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(edit) @1455   8 years cameron Fixes to callout streams for symbols, transitions
(edit) @1454   8 years ksherdy nigel: hack fix for missing end tag symbols in symbol stream
(edit) @1446   8 years ksherdy Updated pablo_template.cpp.
(edit) @1445   8 years ksherdy Modularize pablo_template.cpp.
(edit) @1444   8 years cameron Delete derived file xmlwf.cpp
(edit) @1443   8 years cameron Transition mark at elem name end; error_tracker_NoteError as simple name
(edit) @1440   8 years cameron Use 'pablo.' in place of 'bitutil.' for Pablo built-ins.
(edit) @1439   8 years cameron inFile and atEOF functions replace EOF_mask
(edit) @1438   8 years ksherdy Copied parabix source files.
(edit) @1437   8 years ksherdy Generated file.
(edit) @1436   8 years ksherdy Copied parabix source files.
(edit) @1435   8 years ksherdy
(edit) @1434   8 years ksherdy Partial implementation.
(edit) @1433   8 years ksherdy Set svn:externals.
(edit) @1432   8 years ksherdy Initial check in and svn:externals property set.
(edit) @1431   8 years ksherdy Renamed to
(edit) @1430   8 years ksherdy Renamed to
(edit) @1429   8 years cameron Add PI_name_ends to callouts.Transition_marks
(edit) @1310   8 years cameron Update Xerces prototype to add AttNameFollow? to transition mark callouts.
(edit) @1276   8 years cameron Updated Pablo prototypes for Xerces.
(edit) @1223   8 years cameron Elim tag_Callouts.LAngleFollow, simd_and
(edit) @1217   8 years cameron Pablo code for XML Reader
(edit) @1216   8 years cameron Update u8decoder to produce U16hi, U16lo, Lex and Control bitstream sets
(edit) @1214   8 years cameron Add Main function
(add) @1201   8 years cameron Xerces prototype files
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