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(edit) @4213   5 years nmedfort Created internal 'string pool' for Call, CharClass?, Var and Assign …
(edit) @4212   5 years nmedfort Removed some unnecessary makeAssign/makeVar calls. Had mystery bus …
(edit) @4211   5 years nmedfort Removed 'newsym' from CodeGenState? and replaced with an Assign target …
(edit) @4210   5 years nmedfort First stage of code generator revamp
(edit) @4209   5 years nmedfort Minor revisions
(edit) @4208   5 years cameron Ensure MatchStar? used for unbounded repetitions, after lb reduced to 0
(edit) @4207   5 years nmedfort Minor changes; moved printers to re and pablo folders.
(edit) @4206   5 years nmedfort Minor clean-up
(edit) @4205   5 years nmedfort Nullable sanity checks
(edit) @4203   5 years nmedfort Performance bug fix
(edit) @4200   5 years nmedfort Replaced dynamic_cast with llvm::dyn_cast in pablo code; implemented …
(edit) @4199   5 years nmedfort First stage of refactoring PabloE classes.
(edit) @4198   5 years nmedfort More refactoring. Moved CC and Pablo functions into their own folders. …
(edit) @4197   5 years nmedfort More refactoring of the RE system; moved the original re/RE_Compiler …
(edit) @4196   5 years nmedfort Bug fix for CC_Compiler
(edit) @4195   5 years nmedfort Missing stdexcept import; oddly only reported with g++ and not clang++
(edit) @4194   5 years nmedfort Modified RE module to use a LLVM-like dyn_cast system; added 'make' …
(edit) @4193   5 years cameron More UTF-8 validation
(edit) @4189   5 years cameron Unicode data files and sparse bitset representation
(edit) @4187   5 years nmedfort Some refactoring of the RE CC class and CC Compiler; Moved RE into re …
(edit) @4182   5 years nmedfort RE Parser modification to use ParseFailure? exceptions; removed the …
(edit) @4152   5 years nmedfort Added tests for cxx11 / cxx0x and sse/avx support. Kept Meng's changes …
(edit) @4151   5 years linmengl experimental support for BLOCK_SIZE 256 ready to test
(edit) @4149   5 years nmedfort Bug fix for empty file: outfile wasn't set prior to testing.
(edit) @4141   5 years linmengl bug fix in
(edit) @4140   5 years linmengl remove ipdb; error handle in
(edit) @4137   5 years linmengl move USE_UADD_OVERFLOW to llvm_gen.h: it doesn't work in icgrep.cpp; …
(edit) @4134   5 years cameron Eliminate duplicated output logic with write_matches routine.
(edit) @4133   5 years cameron Remove codegenobject files
(edit) @4132   5 years cameron Restructure - collapse cc_codegenobject into cc_compiler
(edit) @4131   5 years cameron Set parameters for BitBlockScanners? on 32-bit platforms
(edit) @4130   5 years linmengl minor fix on CMakeList.txt, 'make check' now print the output on failure
(edit) @4129   5 years cameron Revert CR introduction; eliminate unused code for 'predefined' syms
(edit) @4128   5 years linmengl modify; add an interactive perf data viewer; add make target …
(edit) @4127   5 years linmengl remove redundant test data
(edit) @4126   5 years linmengl initial checkin of performance script; based on Ben's script, will do …
(edit) @4125   5 years cameron make names canonical; avoid codepoint confusion
(edit) @4124   5 years cameron If statement logic for DeclareCallFunctions?
(edit) @4123   5 years cameron Add CRs as line breaks
(edit) @4122   5 years cameron UnboundedRep_helper
(edit) @4121   5 years cameron Bug fix for bounded repetition
(edit) @4120   5 years cameron Check in IP tests for fixed bound repetition
(edit) @4119   5 years cameron Update to generate UTF-8 test files; add some CRLF and …
(edit) @4118   5 years linmengl auto detect LLVM version in CMakeList.txt; add #ifdef blocks
(edit) @4117   5 years cameron #ifdefs for experimental options
(edit) @4099   5 years cameron Remove redundant statements
(edit) @4098   5 years cameron Remove unused Nd category file
(edit) @4096   5 years linmengl generate llvm.uadd.with.overflow. add 'make check' target to run …
(edit) @4095   5 years cameron Introduce USE_IF_FOR_NONFINAL for experimental option.
(edit) @4094   5 years cameron ab*c test generation and execution.
(edit) @4091   5 years cameron Changes for parabix-LLVM (3.5 based); reset default to 3.4
(edit) @4090   5 years linmengl move out PrintModulePass?.h from LLVM 3.5
(edit) @4089   5 years cameron Set default version as 3.4; eliminate baked platform dependencies
(edit) @4088   5 years linmengl migrate to LLVM 3.5 API. define USE_LLVM_3_5 in llvm_gen.h to compile …
(edit) @4087   5 years cameron Simple test script
(edit) @4086   5 years cameron Support for Pablo if-statements; use for utf-8 scope streams
(edit) @4085   5 years cameron Some refactoring
(edit) @4080   5 years cameron Add munmap call
(edit) @4079   5 years linmengl set ignore property to ignore files inside llvm-build, icgrep-build …
(edit) @4074   5 years cameron Fix output error in MMAP mode; set MMAP as default.
(edit) @4070   5 years cameron Reset default unicode_category file.
(edit) @4069   5 years cameron New flat and simple unicode_category file alternatives.
(edit) @4068   5 years cameron Updated hierarchical if file
(edit) @4055   5 years cameron Finer-grained Unicode categories
(edit) @4041   5 years cameron Tagging icgrep-0.9
(edit) @4040   5 years cameron Turn off mmap
(edit) @4039   5 years cameron Release notes for icgrep-0.9
(edit) @4038   5 years cameron mmap version
(edit) @4037   5 years cameron Remove unused function to clear warnings.
(edit) @4036   5 years cameron Conditional define for STDC_LIMIT_MACROS
(edit) @4034   5 years cameron Cleanups to clear compiler warnings.
(edit) @4033   5 years cameron Import updated file.
(edit) @4026   5 years cameron Sparce -> Sparse
(edit) @4017   5 years cameron . metacharacter should match any Unicode character
(edit) @4003   5 years cameron Fix carry increment bug; tag Seq byte ranges
(edit) @4002   5 years cameron Sel: remove duplicate if calc; minor notes
(edit) @4000   5 years cameron Fix unicode match with Scanthru; negated unicode class fix
(edit) @3999   5 years cameron Modularize implementation of MatchStar? and ScanThru?
(edit) @3998   5 years cameron Preserve negated attribute
(edit) @3995   5 years cameron Restructuring - not quite ready
(edit) @3994   5 years cameron Delete old pablos_printer files, use printer_pablos instead
(edit) @3993   5 years cameron Parse negated classes \P{}
(edit) @3992   5 years cameron Add Negated attribute for Names
(edit) @3991   5 years daled Minor changes.
(edit) @3990   5 years cameron Generated unicode_categories.h file and alternatives
(edit) @3986   5 years cameron MatchStar? correction
(edit) @3984   5 years cameron Eliminate INT2STRING in favor of std::to_string
(edit) @3983   5 years daled Minor updates.
(edit) @3982   5 years daled icGREP now support Unicode categories.
(edit) @3976   5 years daled Turned off debug instrumentation.
(edit) @3975   5 years daled Minor update.
(edit) @3974   5 years daled Removing old artifacts.
(edit) @3972   5 years cameron All codepoints test file, one per line
(edit) @3969   5 years daled A change to the way unicode categories are handled. This version …
(edit) @3966   5 years daled New header.
(edit) @3965   5 years daled The Unicode category 'Nd' is in place and it is working.
(edit) @3963   5 years daled Eliminated all of the extra marker bit stream variables that were …
(edit) @3961   5 years daled Multibyte character code classes parsed from hex notation are now …
(edit) @3958   5 years daled Minor update.
(edit) @3957   5 years daled Minor update.
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