move AVX2 specific IDISA function implementations into subclassed builder
(edit) @4891   3 years cameron Initial check-in of s2p generation
(edit) @4881   4 years cameron Parallel long addition within icgrep improves performance on AVX2
(edit) @4879   4 years cameron Add esimd_bitspread
(edit) @4845   4 years cameron Improved shifts
(edit) @4843   4 years cameron Move genPrintRegister into IDISA builder; fix GCB defs
(edit) @4837   4 years cameron Encapsulation of bitblock and carry pack construction
(edit) @4827   4 years cameron Parameterize carry_manager to inherit BitBlockWidth? from idisa builder
(edit) @4821   4 years cameron Encapsulating all-zeroes and all-ones initializers within IDISA builder
(edit) @4750   4 years cameron Clean ups for compilation with gcc 4.8
(edit) @4720   4 years cameron Implementatation of the Pablo Count operation
(edit) @4697   4 years cameron Further progress on Carry Manager with bit packing
(edit) @4665   4 years nmedfort Made pablo compiler reenterant through alternate compile method that …
(edit) @4662   4 years cameron Add bitblock_any to IDISA, return signmask of N fields as iN
(edit) @4655   4 years cameron Simplify of unit advance with IDISA dslli improves performance
(edit) @4653   4 years cameron packh, packl, signmask
(edit) @4652   4 years cameron mergeh and mergel IDISA functions
(add) @4651   4 years cameron Initial library for implementing IDISA operations in LLVM IR
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