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(edit) @5010   4 years nmedfort Fix for u8u16
(edit) @5009   4 years cameron u8u16 transcoder demo program now working
(edit) @5008   4 years nmedfort Potential fix for Mac compilers.
(edit) @5007   4 years cameron u8u16 progress
(edit) @5006   4 years cameron Inverse transposition for 16 bit streams to 16-bit code units
(edit) @5005   4 years cameron u8u16 application and kernels - partial
(edit) @5004   4 years cameron Add deletion kernel
(edit) @5003   4 years nmedfort Symbol table bug fix and support for >1 block lookahead.
(edit) @5002   4 years cameron Add deletion kernel
(edit) @5001   4 years nmedfort Symbol table work
(edit) @5000   4 years nmedfort Redesigned buffer system to allow the pipeline to control selection of …
(edit) @4999   4 years cameron Further hsimd_signmask options using sse2.pmovmskb.128; allow …
(edit) @4998   4 years cameron SSE/SSE2 overrides for hsimd_signmask; support BlockSize?=256 long …
(edit) @4997   4 years cameron Fix AVX2 packh/l
(edit) @4996   4 years cameron Duplicated packh/l code with SSE2 builder buggy; eliminate duplicate code
(edit) @4995   4 years nmedfort More work on symbol table; unexpected bug with 4KiB-one page tests …
(edit) @4994   4 years cameron Show filenames with -c option as required.
(edit) @4993   4 years cameron Clean ups of casefold demo app.
(edit) @4992   4 years nmedfort Continued work on symbol table.
(edit) @4991   4 years nmedfort Symbol table work and untested kernel instatiate method for multiple …
(edit) @4990   4 years cameron Fix for first positional arg not a filename
(edit) @4989   4 years cameron Show file names when more than one file specified.
(edit) @4988   4 years cameron casefold sample application/pipeline
(edit) @4987   4 years cameron Inverse transposition kernels
(edit) @4986   4 years nmedfort First attempt at dynamic segment size intergration.
(edit) @4985   4 years cameron Fixes for last check-in.
(edit) @4984   4 years cameron Refactor IDISA, re, pablo toolchain components
(edit) @4983   4 years cameron Move items to util directory
(edit) @4982   4 years cameron Eliminate legacy include files; prepare util directory
(edit) @4981   4 years cameron Initial check-in for parallel prefix deletion
(edit) @4980   4 years cameron Remove mod64 junk
(edit) @4979   4 years lindanl Change GrepEngine? from a global variable to an argument to the threads.
(edit) @4978   4 years cameron -invert-matches/-v option
(edit) @4977   4 years cameron Clean up
(edit) @4976   4 years cameron Experimental s2p implementation using the s2p_ideal algorithm
(edit) @4975   4 years cameron Improved packh/packl for i64
(edit) @4974   4 years nmedfort Added the kernel instance class; removed original mmap file access in …
(edit) @4973   4 years lindanl Bug fixed for large file.
(edit) @4972   4 years lindanl multithreading with arbitrary number of threads and input files.
(edit) @4971   4 years cameron Repetition of assertions are simplified
(edit) @4970   4 years nmedfort Added ability to name internal state types; removed unnecessary …
(edit) @4969   4 years lindanl Bug fixed.
(edit) @4968   4 years nmedfort Some fixes for threading and kernel builder.
(edit) @4967   4 years lindanl Multiple input files can run on separate threads.
(edit) @4966   4 years hongpum Add a note regarding g++ in README
(edit) @4965   4 years hongpum Fix a memset which has arguments in wrong order
(edit) @4964   4 years hongpum Refine path representation and default CacheDir? * Use SmallString?
(edit) @4963   4 years hongpum Append globalFlags to the hashsum used by caching
(edit) @4962   4 years hongpum Add basic object cache implementation
(edit) @4961   4 years hongpum Append the sha1sum of REs to Module ID
(edit) @4960   4 years hongpum Remove unnecessary brackets when constructing one-element ArrayRef?
(edit) @4959   4 years nmedfort Initial modifications to Pablo Compiler and Kernel Builder to support …
(edit) @4958   4 years lindanl optimize pack for block size of 64.
(edit) @4957   4 years cameron Alternative transposition strategies with AVX2
(edit) @4956   4 years cameron Merge in 512-bit hsimd_signmask
(edit) @4955   4 years cameron Improved implementation of simd_pack on AVX2
(edit) @4954   4 years cameron Support for -BlockSize?=512 on AVX2
(edit) @4953   4 years cameron Remove BLOCK_SIZE, SIMD checking from CMakeLists.txt, README
(edit) @4952   4 years cameron Removing compile-time BLOCK_SIZE from toolchain, grep_engine, enable …
(edit) @4951   4 years cameron Removing compile-time BLOCK_SIZE from pablo compiler/carry manager
(edit) @4950   4 years cameron Removing compile-time BLOCK_SIZE
(edit) @4949   4 years cameron Integrate Unicode Name data into icgrep executable
(edit) @4947   4 years cameron Restructuring step
(edit) @4946   4 years cameron Refactor and encapsulate grep codegen/execution in GrepEngine?
(edit) @4945   4 years lindanl Use kernel state methods.
(edit) @4944   4 years lindanl 64 bit version.
(edit) @4943   4 years lindanl format register printing.
(edit) @4942   4 years lindanl Remove simd-lib. Print register implemented in LLVM IR.
(edit) @4941   4 years lindanl Some clean up.
(edit) @4940   4 years cameron Use mBlockSize instead of 128
(edit) @4939   4 years lindanl new version using the kernels.
(edit) @4938   4 years nmedfort Some performance improvements to BuDDy for functions called by the …
(edit) @4937   4 years nmedfort Check in of misc changes prior to symbol table work.
(edit) @4936   4 years cameron Revert scanmatchgen changes
(edit) @4935   4 years cameron Bug fix; simplification
(edit) @4934   4 years lindanl Bug fix.
(edit) @4933   4 years lindanl Minor fixes.
(edit) @4932   4 years lindanl Minor fixes.
(edit) @4931   4 years lindanl Add final block processing.
(edit) @4930   4 years lindanl KernelBuilder? updates.
(edit) @4929   4 years lindanl PipelineBuilder? that creates the Main function.
(edit) @4928   4 years nmedfort Bug fix for Buddy in 'apply_rec' function; replaced setjmp/longjmp …
(edit) @4927   4 years nmedfort Bug fixes
(edit) @4926   4 years lindanl Update kernel builder.
(edit) @4925   4 years nmedfort Slight optimization for Simplifier; major change to CarryManager? to …
(edit) @4924   4 years lindanl Add KernelBuilder?.
(edit) @4922   4 years nmedfort Incorporated a few common case boolean optimizations in the Simplifier.
(edit) @4921   4 years nmedfort Bug fix for RE Compiler.
(edit) @4920   4 years nmedfort Cleaned up CMakeList.txt
(edit) @4919   4 years nmedfort Work on lowering + some timing and papi information that will be …
(edit) @4917   4 years hongpum Delete the IDISA builder object before exit to suppress a memory leak …
(edit) @4909   4 years cameron Fix conversion from carry out bit to bitblock
(edit) @4908   4 years cameron Turn off predefined UCD functions by default
(edit) @4907   4 years cameron Kernels in icgrep: initial check-in
(edit) @4904   4 years cameron Refactoring progress towards layered kernels
(edit) @4903   4 years cameron movmsk_pd_256 is available with AVX as well as AVX2
(edit) @4902   4 years cameron SSE specialized IDISA functions
(edit) @4901   4 years cameron SSE specialized IDISA functions
(edit) @4900   4 years cameron Dynamic generation of s2p code
(edit) @4899   4 years nmedfort Work on lowering + minor bug fixes.
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