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(edit) @6053   8 months cameron esimd_mergel 4 argument order fix
(edit) @6052   8 months cameron IDISA test checking, more test operations, IDISA fixes
(edit) @6051   8 months cameron IDISA testing
(edit) @6050   8 months cameron IDISA testing
(edit) @6049   8 months nmedfort Bug fix for ReadSourceKernel?
(edit) @6048   8 months nmedfort Added USE_ADDRESS_SANITIZER compilation flag
(edit) @6047   8 months nmedfort Major refactoring of buffer types. Static buffers replace Circular and …
(edit) @6046   8 months cameron Some fixes
(edit) @6045   8 months cameron StreamExpand? kernel and compiler - initial check-in
(edit) @6044   8 months xwa163 1. Fix a bug of multiplexing lz4_grep in release build 2. Combine …
(edit) @6043   8 months xwa163 Init checkin for lz4_grep count-only pipeline with multiplexing
(edit) @6042   8 months xwa163 Improve the performance of output producing logic in LZ4IndexBuilderKernel
(edit) @6041   8 months xwa163 Use simd_pdep in swizzled version of pdep kernels
(edit) @6040   8 months xwa163 Init checkin for bitstream_pdep_kernel with gather intrinsics
(edit) @6039   8 months xwa163 Init checkin for bitstream version of lz4d match copy
(edit) @6038   8 months xwa163 revert r6035
(edit) @6037   8 months cameron StreamCompressionCompiler? initial check-in
(edit) @6036   8 months cameron Missing includes
(edit) @6035   8 months xwa163 PEXTFieldCompressKernel: fix bug in final block
(edit) @6034   8 months cameron One more getBufferedSize bug fix
(edit) @6033   8 months xwa163 Add bitstream deposit version of character_deposit pipeline
(edit) @6032   8 months xwa163 Add compression pipeline in character_deletion
(edit) @6031   8 months xwa163 Fix some typos in DeleteByPEXTkernel
(edit) @6030   8 months cameron Eliminate dependency on llvm/CodeGen/CommandFlags.h
(edit) @6029   8 months xwa163 Init checkin for bitstream_pdep_kernel
(edit) @6028   8 months cameron Address Sanitizer is the root of Evil False Positives
(edit) @6027   8 months cameron Bug fix for scanmatch processedItemCount
(edit) @6026   9 months xwa163 1. Implement SwizzledMultiplePDEPkernel with the same logic as new …
(edit) @6025   9 months nmedfort bug fix for mmap kernel to prevent it from copying the entire file
(edit) @6024   9 months cameron mvmd_compress for SSE2, StreamCompress? bug fix
(edit) @6023   9 months cameron getArgumentList dropped from LLVM 5
(edit) @6022   9 months xwa163 Performance improvement for M0 marker bit output logic in …
(edit) @6021   9 months xwa163 Add percentage for cycle counter
(edit) @6020   9 months xwa163 1. New version of lz4_swizzled_match_copy kernel with higher …
(edit) @6019   9 months cameron mvmd_compress for 64-bit fields on AVX2
(edit) @6018   9 months cameron PEXTFieldCompressKernel
(edit) @6017   9 months cameron mvmd_srl, mvmd_sll for AVX2 to improve StreamCompressKernel? performance
(edit) @6016   9 months cameron AVX-512 support for mvmd_srl, mvme_sll
(edit) @6015   9 months cameron mvmd_compress fixes for AVX-512
(edit) @6014   9 months cameron Stream deletion bug fixes
(edit) @6013   9 months cameron StreamCompressKernel? initial check-in
(edit) @6012   9 months cameron Fix for mvmd_compress
(edit) @6011   9 months cameron simd_pext and simd_pdep for AVX2
(edit) @6010   9 months nmedfort Bug fix for 32-bit
(edit) @6009   9 months cameron AVX2 mvmd_compress
(edit) @6008   9 months nmedfort Removed temporary buffers from pipeline and placed them in the source …
(edit) @6007   9 months cameron mvmd_compress initial check-in
(edit) @6006   9 months cameron Multiblock field compress kernel, used in u8u16
(edit) @6005   9 months nmedfort Fix for overly aggressive temporary buffer allocation.
(edit) @6004   9 months cameron Restructuring step for DeletionKernel?: move partial sum popcount in …
(edit) @6003   9 months cameron Non-aligned input for s2p
(edit) @6002   9 months nmedfort Bug fix
(edit) @6001   9 months cameron Multiblock s2p
(edit) @6000   9 months cameron One line fix for r6000!
(edit) @5999   9 months cameron Handling of file system errors
(edit) @5998   9 months nmedfort Added temporary buffer functionality to the pipeline for single stream …
(edit) @5997   9 months cameron Optimization for the case when no include/exclude processing of files …
(edit) @5996   9 months cameron moving a temporary object prevents copy elision
(edit) @5995   9 months cameron Fix a pipeline bug when two kernel inputs have the same buffer!
(edit) @5994   9 months cameron INITIAL_CAPACITY must be a multiple of BlockSize?
(edit) @5993   9 months cameron Bug fix in the event the copy back amount is zero
(edit) @5992   9 months cameron Setting BinaryFilesMode? to Text (temporary); conversion to unique_ptr …
(edit) @5991   9 months cameron REs managed by slab allocator
(edit) @5990   9 months cameron Bug fix for binary detection/abort
(edit) @5989   9 months cameron AbortOnNull? functionality - initial check-in
(edit) @5988   9 months cameron CreateMemChr?
(edit) @5987   9 months xwa163 fix count only pipeline in lz4d_grep
(edit) @5986   9 months nmedfort Fix for unexpected merge conflict
(edit) @5985   9 months nmedfort Restructured MultiBlock? kernel. Removal of Swizzled buffers. Inclusion …
(edit) @5984   9 months nmedfort Made lz4 block decoder a segment oriented kernel; cleaned up …
(edit) @5983   9 months nmedfort Compilation bug fix
(edit) @5982   9 months xwa163 Improve swizzled match copy kernel
(edit) @5981   9 months xwa163 Improve performance of swizzled_match_copy_kernel by adjusting loop …
(edit) @5980   9 months cameron Fix for type error with AVX-512 packh/packl
(edit) @5979   9 months cameron mvmd_slli override for AVX-512 in support of u8u16
(edit) @5978   9 months cameron Using Cole's bypass of AVX signmask in favoer of the SSE2 version
(edit) @5977   9 months cameron AVX512 subfeature detection and popcount from Cole with further …
(edit) @5976   9 months cameron Incorporating Avery's improved esimd-bitspread: 5% speedup of icgrep
(edit) @5975   9 months cameron Use AVX512F as foundation class, adopting Cole's approach
(edit) @5974   9 months xwa163 1. Use i1 bit stream instead of i64 number stream in M0 related …
(edit) @5973   9 months cameron Revert untended Pablo compiler change
(edit) @5972   9 months cameron New generic bitblock_mask_from, bitblock_set_bit small field simd_popcount
(edit) @5971   9 months cameron Internal grep engine fixes
(edit) @5970   9 months cameron Optimization for no -exclude/-exclude case
(edit) @5969   9 months cameron Fix for -L/-l
(edit) @5968   9 months cameron -include and -exclude test cases
(edit) @5967   9 months nmedfort Updated LZ4SwizzledMatchCopy + minor changes
(edit) @5966   9 months xwa163 Convert lz4_swizzled_match_copy_kernel to SegmentOrientedKernel?
(edit) @5965   9 months cameron Support for file/directory include/exclude
(edit) @5964   9 months cameron Restructuring in preparation for command-line file include/exclude GLOBs
(edit) @5963   9 months cameron Fixes for internal buffer search
(edit) @5962   9 months cameron False character class bits past EOF create problems
(edit) @5961   9 months xwa163 Improve performance of lz4_index_builder by using memset to produce output
(edit) @5960   9 months cameron StreamsIntersect? kernel
(edit) @5959   10 months xwa163 1. Minor bug fixing for availableItemCount in SegmentOriented?
(edit) @5958   10 months nmedfort made LZ4IndexBuilderKernel a segment-oriented kernel + code clean up.
(edit) @5957   10 months nmedfort fixes for minor compilation issues
(edit) @5956   10 months cameron Fix for signmask on AVX512
(edit) @5955   10 months xwa163 Init commit for LZ4Grep
(edit) @5954   10 months cameron InternalSearchEngine?
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