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(edit) @6294   6 months cameron Move grep kernel files into grep subdirectory.
(edit) @6253   7 months nmedfort Moved consumed item counts for all buffers into pipeline state. …
(edit) @6247   7 months cameron lz4_grep fix
(edit) @6221   7 months cameron Unify Parabix/Direct? CharacterClassKernelBuilders?
(edit) @6219   7 months cameron Update lz4 grep; don't print definitions of names except when needed
(edit) @6188   9 months cameron Small fix
(edit) @6184   9 months nmedfort Initial version of PipelineKernel? + revised StreamSet? model.
(edit) @6173   9 months nmedfort Added RE_Inspector. Migrated RE passes to RE_Transformer. …
(edit) @6165   10 months xwa163 1. Small optimization for U8NonFinal Stream in UTF-8 LZ4 Grep 2. Print …
(edit) @6153   11 months xwa163 lz4_grep: 1. fix typo 2. analyse the requirement of u8 non final
(edit) @6152   11 months xwa163 lz4_grep: Merge u8NonFinal into multiplexed character classes
(edit) @6150   11 months xwa163 1. Remove LZParabix related codes 2. Enable multiplexing for LZ4 …
(edit) @6148   11 months xwa163 1. UTF-8 LZ4 Grep: Avoid decompressing U8NonFinal when target regex …
(edit) @6147   11 months xwa163 Fix bug of multiplexing grep kernel cause by cacheable (Since two …
(edit) @6145   11 months xwa163 1. LZ4 Grep: complete utf8 character classes for multiplexing pipeline …
(edit) @6144   11 months xwa163 lz4_grep: Init checkin for utf8 character class multiplexing
(add) @6143   11 months xwa163 lz4_grep: some bug fixing and refactor
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