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(edit) @4155   5 years cameron Generate PropertyValueAliases?.h
(edit) @4154   5 years cameron Generate property value information using constant initializers.
(edit) @4153   5 years cameron Parsing PropertyValueAliases?.txt
(edit) @4150   5 years cameron Property names and aliases
(edit) @4148   5 years cameron Add DeriviedCoreProperties? for Unicode Level1 1; name consistency
(edit) @4147   5 years cameron Update header; fix spelling
(edit) @4146   5 years cameron Parse various UCD files and generate header files
(edit) @4142   5 years cameron parse UCsets from UCD format; print UCsets in C format
(edit) @4135   5 years cameron Initial check-in of Unicode sparse bitset representation
(edit) @4100   5 years cameron Avoid generating redundant sequence_x_y definitions
(edit) @4075   5 years cameron Move make_shift_forward into
(edit) @4071   5 years cameron Restructuring; if-test simplification; odd/even ranges for Lu/Ll?
(edit) @3989   5 years cameron Use name unicode_categories.h
(edit) @3988   5 years cameron Update template to generate unicode-categories.h
(edit) @3987   5 years cameron Filter newlines for catgrep
(edit) @3980   5 years cameron Fixes for catgrep
(edit) @3979   5 years cameron Small fix
(edit) @3978   5 years cameron Bug fix for Advance chains; if-hierarchy options; grep option
(edit) @3973   5 years cameron working script
(edit) @3971   5 years cameron Revert Digit and Hex
(edit) @3968   5 years cameron Bug fixes
(edit) @3967   5 years cameron Add metacategory '.' to select all categories
(edit) @3964   5 years cameron Shorten if-range tests
(edit) @3962   5 years cameron Unicode_category_compiler fixes; ategory header template; makefile
(edit) @3960   5 years cameron Eliminating some common subexpressions
(edit) @3959   5 years cameron Divide up subclass processing by UTF-8 length
(edit) @3954   5 years cameron Unicode category compiler main program:
(edit) @3953   5 years cameron data file for
(edit) @3952   5 years cameron Compiler for Unicode general categories
(edit) @3951   5 years cameron basis_pattern must be a list
(edit) @3950   5 years cameron Initialize predeclared bit variables in constructor
(edit) @3949   5 years cameron Add CanonicalCharSetDef? constructor, default UTF-8 basis pattern
(edit) @3948   5 years cameron Advance operation in expr2py
(edit) @3947   5 years cameron Rename bitwise-expr to pablo-expr;add advance expression, pablo-stmt
(edit) @3944   5 years cameron Convert character set definitions to use canonical list of range data …
(edit) @3943   5 years cameron Refactor to create CC_compiler object
(edit) @3942   5 years cameron Refactor pulling out bitwise_expr module; prepare toAst method
(edit) @3928   5 years daled Implements the new algorithm to reduce the number of character class …
(edit) @3605   6 years ksherdy Added strtoll character classes.
(edit) @3592   6 years ksherdy Added inputs for simple demos.
(edit) @3417   6 years ksherdy Added input for grep demo.
(edit) @3413   6 years cameron Autodetect encoding type
(edit) @3388   6 years cameron Add lex.Zero, lex.Minus for PDF
(edit) @3352   6 years cameron UTF-16 defs for icXML
(edit) @3349   6 years cameron Add UTF-16 and UTF-32 modes for
(edit) @3331   6 years cameron Update UTF-16 and UTF-32 based definitions for XML
(edit) @3296   6 years cameron UTF16 definitions for XML
(edit) @3288   6 years cameron Integrated PDF definitions
(edit) @3111   6 years cameron Numeric processing defs
(edit) @2997   6 years cameron Alternative character set compiler better in some cases
(edit) @2996   6 years cameron Process bits in little-endian order; add bit_pattern_expr
(edit) @2995   6 years cameron Test utility for character set compiler
(edit) @2994   6 years cameron Option for generating a test skeleton (for QA)
(edit) @2993   6 years cameron Generate a Pablo skeleton
(edit) @2974   6 years cameron Charset compiler clean-up
(edit) @2822   7 years cameron Generating character class equations for PDF escape processing
(edit) @2233   7 years cameron Identify illegal characters in character sets
(edit) @2232   7 years cameron Transcode compiler generates charset_compiler input
(edit) @2229   7 years cameron Initial check-in: generator for transcoding classes
(edit) @1942   8 years cameron Add -g command-line option for gensym pattern.
(edit) @1941   8 years cameron Option basis_pattern for charset compiler
(edit) @1312   8 years cameron FIX character classes
(edit) @1227   8 years cameron Combined XML/UTF-8 inputs for XML 1.0
(edit) @1201   8 years cameron Xerces prototype files
(edit) @1200   8 years cameron Tom's fix for make_xor; doc for equal_exprs
(edit) @1072   8 years cameron Revise muliplex stream definition
(edit) @1071   8 years cameron Revise muliplex stream definition
(edit) @1070   8 years cameron Scope stream definition
(edit) @1053   8 years cameron Revised parabix2 defs to match current
(edit) @1052   8 years cameron Update code generation for Pablo
(edit) @915   9 years ksherdy Modularize charset compiler and character set definitions.
(edit) @914   9 years ksherdy Rename input files.
(edit) @903   9 years cameron Add Ken as author, prioritize TODO
(edit) @856   9 years cameron Input file for combined UTF-8 validation with XML FFFF/FFFE checking.
(edit) @854   9 years ksherdy Removed leading spaces on bitstream statements. Implemented regex …
(edit) @848   9 years cameron Reorder u8u16 defs for 2/3/4 byte optimization
(edit) @716   9 years ksherdy Update demo and JSON character class definitions.
(edit) @701   9 years ksherdy Add WS to JSON value and string follow sets.
(edit) @699   9 years ksherdy Add JSON Value and String follow sets.
(edit) @690   9 years ksherdy Minor milestones.
(edit) @683   9 years ksherdy Fix JSON String defintions.
(edit) @679   9 years ksherdy Add UTF8 definition for use with both JSON and XML.
(edit) @678   9 years ksherdy Add JSON UTF-8 definintions.
(edit) @676   9 years ksherdy Add JSON character class definitions.
(edit) @666   9 years ksherdy Add JSON number character set definition. Add commented out method …
(edit) @663   9 years ksherdy Add module specific debug variable.
(edit) @662   9 years ksherdy Remove redundant function comments. Replace manual string whitespace …
(edit) @660   9 years ksherdy Update to delimit character class name value …
(add) @609   9 years cameron charset compiler check-in
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