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(edit) @4529   4 years cameron icgrep 1.0
(edit) @4528   4 years cameron Update README for 1.00
(edit) @4526   4 years nmedfort Slab allocator now uses a single BumpPtrAllocator?.
(edit) @4525   4 years nmedfort Fix for slab allocator on Mac OS
(edit) @4524   4 years nmedfort Safer use of initializer_list
(edit) @4523   4 years cameron Disable CSE option
(edit) @4522   4 years cameron Catch std::runtime_error and report; sanitize only on Linux
(edit) @4521   4 years nmedfort added code sinking module; disabled by default as it hurts performance …
(edit) @4520   4 years cameron Favor FinaPostPositionByte? positioning; fix for lookahead assertion
(edit) @4519   4 years nmedfort Extra _ moved from char seperator to initial label.
(edit) @4518   4 years cameron Modify -print-pablo output for python pablo compiler
(edit) @4516   4 years nmedfort More memory leak fixes. All known leaks accounted for.
(edit) @4515   4 years cameron Clear out some unused variables
(edit) @4513   4 years cameron -print-pablo now prints out final Pablo code only
(edit) @4512   4 years nmedfort Fix for printing out Name strings
(edit) @4511   4 years nmedfort Added vector support for If defined vars back.
(edit) @4510   4 years nmedfort Many memory deallocation fixes.
(edit) @4509   4 years cameron Full UTF-8 validation of Initial/Final? streams
(edit) @4508   4 years cameron Move to 1.0 numbering; eliminate LLVM3.4 support; …
(edit) @4486   4 years nmedfort Minor code clean-up
(edit) @4485   4 years cameron Create Calls to predeclared in outer block
(edit) @4483   4 years cameron Line break tests
(edit) @4482   4 years cameron Ensure line breaks are not matched.
(edit) @4480   4 years nmedfort modified CMakeLists.txt to allow for user specification of simd operations.
(edit) @4478   4 years cameron Fix to handle files without a proper line break at EOF
(edit) @4477   4 years cameron Bug fix for big files
(edit) @4463   4 years cameron Nonzero grepcount cases passed by icgrep, pcre2grep, ugrep541
(edit) @4460   4 years cameron Set normalize line breaks option;default off
(edit) @4459   4 years cameron Command-line options to control RE compilation optimizations
(edit) @4456   4 years cameron Property tests
(edit) @4454   4 years nmedfort bug fix for alias resolution
(edit) @4444   4 years nmedfort Swapped boost flat_set for stl vector in PabloAST
(edit) @4443   4 years nmedfort Temporary check in.
(edit) @4442   4 years cameron Simple if-insertion strategy at starDepth 0
(edit) @4441   4 years cameron Use mPB instead of mCG in #ifdef'd code
(edit) @4440   4 years cameron Send all output to std::cout, convert line breaks
(edit) @4439   4 years nmedfort Removed superfluous Assigns from RE compiler. Left the one in the CC …
(edit) @4438   4 years nmedfort Preliminary steps for removal of superfluous Assigns.
(edit) @4437   4 years nmedfort Couple minor bug fixes.
(edit) @4436   4 years cameron Turn RTTI off
(edit) @4435   4 years cameron Switch to dyn_cast system for PropertyObjects?
(edit) @4434   4 years nmedfort Bug fix for last check in
(edit) @4433   4 years nmedfort Possible fix for segfault issue. CC seems to be generating the same …
(edit) @4432   4 years nmedfort Temporary check in.
(edit) @4431   4 years cameron Throw exceptions in preference to exit(-1)
(edit) @4430   4 years cameron Skip rather than exit for various special file conditions; skip directories
(edit) @4429   4 years cameron Throw exception for unsupported mode flags and repetition bounds > limits
(edit) @4427   4 years cameron Add precompiled property files to UCDlib
(edit) @4426   4 years cameron Separate compilation of precompiled files
(edit) @4425   4 years cameron Correct some generated property functions
(edit) @4422   4 years cameron Fix for very long shift
(edit) @4421   4 years cameron Support for multiblock shift; wrapped_print_register
(edit) @4420   4 years cameron Improvements for bounded repetition
(edit) @4419   4 years nmedfort Some code clean up and improvements to the CSE optimization.
(edit) @4418   4 years cameron Eliminate unused file utf_encoding.cpp file
(edit) @4417   4 years cameron Add missing Xor logic in Examine; minor fixes
(edit) @4416   4 years nmedfort Many use def info changes; removed dependency on boost system library. …
(edit) @4415   4 years nmedfort More work on usedef info.
(edit) @4414   4 years nmedfort Minor changes towards maintaining UseDef? information.
(edit) @4413   4 years cameron Empty sequences are legal
(edit) @4412   4 years cameron Command line parameter -i for case-insensitive matching
(edit) @4411   4 years cameron Support for single Unicode position lookahead assertions, \b
(edit) @4410   4 years nmedfort Changes to support 3-operand form for all instructions. CSE disabled …
(edit) @4409   4 years cameron Revise logic of word boundary tests
(edit) @4408   4 years cameron Lookbehind assertion logic
(edit) @4407   4 years cameron Assertion header check-in
(edit) @4406   4 years cameron AST support for Lookahead/Lookbehind? assertions
(edit) @4405   4 years cameron AST support for Lookahead/Lookbehind? assertions
(edit) @4404   4 years nmedfort Some work towards maintaining UseDef? information. Use …
(edit) @4403   4 years cameron Fix for access to carry/advance summary variables
(edit) @4402   4 years cameron Parsing support for word boundary assertions \b, \B
(edit) @4401   4 years cameron Optimized system for carry/advance summary variables
(edit) @4397   4 years cameron icgrep-0.98 notes
(edit) @4394   4 years cameron Implement \w, \s as \p{whitespace}, \p{word}.
(edit) @4393   4 years cameron Fixed byte length/unicode unit length analyzers; abstract/generalize …
(edit) @4392   4 years cameron Binary properties from PropList?.txt
(edit) @4391   4 years cameron Handling negated binary properties
(edit) @4390   4 years cameron Handle ANY, ASSIGNED, ASCII properties
(edit) @4388   4 years cameron Add derived core properties such as math, alpha; refine the property …
(edit) @4386   4 years cameron Add support for ScriptExtensions? and Block properties
(edit) @4385   4 years cameron Support for the Unicode script property
(edit) @4384   4 years cameron bug fix: handle all RE types
(edit) @4383   4 years cameron Bug fix to resolve issue with empty maps
(edit) @4382   4 years cameron Create ability to install arbitrary external functions
(edit) @4380   4 years cameron UCD property resolution initial check in
(edit) @4378   4 years cameron Incremental step towards general property support
(edit) @4377   4 years cameron Add support for \p{property=value}, Names are now namespace/name pairs.
(edit) @4376   4 years nmedfort Bug fix for if block; wasn't placing the advance summaries in the …
(edit) @4371   4 years nmedfort Potential but barely tested fix for nested Ifs.
(edit) @4366   4 years cameron Updated files generated from revised
(edit) @4362   4 years cameron Remove do_final_block function
(edit) @4359   4 years cameron Sel -> Xor optimization; implement Pablo Xor in printer, compiler
(edit) @4358   4 years cameron Clean up various minor issues that generate compiler warnings.
(edit) @4357   4 years cameron Move non-ASCII byte class computation inside if-structure.
(edit) @4356   4 years cameron Improved unicode_categories.h implementation; eliminates uninitialized …
(edit) @4354   4 years cameron Update to remove redundant defs
(edit) @4353   4 years cameron Group options; hide LLVM options
(edit) @4352   4 years cameron Embed predefined streams in if-structures
(edit) @4351   4 years cameron Insertion point should not be within if-stmt
(edit) @4350   4 years cameron Regenerated Unicode categories with bug fix for
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