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(edit) @6045   14 months cameron StreamExpand? kernel and compiler - initial check-in
(edit) @6019   15 months cameron mvmd_compress for 64-bit fields on AVX2
(edit) @6017   15 months cameron mvmd_srl, mvmd_sll for AVX2 to improve StreamCompressKernel? performance
(edit) @6016   15 months cameron AVX-512 support for mvmd_srl, mvme_sll
(edit) @6015   15 months cameron mvmd_compress fixes for AVX-512
(edit) @6014   15 months cameron Stream deletion bug fixes
(edit) @6012   15 months cameron Fix for mvmd_compress
(edit) @6011   15 months cameron simd_pext and simd_pdep for AVX2
(edit) @6009   15 months cameron AVX2 mvmd_compress
(edit) @6007   15 months cameron mvmd_compress initial check-in
(edit) @5980   15 months cameron Fix for type error with AVX-512 packh/packl
(edit) @5979   15 months cameron mvmd_slli override for AVX-512 in support of u8u16
(edit) @5978   15 months cameron Using Cole's bypass of AVX signmask in favoer of the SSE2 version
(edit) @5977   15 months cameron AVX512 subfeature detection and popcount from Cole with further …
(edit) @5976   15 months cameron Incorporating Avery's improved esimd-bitspread: 5% speedup of icgrep
(edit) @5975   15 months cameron Use AVX512F as foundation class, adopting Cole's approach
(edit) @5931   16 months cameron AVX-512BW builder with packh/packl from Cole, Avery and Oscar
(edit) @5884   17 months cameron Fix so that AVX builder does not use an AVX2 pmovmskb
(edit) @5871   17 months cameron AVX 512 detection and IDISA builder
(edit) @5841   18 months cameron LLVM_VERSION_CODE macro, CC-multiplex option, performance bug fixes
(edit) @5839   18 months cameron Update AVX2 builder packl/h for -enable-pablo-s2p mode
(edit) @5832   18 months nmedfort Bug fix for UntilN
(edit) @5828   19 months nmedfort Pablo support for byte comparisions; LineFeed? kernel processes byte …
(edit) @5759   20 months cameron Small fixes
(edit) @5719   21 months cameron Fix for long advance
(edit) @5715   21 months cameron Arbitrary long indexed advance progress
(edit) @5713   21 months cameron Moving indexed advance operation into IDISA builder
(edit) @5464   2 years nmedfort Restructuring work for the Driver classes. Start of work to eliminate …
(edit) @5440   2 years nmedfort Large refactoring step. Removed IR generation code from Kernel …
(edit) @5436   2 years nmedfort Continued refactoring work. PabloKernel? now abstract base type with a …
(edit) @5374   2 years cameron Unique names for IDISA builders
(edit) @5309   2 years nmedfort Replaced short vector construction in IDISA_Builder with stack …
(edit) @5260   3 years nmedfort Changes working towards simplifying accessing stream elements + some …
(copy) @5238   3 years cameron IR_Gen subdirectory for all IR generation utility functions
copied from icGREP/icgrep-devel/icgrep/IDISA/idisa_avx_builder.cpp:
(edit) @5115   3 years cameron Use bitblock_add_with_carry in carry_manager; add AVX2 implementation
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