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(edit) @5663   17 months cameron Enabling Unicode string properties for \p{prop=string} search
(edit) @5662   17 months cameron UCD parsing improvements; initial support for generating …
(edit) @5661   17 months cameron Multicolumn parsing support for UCD files - adding bpt property
(edit) @5660   17 months cameron UCD corrections and additional properties
(edit) @5659   17 months cameron UCD generator restructuring and improvements
(edit) @5658   17 months cameron UCD generator restructuring and improvements
(edit) @5657   17 months cameron Newly generated UCD files
(edit) @5656   17 months cameron UCD_Config.h, add Indic and CompositionExclusion? properties
(edit) @5655   17 months cameron UCD_Config.h, add Indic and CompositionExclusion? properties
(edit) @5654   17 months nmedfort Compilation bug fix
(edit) @5653   17 months cameron Updates for Python 3; some refactoring
(edit) @5652   17 months cameron Parse Unicode version; parse decomposition mapping fields
(edit) @5651   17 months cameron Add Unicode version to --version info
(edit) @5650   17 months cameron Multiblock kernel builder support for ExternalBuffer? inputs; clean-up
(edit) @5649   17 months cameron Some RE tidy-ups; an empty Alt is permitted and represents the set of …
(edit) @5648   17 months cameron Regular expressions for property values: allow aliases, do not …
(edit) @5647   17 months nmedfort Minor bug fixes and removal of inadvertent check in for StreamSet?.cpp/h
(edit) @5646   17 months nmedfort Minor clean up. Bug fix for object cache when the same cached kernel …
(edit) @5645   17 months cameron Revert inadvertent change
(edit) @5644   17 months cameron Rename UCD-scripts directory
(edit) @5643   17 months cameron Moving UCD scripts
(edit) @5641   17 months cameron Modularizing copyBack support
(edit) @5640   17 months cameron Bug fix
(edit) @5639   17 months cameron Fixes for multiblock kernel builder
(edit) @5638   17 months cameron Modifying multiblock kernel builder for non-fixed input stream sets - …
(edit) @5637   17 months cameron Trace option for produced, processed, consumed item counts
(edit) @5636   17 months cameron Fixes
(edit) @5635   17 months cameron PDEP kernel: only process blocks if sufficient source stream data available
(edit) @5634   17 months nmedfort Bug fix for last check in and for UnicodeSet::insert_range.
(edit) @5633   17 months nmedfort Bug fix to avoid a LLVM bug when using a cross-compilable void pointer …
(edit) @5632   18 months cameron Optimizations for re_local
(edit) @5631   18 months cameron Small fixes
(edit) @5630   18 months nmedfort Partial check-in for avoidance of compiling Pablo/LLVM code to …
(edit) @5629   18 months cameron Popcount improvement
(edit) @5628   18 months cameron DumpTrace? option: do not dump uninitialized variables
(edit) @5627   18 months cameron PDEP kernels from Adam with pdep_width_less_1 fix
(edit) @5626   18 months xuedongx small fix for expandstreams
(edit) @5625   18 months xuedongx add ExpandStream? kernel and small fix.
(edit) @5624   18 months nmedfort Modified CountForward/ReverseZeroes? to allow a zero value to be valid.
(edit) @5623   18 months cameron Temp buffer items needed on non-principal stream set should use …
(edit) @5622   18 months nmedfort More CBuilder assertions.
(edit) @5621   18 months cameron Fix local language mode for Unicode
(edit) @5620   18 months nmedfort Bug fixes for multigrep mode. Optional PabloKernel? branch hit counter …
(edit) @5619   18 months nmedfort Memory leak fixes + minor optimization of RE_local.
(edit) @5618   18 months cameron Dynamic buffer tracing; calculations for available items/blocks in …
(edit) @5617   18 months xuedongx new RE compiler pipeline for local language(enlightened by Glushkov …
(edit) @5616   18 months nmedfort Bug fixes for IR/ASM writing
(edit) @5615   18 months cameron Automatic expansion of dynamic buffers in pipeline
(edit) @5614   18 months faldebey Added small ugrep tool for comparison
(edit) @5613   18 months faldebey different updates to CoRE
(edit) @5612   18 months cameron Dynamic buffer capacity doubling - initial check-in
(edit) @5611   18 months cameron MaxReferenceItems? for MaxRatio?
(edit) @5610   18 months nmedfort Bug fix for bounded/unbounded repetitions.
(edit) @5609   18 months cameron Ensure available/writable items for more buffer types
(edit) @5608   19 months cameron Whole block copying in multiblock kernel builder
(edit) @5607   19 months nmedfort Bug fix for DistributivePass?. Minor change to Simplifier to prevent …
(edit) @5606   19 months cameron Allow different strides for FileSink? kernel
(edit) @5605   19 months lindanl Allows stdout for u8u16.
(edit) @5604   19 months xuedongx update re_analysis for unit bounded repetition and local language
(edit) @5603   19 months lindanl editd:group pattern segments.
(edit) @5602   19 months lindanl editd:some fixes.
(edit) @5601   19 months lindanl base64: Add task parallel for multiple input files.
(edit) @5600   19 months cameron Bug fix from Adam
(edit) @5599   19 months cameron Bug fixes for multiblock kernel/radix64
(edit) @5598   19 months nmedfort Test for Jenkins.
(edit) @5597   19 months nmedfort Modified stream set buffers to use heap memory.
(edit) @5596   19 months nmedfort MAC OS Compile fix for DistributionPass?
(edit) @5595   19 months cameron Fix LLVM type error
(edit) @5594   19 months cameron Simplification of MultiBlockKernel? builder: stream set pointers are to …
(edit) @5593   19 months nmedfort Bug fix for RE_Compiler.
(edit) @5592   19 months nmedfort Modifications to DistributionPass?
(edit) @5591   19 months lindanl Editd: Bug fixed for buffer size (add assert). Some restructuring.
(edit) @5590   19 months xuedongx bug fix and setName for kernel for future use
(edit) @5589   19 months xuedongx generare negated deletion mask
(edit) @5588   19 months cameron PDEP kernel - initial check-in from Adam
(edit) @5587   19 months lindanl editd make check fixes.
(edit) @5586   19 months nmedfort Long Advance bug fix.
(edit) @5585   19 months xuedongx use multiplexed character classes as the input to grep kernel, …
(edit) @5584   19 months lindanl More fixes for editd.
(edit) @5583   19 months lindanl Another cache naming bug fixed for editd.
(edit) @5582   19 months lindanl Bug fixed for editd.
(edit) @5581   19 months nmedfort Optimization to UCD Compiler to make use of multiple assignments for Vars.
(edit) @5580   19 months lindanl Bug fix for segment size in editd.
(edit) @5579   19 months lindanl multiple editd kernels in one pipeline
(edit) @5578   19 months xuedongx make charclasses kernel unCachable
(edit) @5577   19 months lindanl minor fixes.
(edit) @5576   19 months lindanl minor fixes.
(edit) @5575   19 months xuedongx small fix
(edit) @5574   19 months cameron Refactor to make a common grep pipeline
(edit) @5573   19 months xuedongx re_local: bug fix.
(edit) @5572   19 months xuedongx small fix
(edit) @5571   19 months nmedfort DistributionPass? bug fix and code clean up
(edit) @5570   19 months nmedfort Corrected DistributionPass? algorithm.
(edit) @5569   19 months xuedongx delete comments
(edit) @5568   19 months xuedongx add analysis for local language
(edit) @5567   19 months nmedfort compilation bug fix
(edit) @5566   19 months nmedfort Work on Pablo optimizations
(edit) @5565   19 months xuedongx Separate name resolve and gather for future use. Add …
(edit) @5564   20 months xuedongx add some of the kernels multiplex CCs need
(edit) @5563   20 months cameron Fix for longstanding bug plus test case
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