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(edit) @6103   13 months cameron AVX-512 pshufb has a new intrinsic as of LLVM 4.0
(edit) @6102   13 months cameron Use CreateZExt instead of AVX-512 for vector zeroextend
(edit) @6101   13 months cameron esimd_merge 8 for AVX-512; improves p2s performance
(edit) @6100   13 months cameron esimd bit merge optimizations for AVX-512
(edit) @6099   13 months cameron Optimization of simd_if for AVX-512 using ternary logic instruction …
(edit) @6098   13 months cameron esimd_mergel/h 1 for AVX-512
(edit) @6096   13 months cameron simd_fill fix
(edit) @6094   13 months cameron mvmd_compress 32 for SSE2
(edit) @6092   13 months cameron Generic esimd_merge functions for fw = 1, 2
(edit) @6087   13 months cameron IDISA builder updates for esimd_mergel/h
(edit) @6083   13 months cameron PrintRegister? goes to stderr
(edit) @6077   14 months xwa163 Some bug fixing for LZ4 related kernels in AVX512 machine
(edit) @6076   14 months cameron IDISA_SSSE3 builder; other IDISA operations
(edit) @6071   14 months cameron u32u8.cpp initial check-in
(edit) @6063   14 months cameron bit interleave (esimd_merge<1>) for AVX2
(edit) @6059   14 months xwa163 1. Enable swizzled match copy in multiplexing lz4_grep for some …
(edit) @6058   14 months cameron Small fixes
(edit) @6057   14 months cameron mvmd_shuffle<64> for SSE2
(edit) @6056   14 months cameron mvmd_dslli, mvmd_shuffle fixes for AVX-512
(edit) @6055   14 months cameron Various small fixes
(edit) @6053   14 months cameron esimd_mergel 4 argument order fix
(edit) @6052   14 months cameron IDISA test checking, more test operations, IDISA fixes
(edit) @6051   14 months cameron IDISA testing
(edit) @6050   14 months cameron IDISA testing
(edit) @6046   14 months cameron Some fixes
(edit) @6045   14 months cameron StreamExpand? kernel and compiler - initial check-in
(edit) @6024   15 months cameron mvmd_compress for SSE2, StreamCompress? bug fix
(edit) @6019   15 months cameron mvmd_compress for 64-bit fields on AVX2
(edit) @6017   15 months cameron mvmd_srl, mvmd_sll for AVX2 to improve StreamCompressKernel? performance
(edit) @6016   15 months cameron AVX-512 support for mvmd_srl, mvme_sll
(edit) @6015   15 months cameron mvmd_compress fixes for AVX-512
(edit) @6014   15 months cameron Stream deletion bug fixes
(edit) @6012   15 months cameron Fix for mvmd_compress
(edit) @6011   15 months cameron simd_pext and simd_pdep for AVX2
(edit) @6009   15 months cameron AVX2 mvmd_compress
(edit) @6007   15 months cameron mvmd_compress initial check-in
(edit) @5998   15 months nmedfort Added temporary buffer functionality to the pipeline for single stream …
(edit) @5988   15 months cameron CreateMemChr?
(edit) @5985   15 months nmedfort Restructured MultiBlock? kernel. Removal of Swizzled buffers. Inclusion …
(edit) @5980   15 months cameron Fix for type error with AVX-512 packh/packl
(edit) @5979   15 months cameron mvmd_slli override for AVX-512 in support of u8u16
(edit) @5978   15 months cameron Using Cole's bypass of AVX signmask in favoer of the SSE2 version
(edit) @5977   15 months cameron AVX512 subfeature detection and popcount from Cole with further …
(edit) @5976   15 months cameron Incorporating Avery's improved esimd-bitspread: 5% speedup of icgrep
(edit) @5975   15 months cameron Use AVX512F as foundation class, adopting Cole's approach
(edit) @5972   15 months cameron New generic bitblock_mask_from, bitblock_set_bit small field simd_popcount
(edit) @5956   16 months cameron Fix for signmask on AVX512
(edit) @5931   16 months cameron AVX-512BW builder with packh/packl from Cole, Avery and Oscar
(edit) @5924   16 months cameron Various cleanups
(edit) @5919   16 months cameron Move getMangleName into cpudriver to avoid dangling reference
(edit) @5918   16 months cameron Fix wrong attribute error for posix_memalign
(edit) @5916   16 months cameron Mangler function
(edit) @5914   16 months cameron Optimization for regexps ending $
(edit) @5884   17 months cameron Fix so that AVX builder does not use an AVX2 pmovmskb
(edit) @5871   17 months cameron AVX 512 detection and IDISA builder
(edit) @5865   18 months nmedfort More work on the pipeline I/O rate handling
(edit) @5861   18 months cameron Using DirectCC builder updates; speedup wc -l
(edit) @5843   18 months cameron CC Compiler refactoring step
(edit) @5841   18 months cameron LLVM_VERSION_CODE macro, CC-multiplex option, performance bug fixes
(edit) @5839   18 months cameron Update AVX2 builder packl/h for -enable-pablo-s2p mode
(edit) @5837   18 months cameron Pablo packh/packl and transposition with -enable-pablo-s2p
(edit) @5832   18 months nmedfort Bug fix for UntilN
(edit) @5830   18 months nmedfort UntilN kernel rewritten to use new MultiBlock? system
(edit) @5828   18 months nmedfort Pablo support for byte comparisions; LineFeed? kernel processes byte …
(edit) @5812   19 months nmedfort Bug fix for RE local + some clean up of RE local and the RE Compiler
(edit) @5782   19 months nmedfort Initial check-in of LookAhead? support; modified LineBreakKernel? to …
(edit) @5774   20 months cameron Zeroextend print register bytes to i32, before calling printf
(edit) @5771   20 months nmedfort Minor changes and hopefully a fix for bug exposed by base64 test
(edit) @5761   20 months nmedfort Cache signature is now written into .kernel bitcode file. Minor bug …
(edit) @5759   20 months cameron Small fixes
(edit) @5757   20 months nmedfort Bug fixes + more assertions to prevent similar errors.
(edit) @5756   20 months cameron idisa_target bug fix, eliminate braces around scalar initializer …
(edit) @5755   20 months nmedfort Bug fixes and simplified MultiBlockKernel? logic
(edit) @5746   20 months cameron DisableIndirectBranch? command flag
(edit) @5734   21 months cameron Some changes for LLVM 6.0.0
(edit) @5733   21 months cameron Changes for compatibility with LLVM 5.0.0
(edit) @5732   21 months cameron More changes in preparation for LLVM 3.9, 4.0
(edit) @5730   21 months cameron Generic indexed advance
(edit) @5729   21 months cameron IDISA operations, simd_pext, simd_pdep, simd_sllv, simd_srlv, small fw …
(edit) @5721   21 months cameron EnableAsserts? and EnableCycleCounter? are DebugOptions? (disable object …
(edit) @5719   21 months cameron Fix for long advance
(edit) @5715   21 months cameron Arbitrary long indexed advance progress
(edit) @5713   21 months cameron Moving indexed advance operation into IDISA builder
(edit) @5706   21 months nmedfort First stage of MultiBlockKernel? and pipeline restructuring
(edit) @5681   22 months cameron Use TypeBuilder? for intAddrTy
(edit) @5675   22 months cameron getIntAddrTy()
(edit) @5633   23 months nmedfort Bug fix to avoid a LLVM bug when using a cross-compilable void pointer …
(edit) @5630   23 months nmedfort Partial check-in for avoidance of compiling Pablo/LLVM code to …
(edit) @5624   23 months nmedfort Modified CountForward/ReverseZeroes? to allow a zero value to be valid.
(edit) @5622   23 months nmedfort More CBuilder assertions.
(edit) @5597   2 years nmedfort Modified stream set buffers to use heap memory.
(edit) @5560   2 years cameron BlockSize? check
(edit) @5543   2 years cameron Ensure size of dynamic buffers is a multiple of cache line size
(edit) @5541   2 years cameron Dynamic Buffers - initial check-in
(edit) @5510   2 years nmedfort Back up check-in. Should have no effect on current programs.
(edit) @5502   2 years cameron Fix for unw_word_t on 32-bit
(edit) @5500   2 years cameron Read source kernel restructure calculations using logical code units
(edit) @5498   2 years cameron Jenkins issues test
(edit) @5493   2 years cameron Restore check-ins from the last several days
(edit) @5489   2 years nmedfort Bug fix for memory check and issues found parsing internal 'files'. …
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