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(edit) @3285   6 years ksherdy Removed fieldWidth accessor. This method is built onto the StreamType?
(edit) @3284   6 years linmengl Modified the xmlwf proto in pabloS
(edit) @3283   6 years ksherdy Added run config for IDISA testing.
(edit) @3282   6 years ksherdy Fixed .pablob test files. Added run config for IDISA testing.
(edit) @3281   6 years ksherdy Refactored to use SurroundConditionals? visitor.
(edit) @3280   6 years ksherdy Added initial TempifyCarryBuiltins? visitor.
(edit) @3279   6 years ksherdy Removed stale comments.
(edit) @3278   6 years ksherdy Minor changes.
(edit) @3277   6 years shermer More refactoring of application configuration package. Created enums …
(edit) @3276   6 years ksherdy Fix for Builtin translation within while conditionals.
(edit) @3275   6 years ksherdy Pruned 'Accessor.ifTest()' if favour of 'Accessor.condition()'. …
(edit) @3273   6 years shermer First pass of simplifying configurations.
(edit) @3271   6 years ksherdy Created makeMasKFuncCall, harmonized 'Locator' position on …
(edit) @3270   6 years ksherdy Renamed 'Helpers' package as 'util'. Created top-level util package.
(edit) @3269   6 years ksherdy Harmonize constructor argument order.
(edit) @3268   6 years ksherdy Removed redundant ABC AbstractCarrySetBuiltins2Lang .
(edit) @3267   6 years shermer Hypothetical completion of semantic analyzer. Semantic analyzer not …
(edit) @3266   6 years ksherdy Removed unused/duplicated templating package. Minor fix to PabloS …
(edit) @3265   6 years ksherdy Deleted empty package.
(edit) @3264   6 years ksherdy Removed List types from Generators to reduce redundancy. Moved Locator …
(edit) @3263   6 years ksherdy Minor refactoring.
(edit) @3262   6 years ksherdy Moved lang.carrySet to PabloS package. Added CarryFlip?() and …
(edit) @3261   6 years ksherdy Refactored Kernel init section.
(edit) @3260   6 years ksherdy Added PabloB state node and state parameters to Kernels.
(edit) @3259   6 years shermer End-of-workday commit. More work towards semantic analyzer.
(edit) @3258   6 years ksherdy Temp fix.
(edit) @3257   6 years ksherdy PabloB kernel state def (partial impl.).
(edit) @3254   6 years shermer beginning to implement typechecking.
(edit) @3253   6 years shermer small changes to correct naming, concepts, and warnings. Filled out …
(edit) @3249   6 years ksherdy PabloS to PabloB simplification. Added explicit Carry Info Set object.
(edit) @3248   6 years ksherdy Restructured PabloB to match PabloS structure.
(edit) @3245   6 years shermer Changed visitors to use PabloSBuiltin's initialValue field rather than …
(edit) @3244   6 years shermer Completed transformation of BuiltinTranslator?. The declarative (map) …
(edit) @3243   6 years shermer refactored BuiltinTranslator? to use polymorphic dispatch on the enum …
(edit) @3242   6 years shermer Added initial value field to PabloS builtins. Refactored …
(edit) @3240   6 years ksherdy Refactored to use packageName, functionName for the creation of …
(edit) @3239   6 years ksherdy Updated to AdvanceN(X,1) from Advance(X,1). Disallow function overloading.
(edit) @3238   6 years ksherdy Partial update to Locator style generators.
(edit) @3237   6 years ksherdy Added generators to create function calls with 'package' and 'name' …
(edit) @3236   6 years ksherdy Added 'pablo.' package name to test file input.
(edit) @3235   6 years ksherdy Minor fix. Suppressed warnings.
(edit) @3234   6 years shermer Corrected signatures of pablo builtins MASK and EOF_MASK.
(edit) @3233   6 years ksherdy Minor fix.
(edit) @3232   6 years ksherdy Fixed combine advances tests. Simplification, PabloS builtins must be …
(edit) @3231   6 years ksherdy Added a simple test to support the creation dump statement tests.
(edit) @3230   6 years ksherdy Fixed launchers. Use ${project_loc:pabloj}.
(edit) @3214   6 years shermer deletion of empty package
(edit) @3213   6 years shermer Housekeeping: created toolchain.pabloS.transformer package and moved …
(edit) @3212   6 years shermer Deletion of unused packages.
(edit) @3211   6 years shermer Work towards a typechecker: Added signatures for the PabloSBuiltins. …
(edit) @3210   6 years shermer Renamed PabloSBuiltinsUtil -> BuiltinCallUtil? reorganized code …
(edit) @3209   6 years ksherdy Added TODO.
(edit) @3208   6 years ksherdy Moved -a bit block alignment and -d dump statements visitors from …
(edit) @3206   6 years shermer Renaming of PabloSBuiltins -> PabloSBuiltin. Also renaming of …
(edit) @3205   6 years ksherdy Updated test harness output format.
(edit) @3204   6 years shermer tweak of type classes to implement unification in preparation for …
(edit) @3203   6 years ksherdy Promoted refactor-experimental branch to trunk.
(edit) @3202   6 years ksherdy Set up to promote branch to trunk.
(edit) @3200   6 years ksherdy Pre refactor-experimental branch promotion to trunk.
(edit) @3198   6 years ksherdy Deleted unused resource.
(edit) @3197   6 years ksherdy Updated scatter generated code.
(edit) @3196   6 years ksherdy Minor scatter update.
(edit) @3194   6 years ksherdy Updated test files.
(edit) @3193   6 years ksherdy Updated branch to sync with trunk.
(edit) @3192   6 years ksherdy Sweeping changes to sync branch with trunk.
(edit) @3177   6 years ksherdy Removed toolchain test package.
(edit) @3176   6 years ksherdy Removed AnTLR pablo grammar. No longer relevant.
(edit) @3175   6 years ksherdy Modified test files for pabloS grammar.
(edit) @3174   6 years ksherdy Minor updates.
(edit) @3173   6 years ksherdy Minor refactoring to node comparison visitor.
(edit) @3172   6 years ksherdy
(edit) @3171   6 years ksherdy Refactored visitor test harness. Additional work needed to test …
(edit) @3170   6 years ksherdy Remove redundant package.
(edit) @3169   6 years ksherdy Minor mods.
(edit) @3168   6 years ksherdy Initial refactoring for visitor tests.
(edit) @3167   6 years ksherdy Updated directory to structure. A semantic analyzer for each language.
(edit) @3166   6 years ksherdy Minor grammar updates to handle terminators correctly. Updates to …
(edit) @3165   6 years ksherdy Trivial updates to test AST apps.
(edit) @3164   6 years ksherdy Minor mods to sync with the refactored pabloS grammar.
(edit) @3163   6 years ksherdy Minor mods for compilation.
(edit) @3162   6 years ksherdy Updated type classes to allow pabloj to compile. This will change with …
(edit) @3161   6 years ksherdy Minor modification to expressions. Formatting.
(edit) @3160   6 years ksherdy Updated test files to sync with grammar changes.
(edit) @3147   6 years shermer fixed child replacement bug in ExpandAugmentedAssignments?. exploratory …
(edit) @3143   6 years shermer small cleanup
(edit) @3141   6 years shermer start of grammar rewriting for installing type system--the type system …
(edit) @3137   6 years shermer Renamed "types" to "type". "types" is a scatter keyword and this …
(edit) @3134   6 years shermer Changes to hopefully bring into compatibility with trunk, rev. 3127.
(edit) @3133   6 years shermer Further refactoring mainly in the pabloS visitors. Grammar recompiled …
(edit) @3127   6 years linmengl add pablob -> C translator
(edit) @3120   6 years ksherdy Minor fix to Unparser.
(edit) @3119   6 years ksherdy Migrated to latest pabloS Scatter grammar. Passes all tests.
(edit) @3118   6 years ksherdy Passes all xmlwf conformance tests.
(edit) @3117   6 years shermer Fixed warnings in PabloS2PabloB. changed BuiltinTranslatorImp? to …
(edit) @3116   6 years shermer deleted the bin directory
(edit) @3115   6 years shermer several changes centered on pabloS semanticAnalyzer package. Unknown …
(edit) @3114   6 years shermer A branch for Tom's refactoring of original pabloS.
(edit) @3102   6 years ksherdy Add bool type.
(edit) @3101   6 years ksherdy Migrated visitor to pablo.Mask(fw,int) call.
(edit) @3100   6 years ksherdy Removed IDISA builtins map in favour of Meng's.
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