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(edit) @5912   15 months cameron Fix
(edit) @5910   15 months cameron hasEndAnchor
(edit) @5908   15 months cameron Byte-Bit grep kernel optimizes when an RE begins with an initial trigraph
(edit) @5902   15 months cameron Initial deployment of bytegrep kernel in icgrep
(edit) @5899   15 months cameron Fixes for Unix line break mode
(edit) @5898   15 months cameron Fix Unicode unit length calculations to allow for assertions
(edit) @5892   15 months cameron Restructuring: integrating grep_engine and grep_pipeline
(edit) @5891   15 months cameron Byte test complexity analysis
(edit) @5835   17 months nmedfort Revised RE_Minimizer to use alphabets + minor optimizations to RE functions
(edit) @5805   17 months cameron Name::Type::Byte removed in favor of cc::Byte alphabet; other cleanups
(edit) @5801   17 months cameron Additional Alphabet analysis and transformation
(edit) @5770   18 months cameron Restructure to eliminate unnecessary dependencies on RegExpCompiler?
(edit) @5736   19 months cameron Bug fixes for empty sequences
(edit) @5727   19 months cameron Small fixes, constructing/testing full UnicodeSets?.
(edit) @5723   19 months cameron hasAssertion predicate, fix to simplifier
(edit) @5720   19 months cameron Log2 bounded repetition: complex subexpressions and if-hierarchies
(edit) @5682   20 months cameron String property regular expression support, including special cases …
(edit) @5649   20 months cameron Some RE tidy-ups; an empty Alt is permitted and represents the set of …
(edit) @5604   22 months xuedongx update re_analysis for unit bounded repetition and local language
(edit) @5559   23 months cameron Small fix for re analysis
(edit) @5557   23 months cameron Support for CCs in regexp analysis
(edit) @5267   2 years nmedfort Code clean-up. Removed Pablo Call, SetIthBit? and Prototype.
(edit) @5233   2 years nmedfort Bug fixes for Carry Manager and issues reported by Fahad
(edit) @5091   3 years xuedongx delete GCB as a separate type.
(edit) @5080   3 years cameron Initial support for capture groups/back references; back reference …
(edit) @4841   4 years nmedfort Update for grapheme cluster mode and boundaries.
(edit) @4835   4 years nmedfort Minor changes to add grapheme boundary processing to RE analysis.
(edit) @4829   4 years nmedfort Back-up check in
(copy) @4532   4 years cameron Restore icgrep working directory
copied from icGREP/icgrep-devel/icgrep-1.00/re/re_analysis.cpp:
(copy) @4529   4 years cameron icgrep 1.0
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