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(edit) @3089   6 years cameron Moving transposition out of template into Pablo code; allows byte access
(edit) @3024   7 years cameron Clean ups
(edit) @2931   7 years ksherdy Update template include paths.
(edit) @2806   7 years ksherdy Re-oranganized headers to provide a clear separation between …
(edit) @2805   7 years ksherdy ErrorUtil?.h not needed in template file.
(edit) @2615   7 years ksherdy Updated template/Makefile for STL memory aligned vector.
(edit) @2613   7 years cameron Disable @anycarry test
(edit) @2610   7 years cameron Add support for new carry code gen objects in Pablo compiler
(edit) @2572   7 years cameron Clean out DOUT noise.
(edit) @2547   7 years ksherdy Updated templates for new perfsec.h
(edit) @2351   7 years ksherdy Updated #includes.
(edit) @2280   7 years ksherdy Updated include path and Makefile.
(edit) @2206   7 years cameron Added pablo.advance(strm, n) support (non-nested).
(edit) @2204   7 years cameron Update prototype for new pablo.assert_0 feature
(edit) @2201   7 years ksherdy Updated template buffer constants. TagMatcher?.hpp throws errors …
(edit) @2195   7 years ksherdy Log TagMatcher?.hpp Warning. Potential rewrite required.
(edit) @2186   7 years ksherdy Added initial XMLWF symbol table port. Known bug wrt …
(edit) @2180   7 years ksherdy Updated Makefile and template.
(edit) @2171   7 years ksherdy Refactor src structure. Moved utility classes out to a separate dir.
(edit) @2170   7 years ksherdy Refactored TagMatcher? and pablo template.
(edit) @2166   7 years ksherdy Update buffer constants.
(edit) @2160   7 years ksherdy Refactored pablo template.
(edit) @2155   7 years ksherdy Reverted to 2142.
(edit) @2154   7 years ksherdy Minor edit.
(edit) @2153   7 years ksherdy Added buffer.hpp to pablo template.
(edit) @2148   7 years ksherdy Refactored pablo_template. Eliminated global variables. Modularized …
(edit) @2144   7 years ksherdy Added target for PAPI support. Enable PERF_SEC_BIND(1) as default.
(edit) @1943   8 years cameron Remove unused Advance_buffer() method; optimize simd constants.
(edit) @1825   8 years cameron Eliminate deprecated bitblock_has_bit
(edit) @1761   8 years ksherdy Revert s2p 128,256.
(edit) @1757   8 years ksherdy Updated s2p.hpp includes.
(edit) @1681   8 years ksherdy Consolidated iterator objects.
(edit) @1624   8 years cameron New bitblock iterators replace StreamScan?
(edit) @1614   8 years ksherdy Minor fix.
(edit) @1610   8 years ksherdy Update BitBlockIterator?.hpp header.
(edit) @1608   8 years ksherdy Added block at a time iterator class.
(edit) @1606   8 years ksherdy Updated bit stream iterator location.
(copy) @1600   8 years ksherdy Replaced pablo_template.cpp with pablo_template_stl.cpp.
copied from proto/parabix2/pablo_template_stl.cpp:
(edit) @1591   8 years cameron Remove dependency on ../lib/types.h
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