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(edit) @2382   7 years ksherdy Renamed Python to Pablo translator. Added script command line parsing.
(edit) @2381   7 years ksherdy Assume parameters are struct type. Assume parameters have the same …
(edit) @2380   7 years ksherdy Added quick and dirty python to pablo translator.
(edit) @2269   7 years cameron Implement special-case while optimization
(edit) @2265   7 years cameron Recognition logic for special case while optimization
(edit) @2264   7 years cameron Record the last stmt processed during CarryIntro?
(edit) @2263   7 years cameron Fix access to carry_flip
(edit) @2262   7 years cameron Fix an accidental revert.
(edit) @2260   7 years cameron Initialize carries to one for scan_to_first.
(edit) @2255   7 years cameron Support for nested whiles
(edit) @2251   7 years ksherdy Removed outdated sample workspace code.
(edit) @2221   7 years cameron Merge cq, pending64
(edit) @2218   7 years cameron Fix macro argument for C syntax mode
(edit) @2217   7 years cameron Fix bug with empty argument lists
(edit) @2215   7 years cameron Compiler fix: apply AdvanceCombiner? before CarryCounter?
(edit) @2213   7 years cameron Use direct CarryArray? implementation
(edit) @2208   7 years cameron pablo.Advance(pablo.Advane(x)) ==> pablo.Advance(x, 2) optimizer
(edit) @2206   7 years cameron Added pablo.advance(strm, n) support (non-nested).
(edit) @2100   7 years cameron Reverse args for error routine - xmlwf compatibility
(edit) @2099   7 years cameron New error primitive: pablo.assert_0(stream, code)
(edit) @2049   7 years cameron Use library implementations for inclusive/exclusive span
(edit) @2041   7 years cameron Support for AdvanceThenScan?{To,Thru}, SpanUpTo?, and {In,Ex}clusive_Span
(edit) @2009   7 years cameron pablo.match() initial implemenation, still needs pablo.lookahead()
(edit) @2004   7 years cameron fix _co_co to _ci_co
(edit) @2003   7 years cameron Updates for BitBlock? add/subtract
(edit) @1997   7 years cameron Pablo compiler updates for separate carry-in/carry-out parameters.
(edit) @1957   8 years cameron Use .do_block/.do_final_block for all calls in main
(edit) @1917   8 years cameron Add IDISA_INLINE to do_block
(edit) @1916   8 years cameron Generate simd<1>::constant<0> in place of mvmd<1>::fill(0)
(edit) @1902   8 years ksherdy Added ASSERT_BITBLOCK_ALIGN option -b.
(edit) @1901   8 years ksherdy Added ASSERT_BITBLOCK_ALIGN option -b.
(edit) @1900   8 years ksherdy Added ASSERT_BITBLOCK_ALIGN.
(edit) @1882   8 years ksherdy Removed SEGMENT_BLOCKS as a global #define. Added int segment_blocks …
(edit) @1865   8 years cameron Revert changes
(edit) @1864   8 years cameron Remove Xerces
(edit) @1849   8 years ksherdy Emit debug statements in final_block().
(edit) @1843   8 years ksherdy Updated print_simd_register function to bitblock library function …
(edit) @1696   8 years ksherdy Updated CarryCombine? interface to support multiple carry queue …
(edit) @1593   8 years cameron --IDISA option true by default
(edit) @1571   8 years ksherdy Updated Pablo for use with the new carryQ implementation.
(edit) @1531   8 years cameron Generate _ci_co and _co forms only for Bitblock_add, Bitblock_sub
(edit) @1526   8 years cameron Simplify pablo support by eliminating non-co versions; slight speedup …
(edit) @1520   8 years cameron Implement pablo.ScanTo? in terms of Bitblock_scanthru
(edit) @1464   8 years ksherdy Centralized typedefs.
(edit) @1440   8 years cameron Use 'pablo.' in place of 'bitutil.' for Pablo built-ins.
(edit) @1439   8 years cameron inFile and atEOF functions replace EOF_mask
(edit) @1271   8 years cameron Add --IDISA option to generate new IDISA operation calls.
(edit) @1219   8 years ksherdy Added default adv32_count value of zero.
(edit) @1211   8 years cameron bitutil.Advance32() support
(edit) @1210   8 years cameron
(edit) @1209   8 years cameron Remove pybit compiler
(edit) @1198   8 years cameron Add struct to decls.
(edit) @1196   8 years cameron C syntax mode using macros
(edit) @1195   8 years cameron C syntax mode
(edit) @1178   8 years cameron Add -l option: -l @pfx_ uses template variables @pfx_block_stmts …
(edit) @1074   8 years cameron Add ScanToFirst? support
(edit) @941   9 years cameron Modify while conditions for final blocks with EOF_mask
(edit) @939   9 years cameron Bugfix for register dump.
(edit) @937   9 years cameron Add processing for @final_block_stmts.
(edit) @935   9 years cameron Pass EOF_mask to BitBlock_scanto_ci and Bitblock_scanto
(edit) @924   9 years cameron Eliminate carry queues when neither carryin nor carryout is set.
(edit) @922   9 years cameron Generating do_final_block - initial check-in
(edit) @921   9 years cameron Separate control of _ci and _co modes.
(edit) @908   9 years cameron Simplify parameter list/argument list construction.
(edit) @906   9 years cameron Add generation of do_segment functions.
(edit) @903   9 years cameron Add Ken as author, prioritize TODO
(edit) @902   9 years cameron Add ScanTo? support to Pablo.
(edit) @889   9 years ksherdy Add Carry_Adjust. Fix @any_carry in template. Add 'add_dump_stmts' support.
(edit) @880   9 years ksherdy Add separate compilation functionality.
(edit) @865   9 years cameron Add @global declaration template facility; use for struct types.
(edit) @863   9 years cameron Cleanup; add carryQ variable to function header
(edit) @857   9 years cameron Add StreamStructGen? parameter to select type or instance generation.
(edit) @850   9 years cameron Preserve else part statements
(edit) @824   9 years ksherdy Synchronize variable names with the parabix2 template.
(edit) @823   9 years ksherdy Synchronize variable names with the parabix2 template.
(edit) @822   9 years ksherdy Logic for StreamScan? Python prototype function calls. …
(edit) @819   9 years ksherdy Maintain zero indexed error messages.
(edit) @817   9 years ksherdy Use column 1-based error messages.
(edit) @816   9 years ksherdy Update error message from 0 based postition message to 1 based column …
(edit) @813   9 years ksherdy Refactor is_Advance_Call and is_ScanThru_Call into a single method …
(edit) @811   9 years cameron SIMD register dump facility for debugging.
(edit) @810   9 years cameron SIMD register dump facility for debugging.
(edit) @807   9 years ksherdy Modularize optparse option definitions.
(edit) @806   9 years ksherdy Add compiler 'mode' switches to display per pass info.
(edit) @805   9 years cameron Python unparser with ast_show function.
(edit) @804   9 years ksherdy Refactor template command line argument handling to remove the notion …
(edit) @803   9 years ksherdy Update README.
(edit) @802   9 years ksherdy Remove return statement.
(edit) @801   9 years ksherdy Add file separator.
(edit) @799   9 years ksherdy Update template error message.
(edit) @798   9 years ksherdy Update Pablo template to handle the @any_carry Pablo compiler directive.
(edit) @796   9 years ksherdy
(edit) @795   9 years ksherdy Update README.
(edit) @794   9 years ksherdy Add a Pablo specific template and compilable.
(edit) @793   9 years ksherdy Add Pybit/Pablo? specific targets.
(edit) @789   9 years ksherdy Rename
(edit) @788   9 years ksherdy Rename template.c and
(edit) @787   9 years cameron Fix semicolon bug.
(edit) @785   9 years ksherdy Use the optparse module to handle command line argument parsing.
(edit) @779   9 years cameron Generate CarryQ_Adjust call at loop end.
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