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(edit) @5558   8 months cameron Unix lines mode and support for 'Byte' character classes
(edit) @5554   8 months cameron -enable-byte-mode initial check-in
(edit) @5267   13 months nmedfort Code clean-up. Removed Pablo Call, SetIthBit? and Prototype.
(edit) @5241   14 months nmedfort Potential fix for '\p{script=/.*hir.*/}'
(edit) @5218   15 months xuedongx Add parser for PROSITE protein patterns
(edit) @5206   16 months xwa163 1. Extend Regex Syntax, include: (a) RL2.6 of UTS#18, support regex …
(edit) @5180   17 months xwa163 Support BRE and ERE for regex syntax.
(edit) @5161   17 months cameron Override LLVM error_handler for return code 2; convert ParseFailure? to …
(edit) @5132   18 months cameron Word Begin/End? changes from Fahad.
(edit) @5091   20 months xuedongx delete GCB as a separate type.
(edit) @5080   20 months cameron Initial support for capture groups/back references; back reference …
(edit) @4852   2 years nmedfort Bug fix for \N{..} + minor optimization changes.
(edit) @4831   2 years nmedfort First attempt at adding grapheme cluster mode to icgrep.
(edit) @4829   2 years nmedfort Back-up check in
(edit) @4819   2 years nmedfort First stage of CC_NameMap removal
(edit) @4809   2 years nmedfort Refactored UCD property resolution.
(edit) @4798   2 years nmedfort Reverted unintended modification of RE parser
(edit) @4797   2 years nmedfort Progress on multi-target UCD compiler.
(edit) @4796   2 years cameron Parsing of name property expressions
(edit) @4673   3 years nmedfort Moved resolveProperty responsibilities out of RE_Parser but kept …
(edit) @4671   3 years nmedfort Moved responsibility of handling 'special cases of Unicode TR #18' and …
(edit) @4614   3 years nmedfort Replaced CharSetItem? with a std::pair.
(edit) @4612   3 years nmedfort Multiplexing bug fix and some CC changes.
(copy) @4532   3 years cameron Restore icgrep working directory
copied from icGREP/icgrep-devel/icgrep-1.00/re/re_parser.h:
(copy) @4529   3 years cameron icgrep 1.0
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