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(edit) @5621   11 months cameron Fix local language mode for Unicode
(edit) @5620   11 months nmedfort Bug fixes for multigrep mode. Optional PabloKernel? branch hit counter …
(edit) @5617   11 months xuedongx new RE compiler pipeline for local language(enlightened by Glushkov …
(edit) @5610   11 months nmedfort Bug fix for bounded/unbounded repetitions.
(edit) @5593   12 months nmedfort Bug fix for RE_Compiler.
(edit) @5585   12 months xuedongx use multiplexed character classes as the input to grep kernel, …
(edit) @5565   12 months xuedongx Separate name resolve and gather for future use. Add …
(edit) @5563   12 months cameron Fix for longstanding bug plus test case
(edit) @5561   12 months cameron Factor out required streams into a separate kernel
(edit) @5558   12 months cameron Unix lines mode and support for 'Byte' character classes
(edit) @5556   13 months xuedongx bug fix
(edit) @5555   13 months cameron Flattening if-hierarchy for bounded repetitions, allowing CCs to pass …
(edit) @5548   13 months cameron Decouple finalizeMatchResults, creating separate MatchedLinesKernel?
(edit) @5413   15 months cameron Factor out CountOnly? and InvertMatches? as separate kernels
(edit) @5404   15 months cameron Grep kernels with signatures and object caching
(edit) @5401   16 months nmedfort Updated all projects to use ParabixDriver?. Deprecated original …
(edit) @5398   16 months nmedfort Continued work on processing stdin input. Partial integration of …
(edit) @5371   16 months nmedfort Bug fix for long advance
(edit) @5357   17 months xuedongx delete the linebreak computation in icgrep
(edit) @5333   17 months xuedongx add LineBreak? kernel for icGrep
(edit) @5310   17 months nmedfort Adjusted pablo compiler to use getInputStream and getOutputStream when …
(edit) @5308   17 months cameron Boundary assertions; comment out a bug with RemoveNullableAfterAssertion?
(edit) @5267   18 months nmedfort Code clean-up. Removed Pablo Call, SetIthBit? and Prototype.
(edit) @5234   19 months nmedfort Modified memory alignment mechanism for GetPropertyValueGrepString? + …
(edit) @5233   19 months nmedfort Bug fixes for Carry Manager and issues reported by Fahad
(edit) @5217   20 months nmedfort Merged PabloFunction? and PabloKernel? classes. Updated projects where …
(edit) @5204   21 months nmedfort More 32-bit fixes.
(edit) @5202   21 months nmedfort Initial work on adding types to PabloAST and mutable Var objects.
(edit) @5189   22 months xuedongx delete the InitialPostPositionUnit? MarkerType?
(edit) @5168   22 months cameron If insertion for bounded repetitions
(edit) @5166   22 months cameron Fix so that matches are contained within line boundaries
(edit) @5137   23 months cameron Some clean ups of encoding info for ccc restructuring.
(edit) @5134   23 months cameron refine PabloKernel? signature based on CountOnly? parameter
(edit) @5091   2 years xuedongx delete GCB as a separate type.
(edit) @5083   2 years xuedongx separate module for resolve names
(edit) @5080   2 years cameron Initial support for capture groups/back references; back reference …
(edit) @5063   2 years cameron New kernel infrastructure
(edit) @5046   2 years xuedongx fix index
(edit) @5045   2 years xuedongx Support over UTF-16 representation of Unicode
(edit) @5042   2 years cameron Add pablo.atEOF; clean out bit4/6 hack for unterminated final lines in …
(edit) @5037   2 years nmedfort UnicodeSet? bug fix and compile warning clean-up.
(edit) @5030   2 years cameron Restructure regular expression command flags
(edit) @4980   2 years cameron Remove mod64 junk
(edit) @4978   2 years cameron -invert-matches/-v option
(edit) @4921   2 years nmedfort Bug fix for RE Compiler.
(edit) @4919   2 years nmedfort Work on lowering + some timing and papi information that will be …
(edit) @4870   3 years nmedfort Bug fix for Multiplexing. Added ability to set the body of a If/While?
(edit) @4852   3 years nmedfort Bug fix for \N{..} + minor optimization changes.
(edit) @4850   3 years cameron Fixes for set intersection
(edit) @4846   3 years nmedfort Bug fix for bounded expressions + grapheme cluster mode.
(edit) @4844   3 years nmedfort Fix for \X compiled into loops.
(edit) @4843   3 years cameron Move genPrintRegister into IDISA builder; fix GCB defs
(edit) @4841   3 years nmedfort Update for grapheme cluster mode and boundaries.
(edit) @4835   3 years nmedfort Minor changes to add grapheme boundary processing to RE analysis.
(edit) @4833   3 years nmedfort Bug fix for last check in.
(edit) @4831   3 years nmedfort First attempt at adding grapheme cluster mode to icgrep.
(edit) @4829   3 years nmedfort Back-up check in
(edit) @4820   3 years nmedfort Removed CC_NameMap
(edit) @4819   3 years nmedfort First stage of CC_NameMap removal
(edit) @4818   3 years nmedfort GCC fix + misc. changes
(edit) @4815   3 years nmedfort Bug fixes and removal of byte class compiler.
(edit) @4814   3 years nmedfort Added union/diff/intersection functionality to RE_Compiler. Removed …
(edit) @4809   3 years nmedfort Refactored UCD property resolution.
(edit) @4808   3 years nmedfort Progress on multi-target UCD compilation
(edit) @4803   3 years cameron Work on character name patterns
(edit) @4726   3 years cameron Embed carry data in compiled LLVM module; eliminate passing of carry …
(edit) @4717   3 years cameron Mod64Advance, Mod64MatchStar, Mod64ScanThru ops; -mod64-approximate …
(edit) @4716   3 years cameron Mod64 approximation mode
(edit) @4686   3 years nmedfort Added optional CMake command -DDISABLE_PREGENERATED_UCD_FUNCTIONS.
(edit) @4685   3 years nmedfort Minor simplification of generate_predefined_ucd_functions.
(edit) @4684   3 years nmedfort First attempt to intergrate 'generate_predefined_ucd_functions' into …
(edit) @4681   3 years nmedfort First attempt to add arguments to Call objects. Currently …
(edit) @4680   3 years nmedfort Added pablo Prototype to compiler. All Calls must be given one instead …
(edit) @4673   3 years nmedfort Moved resolveProperty responsibilities out of RE_Parser but kept …
(edit) @4660   3 years nmedfort Moved 'resolveProperties' into CC_NameMap as a single call for each …
(edit) @4657   3 years nmedfort Initial introduction of a PabloFunction? type.
(edit) @4650   3 years nmedfort Partial roll back of Trie structure. Seemed to introduce the potential …
(edit) @4649   3 years cameron Bug fix for while loops
(edit) @4647   3 years cameron Carry Manager system integrated into Pablo compiler
(edit) @4646   3 years nmedfort Fixed Multiplexing for new While structure/logic + Potential bug fix …
(edit) @4643   3 years nmedfort Simplified While structure. Next nodes are in the AST again but are …
(edit) @4642   3 years nmedfort Minor changes to the while loop compilation.
(edit) @4641   3 years nmedfort Next nodes for While statements must be declared similar to how …
(edit) @4638   3 years nmedfort Minor modifications
(edit) @4631   3 years nmedfort Fix for SCX and updated property objects.
(edit) @4629   3 years nmedfort Couple modifications to the UCD compiler. Splitting Multiplexing from …
(edit) @4626   3 years nmedfort Temporary check-in for dynamic unicode class compilation.
(edit) @4625   3 years nmedfort Couple more bug fixes for UCD Compiler.
(edit) @4623   3 years nmedfort Temporary check-in
(edit) @4622   3 years nmedfort Preliminary changes to inclusion of UCD Compiler into the RE Compiler.
(edit) @4609   3 years cameron New compilation technique for star-height eliminates nested whiles.
(edit) @4607   3 years cameron Reserve mStarDepth logic for unbounded repetitions only.
(edit) @4544   3 years cameron Tracing options; make all command line options static
(copy) @4532   3 years cameron Restore icgrep working directory
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(copy) @4529   3 years cameron icgrep 1.0
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