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(edit) @6047   17 months nmedfort Major refactoring of buffer types. Static buffers replace Circular and …
(edit) @6008   18 months nmedfort Removed temporary buffers from pipeline and placed them in the source …
(edit) @5999   18 months cameron Handling of file system errors
(edit) @5998   18 months nmedfort Added temporary buffer functionality to the pipeline for single stream …
(edit) @5994   18 months cameron INITIAL_CAPACITY must be a multiple of BlockSize?
(edit) @5992   18 months cameron Setting BinaryFilesMode? to Text (temporary); conversion to unique_ptr …
(edit) @5990   18 months cameron Bug fix for binary detection/abort
(edit) @5989   18 months cameron AbortOnNull? functionality - initial check-in
(edit) @5971   18 months cameron Internal grep engine fixes
(edit) @5970   18 months cameron Optimization for no -exclude/-exclude case
(edit) @5969   19 months cameron Fix for -L/-l
(edit) @5965   19 months cameron Support for file/directory include/exclude
(edit) @5964   19 months cameron Restructuring in preparation for command-line file include/exclude GLOBs
(edit) @5963   19 months cameron Fixes for internal buffer search
(edit) @5957   19 months nmedfort fixes for minor compilation issues
(edit) @5954   19 months cameron InternalSearchEngine?
(edit) @5953   19 months cameron Use AlignedAllocator? when boost::align unavailable (Jenkins test server).
(edit) @5952   19 months cameron Use AlignedAllocator? when boost::align unavailable (Jenkins test server).
(edit) @5947   19 months cameron include boost/align
(edit) @5945   19 months cameron Decouple GrepEngine? and re utilities from command line flags
(edit) @5944   19 months cameron Common command line file selection utility for icgrep, wc …
(edit) @5941   19 months xwa163 1. Add attributes to disable some features of multiblock kernel 2. Fix …
(edit) @5937   19 months cameron Simple-RE-kernel optimizations
(edit) @5935   19 months cameron Direct CC builder work
(edit) @5934   19 months cameron Multithreaded simple RE mode initial check-in
(edit) @5932   19 months cameron Avoid segfault issue with -ShowASM
(edit) @5927   19 months cameron mmap - command line flag + overridden for stdin, devices, files of …
(edit) @5914   19 months cameron Optimization for regexps ending $
(edit) @5913   19 months cameron Restructuring step
(edit) @5908   20 months cameron Byte-Bit grep kernel optimizes when an RE begins with an initial trigraph
(edit) @5902   20 months cameron Initial deployment of bytegrep kernel in icgrep
(edit) @5900   20 months cameron Unicode-lines option; set default linebreak to LF
(edit) @5897   20 months cameron RE compiler restructuring progress
(edit) @5894   20 months cameron Line break controls for Unicode/LF/Null - initial check in
(add) @5892   20 months cameron Restructuring: integrating grep_engine and grep_pipeline
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