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(edit) @5886   17 months xwa163 Add test cases for lz4d_ext_dep with -extract-and-deposit-only option
(edit) @5885   17 months xwa163 Implement lz4_numbers_to_bitstream_kernel in new kernel …
(edit) @5884   17 months cameron Fix so that AVX builder does not use an AVX2 pmovmskb
(edit) @5883   17 months nmedfort MustExplicitlyTerminate? attribute for Xiangyu
(edit) @5882   17 months nmedfort Temporary workaround for Xiangyu
(edit) @5881   17 months cameron Grapheme Cluster Break kernel
(edit) @5880   17 months cameron Grapheme cluster support: represent B{g} using Seq{} - b{g}; parser …
(edit) @5876   17 months xwa163 Remove old test files for character_deposit
(edit) @5875   17 months xwa163 Use random test file generator for character_deposit testing
(edit) @5874   17 months xwa163 1. Add Debug option “extract-and-deposit-only” for lz4_ext_dep 2. Use …
(edit) @5873   17 months xwa163 1. Implement LZ4MultiplePdepKernel, which can do PDEP for more than …
(edit) @5872   17 months cameron Decoupling CC compilers from Pablo Kernel
(edit) @5871   17 months cameron AVX 512 detection and IDISA builder
(edit) @5870   17 months nmedfort Modified PDEP kernel
(edit) @5869   17 months cameron excludeNullable transform
(edit) @5868   17 months cameron Bug fix for pipeline - -wrong streamset count
(edit) @5867   17 months cameron Fold UnicodeLineBreak? into Required_Streams_UTF8; CRLF into nonFinal
(edit) @5866   17 months cameron Revised canonical form for nullable expressions; extended star-normal xfrm
(edit) @5865   18 months nmedfort More work on the pipeline I/O rate handling
(edit) @5864   18 months xwa163 Add LZ4D extract deposit related kernel, target and test cases
(edit) @5863   18 months cameron Eliminate mInitial - only 1 required UTF-8 stream
(edit) @5862   18 months cameron Data race; disable segment-pipeline-parallel during recursive greps
(edit) @5861   18 months cameron Using DirectCC builder updates; speedup wc -l
(edit) @5860   18 months cameron Revert inadvertent change to grep_engine.cpp
(edit) @5859   18 months cameron Bug fix for DirectCC
(edit) @5858   18 months xwa163 Add test for character_deposit (disabled because of 32bit machine …
(edit) @5857   18 months xwa163 1. Fix crash of pdep_kernel 2. add initial version for character_deposit
(edit) @5856   18 months nmedfort Revised pipeline structure to better control I/O rates
(edit) @5855   18 months nmedfort Bug fix for Pablo Repeat and Operator
(edit) @5854   18 months cameron UseDirectCC option for charclasses kernel
(edit) @5853   18 months xwa163 Use delMaskSet as principal input stream in SwizzledDeleteByPEXTkernel
(edit) @5852   18 months xwa163 1. Use MemCpy? instead of streamCpy when handling buffer CopyBack? 2. …
(edit) @5851   18 months xwa163 Disable character_deletion_test since Jenkins server can not support AVX2
(edit) @5850   18 months xwa163 Fix build failure caused by character_deletion
(edit) @5849   18 months xwa163 Fix bug of lz4FrameDecoder
(edit) @5848   18 months xwa163 1. Fix bug of SwizzledDeleteByPEXTKernel 2. Add character_deletion …
(edit) @5847   18 months cameron Unify Parabix CC compiler and Direct CC compiler with a common superclass
(edit) @5846   18 months xwa163 Fix bug of KernelBuilder::CreateStreamCpy? when handling copy back of …
(edit) @5845   18 months xwa163 Update consumedItemCount early in pipeline
(edit) @5844   18 months xwa163 Fix pablo compiling error of ParabixCharacterClassKernelBuilder?
(edit) @5843   18 months cameron CC Compiler refactoring step
(edit) @5842   18 months cameron Decoupling PabloKernels? from CC_compiler
(edit) @5841   18 months cameron LLVM_VERSION_CODE macro, CC-multiplex option, performance bug fixes
(edit) @5840   18 months cameron Turn off object-cache with ShowPablo? options
(edit) @5839   18 months cameron Update AVX2 builder packl/h for -enable-pablo-s2p mode
(edit) @5838   18 months cameron Test case for enable-pablo-s2p
(edit) @5837   18 months cameron Pablo packh/packl and transposition with -enable-pablo-s2p
(edit) @5836   18 months nmedfort Added PabloBlock/Builder? createScope() methods + minor code changes.
(edit) @5835   18 months nmedfort Revised RE_Minimizer to use alphabets + minor optimizations to RE functions
(edit) @5834   18 months nmedfort Removed Variadic functionality; allowed for deferred creation of …
(edit) @5833   18 months nmedfort Missing change
(edit) @5832   18 months nmedfort Bug fix for UntilN
(edit) @5831   18 months nmedfort Potential bug fix for 32-bit
(edit) @5830   18 months nmedfort UntilN kernel rewritten to use new MultiBlock? system
(edit) @5829   18 months nmedfort Missing files
(edit) @5828   18 months nmedfort Pablo support for byte comparisions; LineFeed? kernel processes byte …
(edit) @5827   18 months nmedfort Compilation bug fix for CreateStreamCpy?. Needs more testing.
(edit) @5826   18 months cameron Some test cases for flags -v, -m
(edit) @5825   18 months faldebey Update to CoRE testing system
(edit) @5824   18 months cameron Test case for compileCCfromCodeUnitStream using DirectLineFeedBuilder?
(edit) @5823   18 months cameron Direct CC compiler
(edit) @5822   19 months cameron s2p written using proposed Pablo PackL and PackH operations
(edit) @5821   19 months nmedfort Bug fixes
(edit) @5820   19 months cameron Bug fix for DirectCharacterClassKernelBuilder?
(edit) @5819   19 months cameron Bug fix for multiplexed alphabet mode
(edit) @5818   19 months cameron Byte match test case
(edit) @5817   19 months cameron Toolchain restructuring; creating a total order for memoizer lessThan
(edit) @5816   19 months cameron Supporting multiple alphabets in RE compilation - initial check-in
(edit) @5815   19 months cameron Revert inadvertent change to wc.cpp
(edit) @5814   19 months cameron Parsing of byte CCs
(edit) @5813   19 months cameron Re compiler fixes for raw CCs
(edit) @5812   19 months nmedfort Bug fix for RE local + some clean up of RE local and the RE Compiler
(edit) @5811   19 months cameron RE optimizations
(edit) @5810   19 months cameron RE optimizations
(edit) @5809   19 months cameron Failure case and fix
(edit) @5808   19 months cameron Fix for CRLF issue
(edit) @5807   19 months cameron Test case that fails with CRLF
(edit) @5806   19 months cameron Correction for nullable assertions; clean-up
(edit) @5805   19 months cameron Name::Type::Byte removed in favor of cc::Byte alphabet; other cleanups
(edit) @5804   19 months cameron Fixes
(edit) @5803   19 months cameron Regular expression toolchain progress
(edit) @5802   19 months cameron Allow RE compiler to handle any Unicode CCs not previously translated
(edit) @5801   19 months cameron Additional Alphabet analysis and transformation
(edit) @5800   19 months cameron isa and dyn_cast for Alphabets
(edit) @5799   19 months cameron sourceAlphabet and transformCC
(edit) @5798   19 months cameron Use Alphabet=Byte in to_utf8, u8u32, UCD compiler
(edit) @5797   19 months cameron makeByte uses the Byte alphabet
(edit) @5796   19 months cameron Alphabet fixes
(edit) @5795   19 months cameron Adding Alphabet to CCs: initial check-in
(edit) @5794   19 months cameron Test case fix
(edit) @5793   19 months nmedfort Bug fix for pipeline: it was terminating too early when there was …
(edit) @5792   19 months cameron \N{...} expressions now anchored; name expresions in ranges functional
(edit) @5791   19 months cameron Fix flag processing
(edit) @5790   19 months cameron Fix for 32-bit
(edit) @5789   19 months cameron Further parser bug fixes and restructuring
(edit) @5788   19 months cameron Error checking for ranges
(edit) @5787   19 months cameron RE parser restructuring; parsing symbolic ranges, collation and …
(edit) @5786   19 months cameron Decouple Unicode property support from re_compiler; initial support …
(edit) @5785   19 months cameron Small fix
(edit) @5784   19 months cameron Restructuring step/tidy-up for re_passes
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