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(edit) @5630   9 months nmedfort Partial check-in for avoidance of compiling Pablo/LLVM code to …
(edit) @5620   10 months nmedfort Bug fixes for multigrep mode. Optional PabloKernel? branch hit counter …
(edit) @5617   10 months xuedongx new RE compiler pipeline for local language(enlightened by Glushkov …
(edit) @5561   11 months cameron Factor out required streams into a separate kernel
(edit) @5548   12 months cameron Decouple finalizeMatchResults, creating separate MatchedLinesKernel?
(edit) @5493   13 months cameron Restore check-ins from the last several days
(edit) @5473   13 months cameron Initial support for -q, -l, -L modes, grep options reorganization
(edit) @5413   14 months cameron Factor out CountOnly? and InvertMatches? as separate kernels
(edit) @5357   16 months xuedongx delete the linebreak computation in icgrep
(edit) @5310   16 months nmedfort Adjusted pablo compiler to use getInputStream and getOutputStream when …
(edit) @5308   16 months cameron Boundary assertions; comment out a bug with RemoveNullableAfterAssertion?
(edit) @5295   17 months cameron Debug Options: SerializeThreads?; unify ShowIR, ShowPablo?, ShowREs, ShowASM
(edit) @5267   17 months nmedfort Code clean-up. Removed Pablo Call, SetIthBit? and Prototype.
(edit) @5234   18 months nmedfort Modified memory alignment mechanism for GetPropertyValueGrepString? + …
(edit) @5230   18 months nmedfort Multi-threading support for PabloAST / PabloCompiler?. Requires unique …
(edit) @5217   19 months nmedfort Merged PabloFunction? and PabloKernel? classes. Updated projects where …
(edit) @5202   20 months nmedfort Initial work on adding types to PabloAST and mutable Var objects.
(edit) @5162   21 months cameron Eliminate unnecessary and broken include
(edit) @5147   22 months xuedongx remove nullable assertion
(edit) @5137   22 months cameron Some clean ups of encoding info for ccc restructuring.
(edit) @5134   22 months cameron refine PabloKernel? signature based on CountOnly? parameter
(edit) @5045   2 years xuedongx Support over UTF-16 representation of Unicode
(edit) @5033   2 years cameron Refactor: move grep-specific code out of toolchain
(edit) @5030   2 years cameron Restructure regular expression command flags
(add) @4984   2 years cameron Refactor IDISA, re, pablo toolchain components
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