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(edit) @6135   5 months xwa163 1. Implement twist_kernel and untwist_kernel by PEXT and PDEP 2. Use …
(edit) @6132   5 months xwa163 1. More experiment on lz4 grep 2. Improve performance of lzparabix grep
(edit) @6093   6 months cameron u32u8_test target
(edit) @6089   6 months cameron Little-endian/big-endian bit number options, default to little-endian
(edit) @6004   8 months cameron Restructuring step for DeletionKernel?: move partial sum popcount in …
(edit) @5771   12 months nmedfort Minor changes and hopefully a fix for bug exposed by base64 test
(edit) @5755   13 months nmedfort Bug fixes and simplified MultiBlockKernel? logic
(edit) @5706   14 months nmedfort First stage of MultiBlockKernel? and pipeline restructuring
(edit) @5440   20 months nmedfort Large refactoring step. Removed IR generation code from Kernel …
(edit) @5436   20 months nmedfort Continued refactoring work. PabloKernel? now abstract base type with a …
(edit) @5435   20 months nmedfort Continued refactoring work.
(edit) @5431   20 months nmedfort partial refactoring check in with change for Linda.
(edit) @5395   21 months cameron Uniquify kernel names with buffer types/sizes; update u8u16 to use …
(edit) @5356   22 months cameron Eliminate obsolete DoBlockUpdatesProducedItemCounts? attribute
(edit) @5347   22 months nmedfort Added enable asserts (-ea) command line flag + restructured …
(edit) @5330   22 months cameron Make circular copyback testing available for all block-oriented kernels
(edit) @5328   22 months cameron Refining the ProcessingRate? attribute
(edit) @5325   22 months cameron Processing rate attributes on stream set inputs and outputs; initial …
(edit) @5317   22 months cameron Simplify stream set access; better naming of access functions
(edit) @5310   23 months nmedfort Adjusted pablo compiler to use getInputStream and getOutputStream when …
(edit) @5307   23 months nmedfort Continued work on eliminating BlockNo?
(edit) @5303   23 months cameron Refined copy-back buffers, use copyback in p2s_compressed; …
(edit) @5297   23 months nmedfort Partial removal of BlockNo?
(edit) @5292   23 months nmedfort Removed 'function' and 'self' parameters from generateXXXMethod() …
(edit) @5285   23 months nmedfort Start of work to simplify kernel writing. Removed generateDoBlockLogic …
(edit) @5283   23 months nmedfort Optimized Symbol Generation (and fixed potential bug that could allow …
(edit) @5276   23 months cameron Elimination of StreamSetStructs? wrapping StreamSetBuffers?
(edit) @5267   2 years nmedfort Code clean-up. Removed Pablo Call, SetIthBit? and Prototype.
(edit) @5261   2 years cameron Move responsibility for ProducedItemCount? into doSegment unless overridden
(edit) @5260   2 years nmedfort Changes working towards simplifying accessing stream elements + some …
(edit) @5247   2 years cameron Separate processedItemCounts and producedItemCounts for each stream set
(edit) @5246   2 years nmedfort Code clean up to enforce proper calling order of KernelBuilder? methods
(edit) @5238   2 years cameron IR_Gen subdirectory for all IR generation utility functions
(edit) @5229   2 years cameron Distinguishing between StreamType? and StreamSetType?; fixing …
(edit) @5227   2 years nmedfort Rewrite of the CarryManager? to support non-carry-collapsing loops.
(edit) @5217   2 years nmedfort Merged PabloFunction? and PabloKernel? classes. Updated projects where …
(edit) @5202   2 years nmedfort Initial work on adding types to PabloAST and mutable Var objects.
(edit) @5193   2 years cameron Fixes for NVPTX (but strideBlocks needs further investigation), u8u16
(edit) @5192   2 years cameron CreateAtomicLoadAcquire?, CreateAtomicStoreRelease? with NVPTX overrides
(edit) @5185   2 years cameron Linear buffers; stdout_kernel; cache-aligned alloca, restructured …
(edit) @5141   2 years cameron pablo.Lookahead support updated for stream set access/kernel system
(edit) @5111   2 years cameron DoBlock/FinalBlock/DoSegment? Kernel functions always return void; clean-up
(edit) @5109   2 years cameron u8u16 pipeline
(edit) @5104   2 years cameron getStreamSetBlockPtr
(edit) @5097   2 years cameron Kernel/interface progress
(edit) @5079   2 years cameron Minor u8u16 updates, 8-bit p2sKernel with compressed output
(edit) @5076   2 years cameron Updates for kernels with variable output length; stdout kernel
(edit) @5074   2 years cameron Kernel infrastructure: move common logic into KernelBuilder? base …
(edit) @5071   2 years cameron Update u8u16 to use new kernel infrastructure
(edit) @5040   3 years cameron Buffered mode for u8u16 output
(edit) @5011   3 years cameron Fix u8u16 for block size 128
(edit) @5009   3 years cameron u8u16 transcoder demo program now working
(edit) @5007   3 years cameron u8u16 progress
(edit) @5006   3 years cameron Inverse transposition for 16 bit streams to 16-bit code units
(edit) @4993   3 years cameron Clean ups of casefold demo app.
(edit) @4988   3 years cameron casefold sample application/pipeline
(add) @4987   3 years cameron Inverse transposition kernels
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