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(edit) @5646   26 hours nmedfort Minor clean up. Bug fix for object cache when the same cached kernel …
(edit) @5638   8 days cameron Modifying multiblock kernel builder for non-fixed input stream sets - …
(edit) @5634   11 days nmedfort Bug fix for last check in and for UnicodeSet::insert_range.
(edit) @5632   2 weeks cameron Optimizations for re_local
(edit) @5631   2 weeks cameron Small fixes
(edit) @5630   2 weeks nmedfort Partial check-in for avoidance of compiling Pablo/LLVM code to …
(edit) @5621   4 weeks cameron Fix local language mode for Unicode
(edit) @5620   4 weeks nmedfort Bug fixes for multigrep mode. Optional PabloKernel? branch hit counter …
(edit) @5619   4 weeks nmedfort Memory leak fixes + minor optimization of RE_local.
(edit) @5617   4 weeks xuedongx new RE compiler pipeline for local language(enlightened by Glushkov …
(edit) @5610   6 weeks nmedfort Bug fix for bounded/unbounded repetitions.
(edit) @5604   7 weeks xuedongx update re_analysis for unit bounded repetition and local language
(edit) @5593   7 weeks nmedfort Bug fix for RE_Compiler.
(edit) @5585   8 weeks xuedongx use multiplexed character classes as the input to grep kernel, …
(edit) @5575   2 months xuedongx small fix
(edit) @5573   2 months xuedongx re_local: bug fix.
(edit) @5572   2 months xuedongx small fix
(edit) @5569   2 months xuedongx delete comments
(edit) @5568   2 months xuedongx add analysis for local language
(edit) @5565   2 months xuedongx Separate name resolve and gather for future use. Add …
(edit) @5563   2 months cameron Fix for longstanding bug plus test case
(edit) @5561   2 months cameron Factor out required streams into a separate kernel
(edit) @5559   2 months cameron Small fix for re analysis
(edit) @5558   2 months cameron Unix lines mode and support for 'Byte' character classes
(edit) @5557   3 months cameron Support for CCs in regexp analysis
(edit) @5556   3 months xuedongx bug fix
(edit) @5555   3 months cameron Flattening if-hierarchy for bounded repetitions, allowing CCs to pass …
(edit) @5554   3 months cameron -enable-byte-mode initial check-in
(edit) @5548   3 months cameron Decouple finalizeMatchResults, creating separate MatchedLinesKernel?
(edit) @5537   3 months cameron Enable ?m and ?x mode flags
(edit) @5515   3 months cameron Allow repeated quantifiers in parsing, support possessive quantifiers, …
(edit) @5509   3 months cameron Bounded repetition optimizations and bug fix; test case
(edit) @5493   4 months cameron Restore check-ins from the last several days
(edit) @5481   4 months cameron Refactoring grepEngine: separate out codepoint/property value grep
(edit) @5473   4 months cameron Initial support for -q, -l, -L modes, grep options reorganization
(edit) @5464   4 months nmedfort Restructuring work for the Driver classes. Start of work to eliminate …
(edit) @5430   5 months cameron RE print representation of captures must included the capture …
(edit) @5418   5 months nmedfort Removed non-functional CUDA code from icgrep and consolidated grep and …
(edit) @5413   5 months cameron Factor out CountOnly? and InvertMatches? as separate kernels
(edit) @5404   5 months cameron Grep kernels with signatures and object caching
(edit) @5401   6 months nmedfort Updated all projects to use ParabixDriver?. Deprecated original …
(edit) @5398   6 months nmedfort Continued work on processing stdin input. Partial integration of …
(edit) @5371   6 months nmedfort Bug fix for long advance
(edit) @5357   7 months xuedongx delete the linebreak computation in icgrep
(edit) @5333   7 months xuedongx add LineBreak? kernel for icGrep
(edit) @5310   7 months nmedfort Adjusted pablo compiler to use getInputStream and getOutputStream when …
(edit) @5308   8 months cameron Boundary assertions; comment out a bug with RemoveNullableAfterAssertion?
(edit) @5295   8 months cameron Debug Options: SerializeThreads?; unify ShowIR, ShowPablo?, ShowREs, ShowASM
(edit) @5278   8 months cameron Alphabet class: initial check-in
(edit) @5267   8 months nmedfort Code clean-up. Removed Pablo Call, SetIthBit? and Prototype.
(edit) @5241   9 months nmedfort Potential fix for '\p{script=/.*hir.*/}'
(edit) @5240   9 months nmedfort Cleaned up memory leaks + some warning messages.
(edit) @5234   9 months nmedfort Modified memory alignment mechanism for GetPropertyValueGrepString? + …
(edit) @5233   9 months nmedfort Bug fixes for Carry Manager and issues reported by Fahad
(edit) @5230   9 months nmedfort Multi-threading support for PabloAST / PabloCompiler?. Requires unique …
(edit) @5227   9 months nmedfort Rewrite of the CarryManager? to support non-carry-collapsing loops.
(edit) @5224   9 months cameron Move responsibility for acquire/release of logical segment number into …
(edit) @5218   10 months xuedongx Add parser for PROSITE protein patterns
(edit) @5217   10 months nmedfort Merged PabloFunction? and PabloKernel? classes. Updated projects where …
(edit) @5206   11 months xwa163 1. Extend Regex Syntax, include: (a) RL2.6 of UTS#18, support regex …
(edit) @5204   11 months nmedfort More 32-bit fixes.
(edit) @5202   11 months nmedfort Initial work on adding types to PabloAST and mutable Var objects.
(edit) @5197   11 months cameron Support for -x, -w, -l, -L flags (in progress)
(edit) @5189   12 months xuedongx delete the InitialPostPositionUnit? MarkerType?
(edit) @5182   12 months cameron Remove inline declarations for subclassing
(edit) @5181   12 months xwa163 fix undefined vtable caused by llvm O3 optimization for inline function
(edit) @5180   12 months xwa163 Support BRE and ERE for regex syntax.
(edit) @5168   12 months cameron If insertion for bounded repetitions
(edit) @5166   12 months cameron Fix so that matches are contained within line boundaries
(edit) @5162   12 months cameron Eliminate unnecessary and broken include
(edit) @5161   12 months cameron Override LLVM error_handler for return code 2; convert ParseFailure? to …
(edit) @5158   12 months cameron Support for enumeration basis sets
(edit) @5150   13 months xuedongx bug fix
(edit) @5149   13 months xuedongx bug fix
(edit) @5147   13 months xuedongx remove nullable assertion
(edit) @5137   13 months cameron Some clean ups of encoding info for ccc restructuring.
(edit) @5134   13 months cameron refine PabloKernel? signature based on CountOnly? parameter
(edit) @5132   13 months cameron Word Begin/End? changes from Fahad.
(edit) @5130   13 months cameron Fixes for name pattern expressions
(edit) @5120   14 months xuedongx Bugfix: resolve names
(edit) @5092   14 months xuedongx delete re_grapheme_boundary.hpp
(edit) @5091   14 months xuedongx delete GCB as a separate type.
(edit) @5083   15 months xuedongx separate module for resolve names
(edit) @5080   15 months cameron Initial support for capture groups/back references; back reference …
(edit) @5063   15 months cameron New kernel infrastructure
(edit) @5046   16 months xuedongx fix index
(edit) @5045   16 months xuedongx Support over UTF-16 representation of Unicode
(edit) @5042   16 months cameron Add pablo.atEOF; clean out bit4/6 hack for unterminated final lines in …
(edit) @5037   17 months nmedfort UnicodeSet? bug fix and compile warning clean-up.
(edit) @5033   17 months cameron Refactor: move grep-specific code out of toolchain
(edit) @5030   17 months cameron Restructure regular expression command flags
(edit) @4984   18 months cameron Refactor IDISA, re, pablo toolchain components
(edit) @4983   18 months cameron Move items to util directory
(edit) @4980   18 months cameron Remove mod64 junk
(edit) @4978   19 months cameron -invert-matches/-v option
(edit) @4971   19 months cameron Repetition of assertions are simplified
(edit) @4947   19 months cameron Restructuring step
(edit) @4946   19 months cameron Refactor and encapsulate grep codegen/execution in GrepEngine?
(edit) @4939   19 months lindanl new version using the kernels.
(edit) @4921   20 months nmedfort Bug fix for RE Compiler.
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