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(edit) @6296   8 months cameron Merge branch 'master' of …
(edit) @6289   8 months cameron Initial version of working OptimizationBranch?
(edit) @6288   8 months cameron Repeat of prior check in
(edit) @6275   9 months nmedfort More work on optimizing for stateless kernels
(edit) @6274   9 months nmedfort Fixed cycle counter logic and moved counters into pipeline struct
(edit) @6273   9 months nmedfort More work on optimization branch. First stage of stateless kernel …
(edit) @6272   9 months nmedfort simplification of pop count logic
(edit) @6267   9 months nmedfort Added missing file
(edit) @6266   9 months nmedfort Refactoring of termination logic to use counters.
(edit) @6263   9 months cameron getPThreadTy()
(edit) @6262   9 months nmedfort Termination detection for single/multi-threaded pipelines
(edit) @6261   9 months nmedfort Work on OptimizationBranch?; revisited pipeline termination
(edit) @6258   9 months nmedfort Safer fix for LLVM bug + minor fixes/changes
(edit) @6255   9 months nmedfort Prevent PopCount? rate stream from starting within the overflow even …
(edit) @6254   9 months nmedfort Removed unintended limit on linear strides
(edit) @6253   9 months nmedfort Moved consumed item counts for all buffers into pipeline state. …
(edit) @6252   9 months nmedfort Bug fix for consumer information + slight simplification of copyback …
(edit) @6249   9 months nmedfort Migrated processed/produced item counts out of kernels and into …
(edit) @6244   9 months nmedfort Potential workaround for LLVM bug on 32-bit VM on 64-bit arch.
(edit) @6241   9 months nmedfort Bug fix for kernel state malloc; minor optimization of pipeline state; …
(edit) @6240   9 months nmedfort Bug fix for multithreaded editd
(edit) @6238   9 months nmedfort Bug fix for last check in
(edit) @6237   9 months nmedfort Re-enabled segment pipeline parallelism; moved logical segment number …
(edit) @6233   9 months nmedfort Moved termination signals into pipeline kernel
(edit) @6228   9 months nmedfort redesign of PopCount? calculation + mem leak fix
(edit) @6189   11 months nmedfort Bug fixes for 32-bit
(edit) @6187   11 months nmedfort Potential bug fix for u32u8. CPUDriver only constructs the pass …
(edit) @6186   11 months cameron Various clean-ups
(add) @6184   11 months nmedfort Initial version of PipelineKernel? + revised StreamSet? model.
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