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(edit) @5610   2 months nmedfort Bug fix for bounded/unbounded repetitions.
(edit) @5609   2 months cameron Ensure available/writable items for more buffer types
(edit) @5608   2 months cameron Whole block copying in multiblock kernel builder
(edit) @5607   2 months nmedfort Bug fix for DistributivePass?. Minor change to Simplifier to prevent …
(edit) @5606   2 months cameron Allow different strides for FileSink? kernel
(edit) @5605   2 months lindanl Allows stdout for u8u16.
(edit) @5604   3 months xuedongx update re_analysis for unit bounded repetition and local language
(edit) @5603   3 months lindanl editd:group pattern segments.
(edit) @5602   3 months lindanl editd:some fixes.
(edit) @5601   3 months lindanl base64: Add task parallel for multiple input files.
(edit) @5600   3 months cameron Bug fix from Adam
(edit) @5599   3 months cameron Bug fixes for multiblock kernel/radix64
(edit) @5598   3 months nmedfort Test for Jenkins.
(edit) @5597   3 months nmedfort Modified stream set buffers to use heap memory.
(edit) @5596   3 months nmedfort MAC OS Compile fix for DistributionPass?
(edit) @5595   3 months cameron Fix LLVM type error
(edit) @5594   3 months cameron Simplification of MultiBlockKernel? builder: stream set pointers are to …
(edit) @5593   3 months nmedfort Bug fix for RE_Compiler.
(edit) @5592   3 months nmedfort Modifications to DistributionPass?
(edit) @5591   3 months lindanl Editd: Bug fixed for buffer size (add assert). Some restructuring.
(edit) @5590   3 months xuedongx bug fix and setName for kernel for future use
(edit) @5589   3 months xuedongx generare negated deletion mask
(edit) @5588   3 months cameron PDEP kernel - initial check-in from Adam
(edit) @5587   3 months lindanl editd make check fixes.
(edit) @5586   3 months nmedfort Long Advance bug fix.
(edit) @5585   3 months xuedongx use multiplexed character classes as the input to grep kernel, …
(edit) @5584   3 months lindanl More fixes for editd.
(edit) @5583   3 months lindanl Another cache naming bug fixed for editd.
(edit) @5582   3 months lindanl Bug fixed for editd.
(edit) @5581   3 months nmedfort Optimization to UCD Compiler to make use of multiple assignments for Vars.
(edit) @5580   3 months lindanl Bug fix for segment size in editd.
(edit) @5579   3 months lindanl multiple editd kernels in one pipeline
(edit) @5578   3 months xuedongx make charclasses kernel unCachable
(edit) @5577   3 months lindanl minor fixes.
(edit) @5576   3 months lindanl minor fixes.
(edit) @5575   3 months xuedongx small fix
(edit) @5574   3 months cameron Refactor to make a common grep pipeline
(edit) @5573   3 months xuedongx re_local: bug fix.
(edit) @5572   3 months xuedongx small fix
(edit) @5571   3 months nmedfort DistributionPass? bug fix and code clean up
(edit) @5570   3 months nmedfort Corrected DistributionPass? algorithm.
(edit) @5569   3 months xuedongx delete comments
(edit) @5568   3 months xuedongx add analysis for local language
(edit) @5567   3 months nmedfort compilation bug fix
(edit) @5566   3 months nmedfort Work on Pablo optimizations
(edit) @5565   3 months xuedongx Separate name resolve and gather for future use. Add …
(edit) @5564   3 months xuedongx add some of the kernels multiplex CCs need
(edit) @5563   3 months cameron Fix for longstanding bug plus test case
(edit) @5562   3 months cameron Add -VerifyPablo? option
(edit) @5561   3 months cameron Factor out required streams into a separate kernel
(edit) @5560   3 months cameron BlockSize? check
(edit) @5559   3 months cameron Small fix for re analysis
(edit) @5558   3 months cameron Unix lines mode and support for 'Byte' character classes
(edit) @5557   3 months cameron Support for CCs in regexp analysis
(edit) @5556   3 months xuedongx bug fix
(edit) @5555   3 months cameron Flattening if-hierarchy for bounded repetitions, allowing CCs to pass …
(edit) @5554   4 months cameron -enable-byte-mode initial check-in
(edit) @5553   4 months cameron mStride must be initialized
(edit) @5552   4 months cameron Processing rate analysis and validation
(edit) @5551   4 months cameron Bug fix
(edit) @5550   4 months lindanl Use exsiting PTX file.
(edit) @5549   4 months xuedongx add u8u32 kernel
(edit) @5548   4 months cameron Decouple finalizeMatchResults, creating separate MatchedLinesKernel?
(edit) @5547   4 months cameron Use DynamicBuffer? in base64 for testing
(edit) @5545   4 months cameron Fixing :graph:? :print:?
(edit) @5544   4 months cameron Deallocating dynamic buffers
(edit) @5543   4 months cameron Ensure size of dynamic buffers is a multiple of cache line size
(edit) @5542   4 months cameron Buffer handles: bug fix
(edit) @5541   4 months cameron Dynamic Buffers - initial check-in
(edit) @5540   4 months cameron Integrated AVX deletion kernel
(edit) @5538   4 months cameron Test case that hangs r5534
(edit) @5537   4 months cameron Enable ?m and ?x mode flags
(edit) @5536   4 months nmedfort Flatten If branches when the condition is trivially non zero
(edit) @5535   4 months nmedfort Bug fix for CodeMotionPass? for Ifs within While loops
(edit) @5533   4 months faldebey more bug fixes and cleanup for testing tool
(edit) @5532   4 months faldebey RE generator bug fix
(edit) @5531   4 months faldebey bug fix
(edit) @5528   4 months lindanl editd: number of groups is now defined by number of pattern segments.
(edit) @5527   4 months faldebey CoRE tool fix
(edit) @5526   4 months cameron Scanmatch kernel using multiblock kernel builder - revised from Dong
(edit) @5525   4 months cameron Small fix
(edit) @5524   4 months cameron Small fix
(edit) @5523   4 months lindanl cache editd kernel.
(edit) @5522   4 months cameron Fixes for processing rates; multiblock kernel builder
(edit) @5521   4 months lindanl fix ThreadNum?.
(edit) @5519   4 months faldebey more cleanup
(edit) @5518   4 months faldebey cleanup
(edit) @5517   4 months faldebey config fix
(edit) @5516   4 months faldebey added combinatorial testing tool
(edit) @5515   4 months cameron Allow repeated quantifiers in parsing, support possessive quantifiers, …
(edit) @5514   4 months lindanl editd GPU: bug fixed.
(edit) @5513   4 months cameron setCapacity for memory source kernel
(edit) @5512   4 months nmedfort Fix for last check in
(edit) @5511   4 months lindanl editd GPU (bug unresolved).
(edit) @5510   4 months nmedfort Back up check-in. Should have no effect on current programs.
(edit) @5509   4 months cameron Bounded repetition optimizations and bug fix; test case
(edit) @5508   4 months cameron Simplified expand3_4 kernel taking advantage of multiblock builder
(edit) @5507   4 months cameron Update radix64/expand34 to use multiblock kernel
(edit) @5506   4 months cameron :getStreamSetBlockType
(edit) @5505   4 months cameron Multi block bug fix
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