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(edit) @5836   25 hours nmedfort Added PabloBlock/Builder? createScope() methods + minor code changes.
(edit) @5835   2 days nmedfort Revised RE_Minimizer to use alphabets + minor optimizations to RE functions
(edit) @5821   11 days nmedfort Bug fixes
(edit) @5819   2 weeks cameron Bug fix for multiplexed alphabet mode
(edit) @5817   2 weeks cameron Toolchain restructuring; creating a total order for memoizer lessThan
(edit) @5816   2 weeks cameron Supporting multiple alphabets in RE compilation - initial check-in
(edit) @5814   3 weeks cameron Parsing of byte CCs
(edit) @5813   3 weeks cameron Re compiler fixes for raw CCs
(edit) @5812   3 weeks nmedfort Bug fix for RE local + some clean up of RE local and the RE Compiler
(edit) @5811   3 weeks cameron RE optimizations
(edit) @5810   3 weeks cameron RE optimizations
(edit) @5809   3 weeks cameron Failure case and fix
(edit) @5808   3 weeks cameron Fix for CRLF issue
(edit) @5806   3 weeks cameron Correction for nullable assertions; clean-up
(edit) @5805   3 weeks cameron Name::Type::Byte removed in favor of cc::Byte alphabet; other cleanups
(edit) @5804   3 weeks cameron Fixes
(edit) @5803   3 weeks cameron Regular expression toolchain progress
(edit) @5802   3 weeks cameron Allow RE compiler to handle any Unicode CCs not previously translated
(edit) @5801   4 weeks cameron Additional Alphabet analysis and transformation
(edit) @5798   4 weeks cameron Use Alphabet=Byte in to_utf8, u8u32, UCD compiler
(edit) @5797   4 weeks cameron makeByte uses the Byte alphabet
(edit) @5796   4 weeks cameron Alphabet fixes
(edit) @5795   4 weeks cameron Adding Alphabet to CCs: initial check-in
(edit) @5792   4 weeks cameron \N{...} expressions now anchored; name expresions in ranges functional
(edit) @5791   4 weeks cameron Fix flag processing
(edit) @5790   4 weeks cameron Fix for 32-bit
(edit) @5789   4 weeks cameron Further parser bug fixes and restructuring
(edit) @5788   4 weeks cameron Error checking for ranges
(edit) @5787   4 weeks cameron RE parser restructuring; parsing symbolic ranges, collation and …
(edit) @5786   5 weeks cameron Decouple Unicode property support from re_compiler; initial support …
(edit) @5785   5 weeks cameron Small fix
(edit) @5784   5 weeks cameron Restructuring step/tidy-up for re_passes
(edit) @5782   5 weeks nmedfort Initial check-in of LookAhead? support; modified LineBreakKernel? to …
(edit) @5781   5 weeks cameron Small fixes
(edit) @5780   5 weeks cameron Strip out local mode from RE compiler
(edit) @5779   5 weeks cameron Remove RE compiler dependency on linebreak/mAny
(edit) @5778   5 weeks cameron exclude_CC: initial check-in
(edit) @5777   5 weeks cameron Bug fix for re_compiler when CCs directly supplied
(edit) @5775   5 weeks cameron makeAlt should combine CCs as advertised, but should not recursively …
(edit) @5772   6 weeks cameron resolveGraphemeMode
(edit) @5770   6 weeks cameron Restructure to eliminate unnecessary dependencies on RegExpCompiler?
(edit) @5769   6 weeks cameron Decoupling case-insensitive transform from parser
(edit) @5768   6 weeks cameron Regular expression system restructuring progress
(edit) @5767   6 weeks cameron Regular expression group header
(edit) @5766   6 weeks cameron Case-insensitive transformation
(edit) @5765   6 weeks cameron Regular expression group nodes; case-insensitive logic
(edit) @5764   6 weeks cameron Range RE new files
(edit) @5763   6 weeks cameron Range RE objects
(edit) @5760   6 weeks cameron to_utf8
(edit) @5755   6 weeks nmedfort Bug fixes and simplified MultiBlockKernel? logic
(edit) @5754   7 weeks cameron Fixes for last check-in
(edit) @5753   7 weeks cameron Parser for fixed strings (-F) mode
(edit) @5752   7 weeks cameron Allow unescaped ) as a literal left paren when there are no pending groups
(edit) @5751   7 weeks cameron LLVM_ALIGNAS placement, eliminate std::move of temp objects to allow …
(edit) @5750   7 weeks nmedfort Minor code clean up
(edit) @5748   7 weeks nmedfort Bug fix for segment pipeline parallel mode + memory management …
(edit) @5747   7 weeks cameron Represent the Any symbol as a Name
(edit) @5742   8 weeks nmedfort Improvements to memory usage of CCs
(edit) @5737   2 months cameron Remove experimental property-class mode expressions
(edit) @5736   2 months cameron Bug fixes for empty sequences
(edit) @5732   2 months cameron More changes in preparation for LLVM 3.9, 4.0
(edit) @5730   2 months cameron Generic indexed advance
(edit) @5728   2 months cameron The re::Any type now maps to a CC
(edit) @5727   2 months cameron Small fixes, constructing/testing full UnicodeSets?.
(edit) @5725   2 months cameron Utility functions for regular expression transformations
(edit) @5724   3 months cameron Disable if-hierarchies for long stream advance
(edit) @5723   3 months cameron hasAssertion predicate, fix to simplifier
(edit) @5720   3 months cameron Log2 bounded repetition: complex subexpressions and if-hierarchies
(edit) @5717   3 months cameron Fix for upper bound repetition
(edit) @5716   3 months cameron Enabling long indexed-advance by default for AVX2
(edit) @5711   3 months cameron Indexed advance up to 256
(edit) @5710   3 months cameron Enabling Unicode log2 bounded repetition uwing indexed advance (for …
(edit) @5706   3 months nmedfort First stage of MultiBlockKernel? and pipeline restructuring
(edit) @5698   3 months cameron Modularization progress
(edit) @5683   3 months cameron Support for \p{property=@identity@}
(edit) @5682   3 months cameron String property regular expression support, including special cases …
(edit) @5679   3 months cameron Refactoring progress: \N uses name property; delay resolution of …
(edit) @5673   3 months cameron Case folding property objects
(edit) @5663   4 months cameron Enabling Unicode string properties for \p{prop=string} search
(edit) @5649   4 months cameron Some RE tidy-ups; an empty Alt is permitted and represents the set of …
(edit) @5648   4 months cameron Regular expressions for property values: allow aliases, do not …
(edit) @5646   4 months nmedfort Minor clean up. Bug fix for object cache when the same cached kernel …
(edit) @5638   4 months cameron Modifying multiblock kernel builder for non-fixed input stream sets - …
(edit) @5634   4 months nmedfort Bug fix for last check in and for UnicodeSet::insert_range.
(edit) @5632   4 months cameron Optimizations for re_local
(edit) @5631   4 months cameron Small fixes
(edit) @5630   4 months nmedfort Partial check-in for avoidance of compiling Pablo/LLVM code to …
(edit) @5621   5 months cameron Fix local language mode for Unicode
(edit) @5620   5 months nmedfort Bug fixes for multigrep mode. Optional PabloKernel? branch hit counter …
(edit) @5619   5 months nmedfort Memory leak fixes + minor optimization of RE_local.
(edit) @5617   5 months xuedongx new RE compiler pipeline for local language(enlightened by Glushkov …
(edit) @5610   5 months nmedfort Bug fix for bounded/unbounded repetitions.
(edit) @5604   5 months xuedongx update re_analysis for unit bounded repetition and local language
(edit) @5593   6 months nmedfort Bug fix for RE_Compiler.
(edit) @5585   6 months xuedongx use multiplexed character classes as the input to grep kernel, …
(edit) @5575   6 months xuedongx small fix
(edit) @5573   6 months xuedongx re_local: bug fix.
(edit) @5572   6 months xuedongx small fix
(edit) @5569   6 months xuedongx delete comments
(edit) @5568   6 months xuedongx add analysis for local language
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