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(edit) @5408   2 years nmedfort First attempt to allow Kernels to wait for consumers to finish …
(edit) @5407   2 years cameron Some preparations to ease transition to unique_ptr
(edit) @5404   2 years cameron Grep kernels with signatures and object caching
(edit) @5403   2 years nmedfort Work on the pipeline algorithms.
(edit) @5402   2 years nmedfort Moved toolchain and object_cache to kernels directory. Continued work …
(edit) @5401   2 years nmedfort Updated all projects to use ParabixDriver?. Deprecated original …
(edit) @5399   2 years nmedfort Bug fixes for object cache. Minor optimization of FunctionTypeBuilder?.
(edit) @5398   2 years nmedfort Continued work on processing stdin input. Partial integration of …
(edit) @5397   2 years cameron Avoiding MRemap for Mac OS X
(edit) @5396   2 years cameron Update base64 and radix64 kernels for Parabix Driver and object cache …
(edit) @5395   2 years cameron Uniquify kernel names with buffer types/sizes; update u8u16 to use …
(edit) @5392   2 years cameron Kernel signatures for object cache
(edit) @5391   2 years cameron ParabixDriver/ObjectCache? separate compilation and linking: initial …
(edit) @5390   2 years nmedfort Minor changes in preparation of incorporating a consumed stream set …
(edit) @5389   2 years nmedfort Investigating jenkins issue.
(edit) @5386   2 years nmedfort Replaced stdin input stream with mmap'ed buffer and aligned each read …
(edit) @5385   2 years cameron Disable lookahead CRLF - further work needed
(edit) @5383   2 years cameron Lookahead support
(edit) @5381   2 years nmedfort Bug fix for 32 bit.
(edit) @5379   2 years nmedfort Bug fixes for last check in
(edit) @5377   2 years nmedfort Support for stdin. Needs more testing.
(edit) @5376   2 years cameron Bug fix for SwizzledBitstreamCompressByCount? final block
(edit) @5375   2 years cameron Processing rates can be defined with respect to named stream sets.
(edit) @5370   2 years xuedongx Add1 processing rate; pablo Count only up to EOFbit
(edit) @5366   2 years nmedfort Continued work on non-carry-collapsing mode support.
(edit) @5364   2 years cameron Consolidate pipeline compiler options in toolchain
(edit) @5363   2 years lindanl pipeline parallel for icgrep.
(edit) @5362   2 years cameron Adam's changes to add swizzling option to DeleteByPEXT kernel
(edit) @5361   2 years nmedfort Work on non-carry collapsing mode.
(edit) @5358   2 years xuedongx delete the linebreak computation in icgrep
(edit) @5357   2 years xuedongx delete the linebreak computation in icgrep
(edit) @5356   2 years cameron Eliminate obsolete DoBlockUpdatesProducedItemCounts? attribute
(edit) @5355   2 years cameron Swizzled bitstream deletion and -enable-AVX-deletion in u8u16
(edit) @5353   2 years nmedfort Progress on parenthesis matching example
(edit) @5351   2 years nmedfort Update to BlockOrientedKernel? to move the indirect branch out of the …
(edit) @5350   2 years nmedfort First attempt at inlining all DoBlock? and FinalBlock? functions by …
(edit) @5349   2 years hongpum Minor fix on docs for Swizzle.
(edit) @5347   2 years nmedfort Added enable asserts (-ea) command line flag + restructured …
(edit) @5346   2 years cameron setName method for kernels; so that two instances may be created.
(edit) @5343   2 years lindanl Add count only option for separate compilation of multiple kernels.
(edit) @5340   2 years nmedfort Added a simple CreateAssert? function in CBuilder and ReadOnly? flag for …
(edit) @5338   2 years lindanl Provide option to build separated kernels for each regular expression.
(edit) @5337   2 years nmedfort Work on parenthesis matching and expandable buffers. Changed CBuilder …
(edit) @5336   2 years xuedongx add UnicodeLineBreak? kernel for icGrep
(edit) @5335   2 years cameron Recast to bitBlockType if a fieldwidth other than 64 is chosen
(edit) @5334   2 years nmedfort Fix for assertion errors.
(edit) @5333   2 years xuedongx add LineBreak? kernel for icGrep
(edit) @5332   2 years cameron Swizzle Generator kernel - iniitial check-in
(edit) @5331   2 years cameron Move default arguments from friend declarations to satisfy strict compilers
(edit) @5330   2 years cameron Make circular copyback testing available for all block-oriented kernels
(edit) @5329   2 years nmedfort Continued work on parenthesis matching; addition of Pablo ScanTo? and …
(edit) @5328   2 years cameron Refining the ProcessingRate? attribute
(edit) @5327   2 years cameron Eliminate explicit storage of produced/processed counts for FixedRatio?
(edit) @5326   2 years cameron Changes from Adam
(edit) @5325   2 years cameron Processing rate attributes on stream set inputs and outputs; initial …
(edit) @5320   2 years nmedfort memcpy/memset support for 32-bit systems; more error …
(edit) @5317   2 years cameron Simplify stream set access; better naming of access functions
(edit) @5316   2 years nmedfort First version of expandable buffers + minor change to array-test to …
(edit) @5315   2 years lindanl Add missing files
(edit) @5313   2 years cameron DeleteByPEXTkernel
(edit) @5311   2 years nmedfort Removed BlockNo? + updated LookAhead? to use getInputStream.
(edit) @5310   2 years nmedfort Adjusted pablo compiler to use getInputStream and getOutputStream when …
(edit) @5307   2 years nmedfort Continued work on eliminating BlockNo?
(edit) @5305   2 years cameron When a termination signal is detected for a kernel in one thread, …
(edit) @5304   2 years cameron Deletion kernel: eliminate final block hack that overwrites input …
(edit) @5303   2 years cameron Refined copy-back buffers, use copyback in p2s_compressed; …
(edit) @5301   2 years cameron Circular copy-back buffers: initial check-in
(edit) @5299   2 years cameron Ability to set input/output signatures for Pablo functions in the …
(edit) @5298   2 years nmedfort Removed StreamType? in favour of 0-length VectorType?.
(edit) @5297   2 years nmedfort Partial removal of BlockNo?
(edit) @5296   2 years cameron Aligned printing utilities
(edit) @5295   2 years cameron Debug Options: SerializeThreads?; unify ShowIR, ShowPablo?, ShowREs, ShowASM
(edit) @5292   2 years nmedfort Removed 'function' and 'self' parameters from generateXXXMethod() …
(edit) @5291   2 years xwa163 Another fix for 32bit platform
(edit) @5290   2 years cameron Small fix for 32-bit platforms
(edit) @5288   2 years xwa163 fix bug of base64 related kernels, add test script for base64
(edit) @5287   2 years nmedfort More changes towards simplifying the KernelBuilder?
(edit) @5286   2 years nmedfort Continuation of work to simplify Kernel writing
(edit) @5285   2 years nmedfort Start of work to simplify kernel writing. Removed generateDoBlockLogic …
(edit) @5283   2 years nmedfort Optimized Symbol Generation (and fixed potential bug that could allow …
(edit) @5282   2 years cameron Even/odd kernel
(edit) @5281   2 years cameron Stdin kernel: initial check-in
(edit) @5280   2 years cameron FileSink? kernel
(edit) @5277   2 years cameron radix64/base64 fixes
(edit) @5276   2 years cameron Elimination of StreamSetStructs? wrapping StreamSetBuffers?
(edit) @5275   2 years cameron u8u16 working with -mmap-buffering and segment pipeline parallelism
(edit) @5274   2 years cameron Fix so that final segment/block processing is only executed in a …
(edit) @5273   2 years cameron For segment-pipeline-parallelism, threads must not overwrite buffer …
(edit) @5267   2 years nmedfort Code clean-up. Removed Pablo Call, SetIthBit? and Prototype.
(edit) @5266   2 years cameron Fixes
(edit) @5265   2 years cameron Eliminate unneeded doBlock functions
(edit) @5264   2 years cameron Small fixes
(edit) @5263   2 years cameron New doSegment partial progress
(edit) @5261   2 years cameron Move responsibility for ProducedItemCount? into doSegment unless overridden
(edit) @5260   3 years nmedfort Changes working towards simplifying accessing stream elements + some …
(edit) @5259   3 years cameron Fix mmap kernel producer position calculation
(edit) @5258   3 years cameron Fix for segment-pipeline-parallel
(edit) @5257   3 years cameron finalSegment kernel methods initial check-in
(edit) @5256   3 years cameron noTerminate attribute for stdout kernel
(edit) @5255   3 years cameron Fixes for mmap kernel for blocksPerSegment, codeUnitWidth, new …
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